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January 29, 2010

Raising The Flag At "The Especially Beautiful Hammock"

As fate would have it this will be the last video ever taken with my trusty old Canon G9 as it has now took a crap on me. Now I am camera-less. No camera! FUCK!!!
Got to spend money that I didnt want to spend now. Shit!!!

January 26, 2010

Before The Coffee

An overnighter on the sailboat. Waking up after a night of partying and waiting on the coffee. The hair of the dog may be the needed medicine. LOL :)

Before The Coffee........

January 24, 2010


I have been in this really mellow mood...........

Want to say "Thanks" to my brother Lamar.
Your hospitality, kind heart, love of life, a beautiful wife, are among just a few of the reasons I LOVE YA! :)
I needed the quality time with you. I was begining to think you might be confined to a wheel chair soon. I had to go see for my self. LOL :)
And then I get bit by the fn guard dog! Some kind of love! :)

And then there is Stephanie and Scott. Their is not a lot to be said there. Two life forms that have yet to find there place on the food chain. But I love them. What a great weekend guys. :)

Soul Food

52 and counting.... LOL :)

January 20, 2010

The Day After Pill

Recently I have allowed my blood to just boil over with the crap I am seeing coming out of Washington. Being a pretty simple man myself, not one given to politics in my life. Matter of fact I hate politics. And that in itself is whats wrong with America. We hate politicians. Actually most of us that are not entitlement loving people just despise most politicians. We hate the fact that they sell there country for power and greed.

That isn't what they were hired to do. And that includes Obama. Read the Constitution Obama!

But today my blood pressure did ease off a bit.

All this passion coming from a man that has never voted and cant vote. But I still have a voice.

Thank you Massachusetts. We stand behind you. And our votes are coming too. Promise! :)

Sincerely, Butch Petty

Cheers! :)


The Monster

Last night I went to bed early, as usual, because I had to wake early. Excited as I was about the Brown race in Mass and wanting to stay up for news, I just couldn't. Was to tired. But as I lay there in the silence and thought about this senate race I couldn't help but feel that the monster was roaring. I knew I could wake up very disappointed and was prepared for that option. This monster, that I will call the "Movement" for lack of a better word, was not just born yesterday on "Brown Tuesday". But it did take one hell of a step forward yesterday and let out one hell of a roar that will be heard by millions across our nation. This "Movement" was born over a year ago when a Chicago thug decided to start appointing Czars that answered only to him and then rode into the White House on the coat tails of lies from day one. A thug he may be in Washington, but the monster that spans the land has awakened. It was scorned, cursed and ridiculed in its infancy by dumb ass Democrats that were riding the popularity of the President. The so called little grass roots tea party's that were denied in months past are no longer scorned and cursed and they sure as hell will not be denied any longer. The Democrats from this day forward have been put on notice. This monster "Movement" is going to stand up across the land and continue stepping forward and building speed. It loves America and more so, it loves its freedom. And it will not stop even if its blood is spilled across the land. Be prepared people for a real change in the landscape starting now. Watch as the Democrats start falling off the Health Care band wagon. The spineless bastards are scared to death and will start moving center. This "Movement" is not going to forget how we were turned against....ever! We will remember come November 2011 and all the other political races before and after. Your done! All you low life politicians that forgot how you got to Washington will soon remember. ____________________________________ Now on another note I want to say personally congratulations to Senator Scott Brown. My true sincere hope is that you go to Washington and dont forget how YOU got there. You have no friends there, Democrats or Republicans. We are your friends. You go there for and by the people. Not just the people of Massachusetts, but people from all across this land. Stand true to your beliefs and your morals and vote your own voice, not that of either party. Because the Republicans have their day of reckoning coming also. God speed to you Senator Brown, America needs you.

Senator Scott Brown, Mass.

January 19, 2010

Voting is Over

Go Brown.
Count em up people, we the people want to know. :)

Scott Brown For Senate

Vote For Scott Brown For Senate Today !!!!!

Today is decision day in Mass. America has allready spoken in the fact that he is ahead in the polls. Hopefully the voters in Mass. make it happen and send the real message to all Democrats that their backroom politics are over.
Go Scott Brown !!!

January 17, 2010

Friday Fun At Work

January 16, 2010

Elect Scott Brown

Come on Mass., Elect Scott Brown. Stop the democrats from shoving more taxes and garbage down our throats !!!!

January 14, 2010

No! This is not about Haiti !

But instead this is about lazy fat fucks that talk about how bad our Government is and yet they do NOTHING! I am and I will continue to rant and rave about the misconduct of our elected officials. I will pay attention to all they do. I will not just chat about it at work and make jokes with friends. I will not do the stupid ass emails to friends about how mad I am or this that or the other. I will however give every key stroke I can give on the subject all over the web in any venue I can. I will be visiably vocal about my beliefs. I will not hide my beliefs because my neibors believe different. SCREW what every one else thinks. I will not willingly become a socialist puppet and just lay down and watch football, or tv or what ever and hope for the best.
And anyone that I know that does nothing, says nothing in protest, does not make their views loud and clear.....then dont fucking come whinning to me when 90 percent of your check no longer belongs to you. Dont fucking come whinning to me about any friggin thing. Your lack of action is your choice.
Act not, want not. Act not then dont come crying to me. I will be the first to tell you to "fuck off, you whinny bitch".

Note: No, I am not drinking. No, I am not high. No, I am not kidding. Yes, I am pissed. And, yes again, Im not frigging kidding. I dont like wimpy fucking people anyway. So get a spine. ACT !

Inside The Box

As you can imagine, with concrete blocks and floors, lots of steel and tin in the ceiling, the building is now colder inside than it is outside. People inside are wearing coats and the folks outside are in shirt sleeves. It sucks. But it's work.
The refridgeration crews, the duck crews, the fire sprinkler crew and the electricians are crowding the building inside. Lots of work also happening outside.
Well it's time to go do another day. :)

January 13, 2010

Getting Sideways

January 11, 2010

Anoles, Back Porches and Winter

Anole's New "Make Up"

Front Porch - It's A Southern Thing

A Cold Sunday

4:50 am, 26 degrees outside..........brrrrrrrrrrr

It was'nt a good day for anything outdoors in Savannah yesterday. It warmed up to about 48 or so late in the afternoon but for the most part it was friggin freezing all damn day. So I committed to a day indoors. I made a crock pot of beef stew from stuff I had on board. It turned out ok.
I have had this project ready to do for a while, making a side cover for my Bimini top. Yesterday was a good day to break out the machine and get it done. It took most of the day but it is out of mind now. And it turned out nice. It adds a bit more privacy to the cockpit and a nice sun break for hot summer days too.

My plan today is to learn a little more about "Blue Mollie". I only drove it one time to go do laundry. So I want to familiarize myself with the car a little more before work tomorrow.


January 10, 2010

Death and Birth - A Transporting Story

Friday on the way home from work the "Little Red Ford Truck" died. No longer will it have me wondering each and every day if I will arrive at a particular destination. No longer will it leave me at the side of the road, stranded. Its life on this earth was good and long and done:

The "Little Red Ford Truck" Has Died

A improve party was heralded across the land far and wide. Some familar actors arrived to celebrate the death of the Truck. Oh what good times and bad we toasted to. And in the end and late in the night we closed another chapter in the on going story. Thanks to all, it was great. :)

Now enter "Blue Mollie" the replacement vehicle. Thanks to good friends and a very beautiful lady my fear of walking was put to rest. Long live the new ride ! May she wear as nice and beautifully as her name sake. :)


It is well past time for this cold to end. If the weather people are right for a change, next week should see some 60 degree temps again. Thank God.


January 08, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Re-Elect No One !

Re-Elect No One

You have the power to change the country and all you have to do is vote. But do one thing differently......Do Not Re-Elect ANYONE.
Congress, nor the Senate will ever set term limits. So quit bitching and set them yourself. We can do it, you can do it.
If you are tired of the fat bastards spending money on there pet projects and then taxing you for it, or if your tired of the fat bastards trying to re-write our Constitution then act. It is so simple......re elect NO ONE. Period.
The ass you save will be your own.


The slab (floor) is finally poured at work. Now its time to rock and roll. We pulled new temporary power into the building yesterday and installed temporary lighting and power recepticles. Its still work, but at least its not in the mud and muck. Yeah !!!!! :)

January 07, 2010

More Pour

We are finally about 2/3s finished with pouring the slab. And best of all only a few days away from being out of the mud and muck that has plagued all the contractors on this job.

Once again I am waking up with temps that are 50 degrees apart; 27 outside and 77 inside the boat. Why anyone would live in a place where this is common is insane. :O

January 05, 2010

Whats Up With This Cold Ass Weather?

I have noticed that I havent heard a lot of smack on the TV or RADIO about global warming recently. Go Figure !!!
I bet Al Gore's big ass house is nice and warm. LOL :)

I have this craving for "Meat Loat". Meat Loaf means different things to different cooks. I do cook things differently. It usually has spices......yes spices. Yep, got to do a meat loaf soon.

This video was from New Years Eve at work:

This photo would have been really great if I had just framed it a little better. Oh well, next time. :)


January 04, 2010

What A Lazy Day

Kojak still is on TV every weekday at 2:00. It airs on RTY (that is Retro TV) which only shows old out of date stuff like Magnum PI, Rockford Files, and thats just the ones I like to watch. :) LOL
Kojak still kicks butt with that sucker in his mouth. :)

It was a nice sunrise:


Back to work tomarrow. Have a good week all.


Putting On The Bimini

I finally got this project out of the way. Yeah, there were a couple of things that I learned and a couple of changes I will make at a later date. But for now I am happy with it.
I was going to make a time lapse video of the installation but my camera battery died. So this is all I got:


This is the new view from inside the boat:


And yes she is back, the Pelican from hell. With all the comotion at the boat she had to come check everything out. Captain Buddy gets friendly with her. :)



January 03, 2010

Meet "Connie".....

.......my new bitch, my new Lizard. She sits in wait for me. Whiling away the hours she thinks only of me. Her mind never wonders. When I walk thru the hatch her gaze is only on me. She is loyal only to me. Smiles are her gift to me. "Connies" I have know in past lives. "Connie" once wanted to have my baby. NO! All my "Connies" were sluts. Finally I have meet one that truely earns her name......a "Con". When any scurvey dog walks past the hatch she watches. If the slimy swabs stick there head in she hisses her displeasure.
But for all her evel ways she waits for her next victim, and she will greet each the same.......for I have deemed it so, I, Lord of Anoles, Capt. Butch


January 02, 2010

Finally !!!!

The Holidays, for all their pomp and glitter, are finally over. I am so glad. Some found memories were born and fun times with friends were had. The hang overs can finally go away a sense of normalcy hopefully will creep into life again. All I can say is BRING IT ! You can tell by the picture here that "spirits" have been abundant:


I spent the day yesterday with a lot of good friends. Two of them were Scott and Stephanie, "Hammock Keepers" at large. We plundered Tybee Island, raided there Taverns and partook of there fine Grog and Grub. We even cruised around Savannah's dark and seedy underworld. And....I am so proud to say.....that I was able to be a part of helping Scott break two of his three "New Years" resolutions before they were even 15 hours old. Yeah !!!! LOL :)
A very cool and nice touch was put on the day when Stepanie, what a good eye, found the newest addition to the Anole, a very cool hand crafted copper lizard. What a way cool piece of art. Thanks Stephanie and Scott. It truly is awsome.


In the waning hours of the first day of the year I was playing in photoshop and came up with this little piece of work that I wanted to share:

1 (7)-c.jpg

January 01, 2010

Happy New Year To One And All

happy new year anole.gif