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December 31, 2009

The Pour Is On........Finally

After weeks of bad weather, disasterous damage to our underground pipes, and wading knee deep in mud, it was great to finally see the cement being poured inside the building this yesterday morning. The process should take a couple of weeks.
It still pisses me off sometimes when I am at work and out of 50 people on the site at any given time the only white people on the site are us, the electricians. All the rest are none english reading, none english speaking.......Mexicans. You can thank Clinton and the democratic pigs in Washington for that. And if you voted Democrat you can thank yourself also. But I'm not ever going to thank you and neither is over half of the people in this country. Ok I'll stop there.

This is from yesterday:

I dont really get into reality shows. Just not happening for me. However, as I am writing this I am watching a "reality" show on Public Television called "The Winemakers". Click Here. It is pretty good. Maybe it is the alcohol thing. LOL :)

On a final note, after months and months of waiting I finally got the "proof" back for the lettering for the Anole. These are the letters that will be going on the side of the boat. It is very close to the lettering that was originally on the back of the boat. It looked a little plain to me so I added the "drop shadow" effect to make it stand out a bit.
The new "Anole" boat logo:
blog lizards.jpg

December 29, 2009

Off To Work

I usually dont get to see a lot of the views here. It is normally dark as heck. But I had to go to the supply house before work. So that set me back an hour. It is actually a very nice 360 panarama as you go across the bridge in the early morning as the sun rises. My camera skills as I drive are limited. Texting as you drive? I just dont see it. That has to be dangerous as hell.
Going up the bridge twords the South Carolina state line.......
Now coming down the other side.....
I can see the bottom of the bridge! There is water everywhere! Wow. Savannah is great.......
Once you get on the South Carolina side and if you are a horny fuck with lots of time and money you can always stop into the Gold Club and pick you out a little honey for a lap dance.......
But me, no. Wouldnt pay for it. Not worth it. On to work.....The Little Red Truck.......
The front of the building is coming along pretty good.......ummmm...I guess.......
Ok. That is my drive in and a quick sample of my morning views. Now here is a shot snippet of what was happening inside the building when I got to work. See ya later. Peace

Work Sucks.....

........but its work. I thought that I was off yesterday but nooooo! I had to go in. It was tough after weeks of no work. But got a four day weekend coming up. And almost got the bimini sewn up too.
Will get back in the grove and post some pics of the "hell hole" that is the job site tonight or tommorw.

December 27, 2009

Back To The Grind

I actually got my material for the Bimini in finally. I got all the straps on and cut the first pattern. But I forgot to get photos yesterday. I will get some today while I'm working on it. I had a little company all day long as I was working. This bird is really lost. I found out why yesterday, there is a guy feeding it. I wish he would stop because the bird is really under foot a lot now. He has no fear of people at all.

I got some good photos of "Leo" over the past couple of days while I was babysitting the dogs. It is unusual cause he normally doesnt like to have his picture taken. Wanted to post was funny to see him on my truck.


December 26, 2009

The Christmas Fixings - It's a Southern Thing

Knowing that I was going to have to spend some time out in the country for a few days, I came up with the plan to cook a big Christmas diner for Kat as a suprise because she was due back Christmas Day from her trip to Florida. Then as a second thought I invited a couple of friends that do not have family locally, like myself, and had no Christmas day plans.
It turned out to be a real nice time and Kat, as always, was gracious, about the suprise guest in her house. LOL :)
Every thing was great. Thanks Kat.

December 23, 2009

The Damnest Thing Happened Today !!?

So there I was.......minding my own business, working on the boat. I had fiberglass stuffs everywhere. On me, around me, just everywhere. I keep noticing this freak pelican swimming around really close to the boat and me. And even when I'm working !
I grab the camera and take a couple of pics because this bird is just way to close. Weird.
I put the camera back in the case and went about my business. What must have been three hours later I stopped working. I had to get ready to go to Kats and check on the dogs.....and basically my day was done work wise. I go to step across from the doc to my boat and I see this freaking pelican swimming twords me at a really fast rate. I just instintively go for my camera. I get it out and get it ready and turn around and this pelican is trying to paddle across my shore power lines that are just at the surface of the water. This nut job pelican is after me! I hear "Psycho" music in the background, I swear.
I take a couple of pictures and ease to the side of the boat even closer. The closer I got the closer this dummy got. What? Was it starving? Has it been hand feed? Does it want to fuck? What!!!!????!!!
I put my hand down like I have something in it and I am within 4 inchs from his beak, which by the way looks pretty minicing at this point. I actually step across from the boat to the dock and the danm dinged out bird just sits there and watches me. WTF?
I thought just briefly of feeding it. Then I said "No!". I put the camera back up and went about my business and it finally went about it's.
I'm wondering if this is a sign. You know? Like when your a young indian and you have to go out into the desert and smoke mad weed and eat crazy seeds and trip. Then what ever you see in that dream that you can remember and want to reapeat to the whole tribe is how you get your name. ?:O?
Who the hell knows!!??!!
Another one of them mysteries. Just like the mystery of me. :)
( click on the photo for a better view)

The Damnest Thing Happened Today!?!

December 22, 2009

Don't be "That Guy"

Hell yeah! A "Law and Order-Special Victims Unit" marathon on USA!!! I don't get good TV too often. But a Marathon?!? That is totally cool. Hell, if you got to be out in the country with no water in sight I cant think of a better way to waste the hours away. LOL :) Well at least for now.
Yes, I'm in babysitting mode. I am spending a couple of days with "Pee Wee" and "Leo". The belong to a friend that went to Fla. to see her 2 year old granddaughter for the first time. I thought that was a special mission. So I volunteered to babysit so she could make it happen.
So far Leo and Pewee are good. But they can turn crazy in a second. Will keep you informed. LOL :)
peewee and leo

Dont ever let someone walk up to you and say "hey, I have this tank of mixed gas, do you want it?" Just tell them no. Or even better, "Fuck NO!". I know this one dumb ass guy that took it and poured it into his built in tank. I want even get into the details of having to remove the entire content of the tank, or how he had to change the fuel filter and water separator. Or how he had to drain the carbs and change the bulb pump. No, I wont tell you about that guy. And that guy did all that today.
Dumb Ass!!!!

But I did get the motor cranked up and its working fine. LOL :)

I'm babysitting some Budd's, "Leo and PeeWee". Their owner is out of town.

Worked on the main sheet a little today. Also got the material for the Bimini. I want to have that finished before next Tuesday. I go back to work then. No going to have as much time for boat stuff. But going to have to make time for the main sheet. I dont like not being able to sail. Not that I intend to sail anytime soon.....but you just never know. :)

December 21, 2009

Looking Up

I grudgingly opened the hatch early this morning to find this. What beautiful colors. I had to stop and get a shot.

I was only up at that hour because I had to run over to South Carolina and put in some more temporary power inside the building so that they could run some heaters and get the ground dried out. I did get some good news too. They are making good progress and we go back to work next week. Thank god! The funds are so very low right now. But man what a cold ass morning it was. 32 degrees in Savannah when I passed thru there. Brrrrrrrr. Key West.... :)

On another completely different note. The state of Florida requires you to have your Dinghy registered if you intend to use a motor. Georgia doesn't. So finally, after four different people and over an hour on the phone trying to explain to the DNR that their is not, nor will there ever be a title for my dinghy, or a bill of sale and that it came with the sailboat, they finally relented and let me register it. The funny part is that I had to register it as a 1968 Hughes, like my sailboat. And they used the sailboat documentation for it. So I might possibly have the worlds only 1968 Hughes Dinghy. LOL :) That is funny as hell. Go "Lizard Turd"!

December 20, 2009

Another Boat Project and Being Poor

I have been pushing this project to the back of my head for a while. I couldn't quite figure it out or just couldn't get it pictured in my mind. I think I finally got it now. So since I am still waiting on the material to get here for the Bimini I decided to go ahead and get a start on the mainsheet system. The system is going to be similar to the picture here that came from Harken:

The only difference being that I am not going to lead the line forward to the mast. The picture above is a 5:1 purchase. I am going to lead the line back thru a triple block at the traveler making it a 6:1 purchase and then take two turns in front of the traveler and over to the side and back thru the dodger to a cleat next to the jib winch.
This is the begining of the job:
new mainsheet -before.jpg


Its hell being poor. But at least Im not asking for handouts. Im not on a friggin street corner with a sign. Im not asking the govenment to give me money because they led my relatives across the "Trail of Tears" or 200 years ago I had a relative in Africa. Im just poor. Done. I accept that. No biggy. What really pisses me off is the things I have to do on my boat because I am poor. I take short cuts. I dont do things like I wish I could. I know that the things I do may come back and kick me in the ass. And I accept that too. I do all this because I am poor. Just a working stiff with a dream. And I will not sit on the the wood in a marina and wait for everything to be perfect. I dont have that much time left. So I skimp. I "jimmy rig" shit. I use inferior materials. I know how things should be. I know all the right ways to do the things that I am doing shabby on the sly. It sucks.
Here I am, a week before Christmas and I havent had a paycheck in two weeks because the job got shut down because of rain. Still I push on. I will not sit here another year. Hell, actually I will not sit here for another six months. The Anole will sail out and off on the outside in less than six months. Period. I think that I am 51 years old and getting ready to turn 52. I may be wrong. I dont care. I dont give a shit. I just know that another birthday will not be spent here. Southbound!
Warmer weather is always the dream.

So I guess I am going to be one of those guys that pulls up next to you ("You" being the person with the spiffy polished sailboat with all the do dads and gizmos from hell) and drops anchor only to hear gasps. "Oh my god, he's not anchoring here?" Yep, I will be. And bearing rum and coke and big smiles. :) Showering on the deck. Clothes hanging on the boom. Music playing. Fishing the night away. Offering you to join me for dinner.
Yep, I be that guy. Get ready. Im coming your way. :)

December 18, 2009

Rocking On The Dock

A freak storm passed by the marina today. It was ok at first. I love the rocking of the boat, especially when I am sleeping, but today it really got "rocked". At first I thought it was someone playing around. But you got to have some "ass" so to speak to rock this heavy boat. Well to rock it the way it was being rocked today. So I go off the couch and the minute I stood up I was tossed into the galley and had to grab the rail. That is when I knew it was time to go out and check my lines and the boats around me too. All was good with the boats. The marina docks took on some damage but just minor.
I do wish this rain would go away. We are 10+ inches over our annual rainfall here in Savannah. Enough already!!!!!

December 17, 2009

R.I.P. Roy Disney

Roy Disney, less that a month from his 80th birthday, has passed away. He sailed right up to the very end of his life. Gods speed to you sailing the heavens Roy. Rest In Peace.



December 16, 2009

Designing The Bimini

Got one hell of a tooth ache. Went to the doc for antibiotics and scheduled the tooth to be pulled on the 28th. Man I really look forward to that.......NOT !

This is trial and error. I will need to tweak and tinker with this a bit. I also want to mount my solor panels to this. So Im just begining here.

December 15, 2009

Holy Shmoly !!!

What is that shinney thing up in the sky? It's a dream, it's trickery. No, it's the sun!!!! Wow it may actually be a nice day for a change. It has been a while since I saw that.


December 13, 2009

Morgan Out Island 37' w/Christmas Lights

I went to West Marine today to try to see if I could find the fitting to make my bimini for my boat. No luck on that. But I did talk to another sailor there and he gave me some good tips on modifying my mainsheet. He directed me to a California company that goes by the name of Garhauer. Then before the day was over, and in another conversation about my mainsheet with another person, I was again directed to Garhauer. So I got to go there. I did however pick up two more twelve inch cleats for my bow. I only have one now. I need a back up and one for my "para-sail" system that I havent built yet. More boat stuff. Yeah !!
Then in the mix today I also stopped by to see another friend of mine, Bill, on the other side of the island. I havent seen him in a while. We chatted it up a bit and I got refreshed on the progress of his boat. The boat is coming along. But while I was there I happened to see this beautiful Morgan "Out Island" that was docked there. It had lots of lights and decorations on it. I am liking these Morgans more and more, the old ones that is.

Here's a picture and a video. I got to go eat some chocolate and drink some more whiskey. Later.


December 12, 2009

What a Shitty Day........

.....raining all damn day. Again !! Woke up and it was 47 degrees outside. Now it is 51 outside and 69 inside the boat. I sure am glad I got tons of boat stuff to work on. This damn rain just is never going to stop. Savannah is 7" over the average rain totals for this time of year.

Got away from the technology for a bit today and did some long overdue sewing. Finally got new Kal-Glass in the dodger. It is a nice 40 mil sheet. I actually got some left that I think I will use for a window in the bimini that I am getting ready to build. It will be nice to see the sail and how she is filling without peeking around the side.




So....?!?!?! Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Mainsheet or bimini work?

Toddy time. :)

December 11, 2009

Stepping Away From The Computer

I have had enough. I am going to take "Lamars" advise and just step back away from the computer. I uploaded two different photo gallerys today to my site. The both sucked and got deleated. Then, somehow, I screwed up some code and it took me 4 hours to fix that screw up. So yes, enough for a bit. It is going to stay like it is for a couple of days. Time for a break. Plus I got to work on my dodger and on my bimini that I want to build and on the mainsheet system that I want to change and on................

Coffee and a smoke is what I need.

Click here for a very good read

Have a good weekend.

December 10, 2009

The Dodger and The Laptop

Ok lets get this thing a rolling. I think I have the basic layout of the site close to where I want it. This blog attached to it has changed a few times and it is aggravating as hell. Sorry about the bs for those that have stopped in.

I spent most of the day really getting into the "sitebuilder" program. I finally got it figured out. The only thing it doesnt offer is a nice photo gallery. I am going to have to write that into the server manually when I find one I like. But anyway, keep checking in and if you have suggestions or you see some screw ups that I dont catch please let me know.

I've had my dodger off the boat for a few months now. I was going to completely rebuild it new. But money is tight and I need it now because of the winter months and all the bad weather. So I decided to just put in new glass. That was the main problem anyway. Two of the windows are busted completely out and the others are really bad, stained, torn or dry rotted. But because I know that I probably will not be messing with the dodger again for a while I ordered some cleaner and sealer from 303 Products that is made for Sunbrella Fabrics. It is supposed to be some good stuff. They use it in the space program at Nasa. So I did all that and now its drying.

My world famous home made beef stew is in the crock pot and its time for a toddy. Cheers !!!!! :)


December 09, 2009

Under Construction

Sorry. Things will be changing here until for a couple weeks till I get it all working.