Born: Atlanta, Ga. , U.S.A.
Current Port: Tybee Island, Ga.
Gender: Male
Age: 55 (I think. Don't keep track)
Race: Cherokee Indian, Irish, English
Gender preference: "I dig beautiful women !"
I don't even look at fat chicks...PERIOD !!!
Marital status: Single

I have tons of photos. My life usually involves
a camera. More of me at the link below.
I really don't like ragging on about myself.
One, there is not enough space on this site to tell about
my crazy ass life.
Two, if you dig around a little on this site you can
find out anything you want to know about me.
For many years I have been taking photographs and
blogging  and just being crazy. But I haven't tried to hide
any of it or anything about myself. It's all there if you really
want to know.
I'm the oldest of four siblings. One twin sister isn't among
us anymore, but she is remembered always.
My Mother is a Queen in her own right.
Any woman that could raise all of us heathens on
her own with little or no help is a Queen.
Thanks Mom.
I lived all over this great country. Rode Harleys for
almost 20 years. Retired now, over it.
Finally moved to Savannah, Ga. about ten years ago
because I was just tired of the bull shit that Atlanta, Ga.
was dishing out to me. The traffic, the crazies, the long commute
times and all the other crap that is Atlanta.
I meet a guy here in Savannah that changed my life.
No, I'm not gay.
I actually spent about five years behind bars in Texas
because I was a dumb ass.
The only thing that kept me going was my dreams of
one day building a sailboat and just casting off
to parts unknown.
I built that boat many times, again and again behind
those cold steel bars. And sailed to many islands in my mind.
The prison time slipped behind me. I got married, had
kids and just lived life. Divorced too.
But deep inside me that dream of sailing never died.
Of course I didn't know that.
I had known
Lamar for a while. I knew he had a sailboat.
Then he decided to sale it. So I had to get him to take me out.
That was it. Done. Another page turned.
Now I live the "salt life".
I had never sailed before I meet
All I know of sailing is hard learned.
And I learn more each and every day.

My lack of experience may take my life out at sea.
But so be it.
I will either say that I lived the dream or
you will say, "He died trying".