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February 28, 2010


............is lot of places.....
i got lost at home....
......lost in foam....

....is in these spaces...
...hollow spots we....

is found in there
.....in that special space...

.....lost is ....-Butch Petty

HE yah He AH.......im a rock in roll outlaw...

Bar Thoughts

The Bar on the Anole

This little area has been well used this weekend. :)
I think I am going to have to rework this little area a bit to house "the bar" permanently and double as the nav station also. Ok, its Bloody Mary time.
The Bars Beginning

February 25, 2010

Big News 1


February 22, 2010


..........normally suck. Most of them you just want to get them the hell gone. But today was mild and mellow. Thats always a good thing when your heading into a work week. It sets the pace and the mood.
The beautiful weekend that we had helped a lot too. Summer is coming and us on the coast of Georgia are ready indeed.
Bring it !!! The work week and the summer !!! :)

Mainsheet Risers In Place

Finally, after months of rain and cold, we had a nice weekend. Just barely into the 70's but sunny. So I got off my butt and got the "mainsheet risers" in place and glassed down to the deck. I guess they are called "mainsheet risers". I dont know if I saw them named that somewhere or just plucked it out of the air. But since that is what they do, raise the mainsheet traveler up away from the hatch, thats what I will call them. My main goal was to get the components in place so that I could drill the holes and get measurements for the hardware. Everything seems to be ok with the system and I think it will look and function well.
Now I can get my blocks ordered and get ready for the sailing season to begin.



February 20, 2010

Wowsy wowsy :)

Its so fucking gratifyng (dont mind my spelleing, Im wasted) getting things done. I finally got my mainsheet risers glassed to the boat. Hell yeah man ! Then when you top that off with buddys like Capt. Buddy, catching major red fish, and bringing them over to the boat to cook . And then you top that off with Capt. Gary coming over with prime ribs. Ummm Ummmm Ummmm. :)

Bang Bang Bang Bang Vamanos Vamanos

Well you made me weap
And you made me moan
When you caused me to leave, child
My happy home
But someday baby
You ain't gonna worry my life


I get satisfaction
Everywhere I go
Where I lay my head
That's where I call home
Whether barren pines,
Or the mission stare,
Take tomorrow's collar
And give em back the glare

Bang Bang Bang Bang
Vamanos, Vamanos
Bang Bang Bang
Vamanos Vamanos

You told everybody
In the neighborhood
What a dirty mistreater
That I was no good
But Someday Baby
You aint gonna worry my life


Doctor or Lawyer
I'll never be
Life of a drifter
The only life for me
You can have your riches,
All the gold you saved
Aint room for one thing
In everybody's grave

Bang Bang Bang Bang
Vamanos, Vamanos
Bang Bang Bang
Vamanos Vamanos

If I had money
Like Henry Ford
Lord, I'd have me a woman
Yeah, on every road
But someday baby
You aint gonna worry my life


Invocation of the dummy's
Requiem for a head
Cash in at the corner,
Piles of street cred
I get satisfaction
Everywhere I go
One day baby
You'll worry me no more!

Bang Bang Bang Bang
Vamanos, Vamanos
Bang Bang Bang
Vamanos Vamanos

(Song and Lyrics by "Clutch". What a kick ass tune. Thanks little brother. )

February 18, 2010

Dump The Multi-Hulls !!! Bring On The Mono-Hulls !!!!

America's Cup to go back to original format
by Daniel Silva Daniel Silva
Mon Feb 15, 11:25 am ET

VALENCIA, Spain (AFP) – The America's Cup is poised to return to its traditional multiple challenger format after US side Oracle won the 33rd edition of sailing's oldest and most prestigious trophy held in Spain.

Oracle boss Larry Ellison said he had not yet decided on where to stage the next Cup -- although he mentioned Newport, San Diego and San Francisco in the United States as possibilities -- but he said the location must have room for many teams.

"We have to develop bases for many teams because it is going to be a multi-challenger event," he said after his side defeated Swiss defender Alinghi in the 33rd America's Cup staged off the Spanish port of Valencia.

Under the Deed of Gift, the rules of the 159-year-old event, the winning team has the right to select a Challenger of Record which then works with it to set the rules and select the location for the next race.

The Cup defaulted to a rare head-to-head duel between Oracle and Alinghi this year because two sides could not agree on the rules for a conventional regatta with several teams in a dispute that involved several court challenges.

Oracle's trimaran beat Alinghi's catamaran during the second race of the best-of-three series on Sunday by a comfortable margin of 5min 26sec to defeat the Swiss side 2-0, becoming the first US team to win the Cup in 18 years.

A return to Newport, Rhode Island, where the Cup was held -- and won -- by the Americans for over five decades until 1983 would please sailing purists and fans of what is the world's oldest continuously held sports competition.

But Oracle represents the Golden Gate Yacht Club of San Francisco, where Ellison lives, and a bid by the city to host the event will carry weight even if weather conditions there are not ideal.

But Oracle CEO Russell Coutts said no decision on the location had been taken.

"The location will need to have the right infrastructure, all these things have to be explored. Nothing has been planned yet, we were focused up until now on winning," he said.

The 33rd America's Cup was the first not to feature a qualifying contest since 1988, meaning teams from countries including South Africa and New Zealand that competed last time had to stay away.

Ellison, the 65-year-old co-founder and chief executive of computer firm Oracle Corp., said he would work to ensure that the next edition of the race involved more people and got more television coverage.

The value of the media rights for the Cup this year was limited because it was staged over a much shorter time period and involved fewer teams.

He said the goal would be to "attract sponsorship and funding for all of the teams that want to participate, from Oracle and Alinghi but also to the Chinese team and the South African team and the Swedish team and the New Zealand team."

"If we do our job well and work closely with them, the 34th America's Cup should be the most popular America's Cup ever," added Ellison, who is worth about 22.5 billion dollars, making him the world?s fourth-richest person according to Forbes magazine.

This was the first time in the history of the America's Cup that multihulls have sailed against each other. The two entries were also the biggest, fastest and most expensive boats to have ever taken part in the competition.

Alinghi boss Ernesto Bertarelli said he would prefer to see the America's Cup continue to use multihulls.

"We had the fastest possible boats racing each other, I think that is good. Why would you want to go slowly?" he said after his side lost the 33rd America's Cup to Oracle.

Ellison did not say when he hoped to stage the next America's Cup but it is traditionally held every three or four years, meaning it could be held in 2013 at the earliest.

He did confirm media reports that Oracle had selected Italian side Mascalzone Latino, backed by Italian shipping magnate Vincenzo Onorato, as its Challenger of Record

February 17, 2010

USA's New America's Cup Winner


The Celebration in San Francisco for the Winners

February 14, 2010

Sundays Dirty Laundry and The Finish Of The "Kat Box"

Sunday, way before dawn, as always, found me in Tybee Island's only coin laundry mat. I was thinking as I rode out to do my laundry, even as much as I bitch about it every week, I am going to miss the little laundry mat when I leave out this fall. It is always open and usually fairly clean. 90 percent of the time I get to use it in peaceful solitude, being the early bird I am by nature. And its close by, five minutes away. Now where in the hell am I going to find all those qualities in a laundry mat on my journeys? I have my doubts that I will......... :)

I Want To Read It Too !!!!

Finally finished the "Kat Box" cabinet late last night. The fumes from stains and polycrylic have finally abated. LOL Whats the loss of a few more brain cells? Before I get ponded any more about the "Kat Box", "What is it?" question read this= The Rest of The Story You may say that the lettering looks cheesy or so on. I don't give a damn what anyone else but me thinks about it. The letters are there for a reason and will remain there. So there! :) Now let me tell you my lesson on stains. Dont ever believe the color is going to look like the front of the can says. Bull crap! They should put disclaimers next to the little color swatch saying that "results may differ". And they do. I think it depends on the color and type of wood. How they absorb the stain and so on. But of course they dont tell you that. So what I ended up with was a color that doest match any other wood on the boat. However, I do love the color and as other woods on the boat may need staining from time to time it will get "Sodona Red" stain as I have lots left. :) Anyway, another project checked off the ever growing list.




February 12, 2010

"Kat Box" - Before The Stain


It never ceases to amaze me that these little projects that I think will only take a couple of hours always take way more hours. This was nine hours of wood working. I have filler in the holes and imperfections waiting for it to dry. After sanding and more filling and staining and more staining and top coaing and more top coating........well you get the frickin deal. Its going to be another all weekend deal. But.....as my buddy Captain Gary says, "It's just one weekend." I have lots more of them to enjoy the pain and agony of my work. Still want to get my tunes hooked back up too. Miss not being able to blast the marina with cool new age pirate music. LOL :)


More Changes To The Anole - The Weekend Agenda

OK Sail Fans heres the skinny. The weekend is here for me and lots on my plate again. Just more little projects in preparation for the Keys.
Sorry about the lack of post this week. It was a really event-less week at work. The usual long days and little spare time during the week.

The first project on tap is the cabinet for the fridge. I have the wood and as soon as I feed myself some breakfast I am going to get started. It is supposed to rain and believe it or not, it may even snow. So I am set for 24 hours on the boat and lots to do.

In the picture below all the connections have been made to the fridge. I purchased a piece of nice oak plywood for the sides and top. Man that stuff is pricey. But I got a really nice piece with some nice grain pattern. I also picked up all the trim pieces to really (hopefully) make the finished product look good. When its all done I am going to stain it with "Minwax's" Sodona Red stain. And then top it with a clear gloss polycrylic. I think it will look really good.
So this is the before picture:

The second project I am going to tackle this weekend, if time permits, is shown in the picture below. You may notice that I have new cushions for this berth/couch. Now that I have the old fridge out it really opens the area up. So I replaced the cushions. The shelf above (blue shelf) was on the boat when I got it. I never have really liked it but it was a place for the tv. The only drawback is that you can't lean back if your sitting on the couch. So that has got to go away. The tv is also going to be replaced with a flat screen tv. It is just way to big and space consuming.

Click on the link below if you like Tequila. Its funny as hell. tequila_poster.jpg

Tequila Warning

February 07, 2010

"Kat Box"

Done Deal. What a weekend. No rest to speak of. That means its going to be a long week at work. But mission accomplished. The "Kat Box" works very well.

I made the gas connections first, after all that is what was most important to me, that the fridge could function without electricity. At first I was worried. The first hour of operation it didn't cool very well. But the second hours was like night and day. A layer of ice had formed around the freezer and the unit was very cool inside. Success!!!

Then I made all the electrical connections to the fuse panel, that was a bitch. Wires inside that thing are a cluster f_ck. But I managed to get it all wired in.

So in the grand scheme of things the weekend was a good one. The stove/oven is installed and working and the fridge is working. I still have to build the cabinet around the fridge. That is next weekends project. I still haven't got the design figured out just yet. But before the week is over I will have it. I like "Scott Daulbert's" idea of incorporating some drink holders into the plan. We'll see.

Made my first batch of brownies in the oven today. :) Ummm, cant wait to taste test after dinner tonight.


The "Kat Box" waiting for wood work. P020710182715.jpg

The Anoles first batch of "Butch's World Famous Cornbread" cooked in the cast iron skillet in the new oven. :) P020710190020.jpg

February 06, 2010

Bobber Heads, Plumbing Woes and "Butch's World Famous Cornbread"

Wow !!! It never fails that a simple project on the boat will turn in to one major damn event. Sometimes I feel like a submissive s&m freak getting cracked with a big ass whip and the whip is a new and big learning curve, one that was unexpected and it stings. In this case it is the prospect of propane appliances on a boat. Simple? No! I'm not a plumber. I hate plumbing with a passion. Even after all my years of do-it-yourself learning, years of being in almost all the construction trades, I still hate finding myself in the plumbing isles of Home Depot. I know even before I arrive I am going to hate it. First of all I have to deal with the people that Home Depot hires that are supposed to be "experts" and they know even frigging less than I know.

But I did, find myself in that plumbing isle again.

This time learning at a very fast pace the in's and out's of "Gas" plumbing and fittings. And wouldn't you know it this happy, bobber head, individual with big smiles appears, "Sir, can I help you?".

And with the first explanation of my needs come the inevitable stuttering and stammering. "Dude", I say, "do you work this section?". And of course, "No sir". So without delay I just stop and say, "Man, if you don't work here then can you please get me someone that does. I don't need any guessing, I can do that by my damn self".

Rush, rush, off off, pitter patter, pitter patter, feet shuffle away. And without fail another "bobber head" appears and right away admits his lack of knowledge about gas plumbing. To this news I just give in, admit my defeat to the idiots and commit to trying to work with this dude. We both take a learning curve spanking. :)

I take all my stuff that I am not sure is even the right stuff and go.

Of course I am during all this very concerned that I do this job right. There, after all, is no room for even one single mistake. This is gas, this is a boat, and this could be a bomb building lesson if done wrong.......even one little mistake.

The first hour of my new trade I start hitting brick walls. Wrong fittings. Design changes. Headaches. I need a drink all ready.

My friend "Captain Gary" tells me before I even start that I should have a shut-off for each appliance so that I could shut the gas off to each individual unit without having to shut down the other. This is quickly realized as valuable advice.

So off I go again, searching for answers in a maze of questions. Reluctantly I end up at.........yes, "ACE", the place with the friendly hardware man. Don't laugh. As it turned out the manager at the Islands ACE is a master plumber. I have know the guy for a long while, but didn't know he was a master plumber. After telling him my goals and needs he heads to the plumbing section and starts pulling little goodies out of bins, "You need this and this and one of these. These are your shut-offs." and "Just get everything good and tight and make sure you test for leaks."

You got to love the way a true pro can make things sound so damn easy. :)

So back on the Anole the project starts coming together. The oven fit into the factory pre-cut stove slot like it was meant for the boat. I only had to make three small cuts/changes and Walla! It was in. It took me all day to get the tank in place, run the copper lines, check for leaks and actually lite the stove for the first time. The oven checked out perfect, the thermostat worked great. It was done. Step one of a three step main cabin re-fit was finished. I could taste the fresh cornbread in the cast iron skillet. Ummmmmm ! Soon. :)

The Cornbread Factory The Cornbread Factory

Now for the "Kat Box". This has turned out to be the real headache of the whole upgrade. I don't like the way it fits. It's bigger than I thought. I don't like where it has to go, but there is no other place for it to go. I also don't like the sharp corner sticking out waiting for someone to be thrown against it. So design plans are evolving each minute right now.

One thing is for sure, it IS going in one way or another. More to come on this project....

What a mess...... "Kat Box"

Perfect Boat Foods

I have been looking for a while for a good source for powdered eggs. I know that it doesnt sound very good but used properly a person would have a hard time knowing that they are powdered eggs, especially if used in other foods like "Butch's World Famous Cornbread". :)

I stumbled across this company and wanted to pass along the link to all: Honeyville Food Products


February 04, 2010


I would really have to go back and check to be sure, which I will not, so I'm thinking that I probably haven't shown the picture of my new stereo system on the boat.

When that "Little Red Ford Truck" broke down on me for the last time in South Carolina, before I abandoned it, I took the stereo out of it. I felt kind of weird sitting there on the side of the road taking a stereo out of a truck. Almost like a thief. Waiting for the Cops to pass any minute and see me with all my tattoos, stripping a radio out of a truck and pull guns on me. It was really scary.

Ironically it is almost identical to the stereo that is in "Blue Molly". That is way cool. :)

But back to the story, I was really stoked about the way the stereo was performing in the boat. Built inside that box that use to house tools and junk is now a maze of fn wires, huge magnets, a shelve for the radio......all kinds of crap. And yes, still some tools in there. LOL :)

But NOW, I got to tear it all back out. Yep, it sucks.

(just on a side note, the wind is really wicked tonight. a strong nor'easter. its making for a wild Friday evening. man, I must be getting old.)

You see now, in that space, the space that is sounding so cool even as I type, has to go. In its place is going the "Kat Box". LOL, yes I named it already and it aint even in yet. (Yes, aint is a word on this boat)

The "Kat Box" is my new refrigerator. Only this one is special. It runs on not only electricity, but propane. VERY WAY COOL! Are you digging this? Cold beer in paradise. Hell Yeah!!!

The way I'm figurine is "If you think of sailing you have to think of cold drinks" - Ijustmadethatup


Also there is a new stove going into the Anole this weekend. This is the prize. An oven!!!!! Hell yes. That is the bomb. Cornbread !!!!! Breads !!!!!

And a four burner stove top. Holly Shmozzily!!! I am going to be in cooking heaven next year in the Keys. ;)

And last but not least I want to thank Kat. My Sister. Without you none of this would have been possible. I think you are living the dream thru me....at least I hope you will be. Every opening of the fridge door I will think of you. :) Thanks babe. Your welcome on The Anole in any harbor, at any hour, any day.


February 02, 2010

Victim Of A Love Afair

Their is something about flags that all people love. Ancient history tells of how all people love flags. So many and varied are the flags and customs and cultures. Yet their is one that is know the world over, that of the Jolly Rogers. However, the people that fly that flag in this age are of a friendlier more kindly variety of pirates. They don't swing down from the spreaders on ropes with the shinny steel of the sword coming at your guts, ready to spill blood over the heaving bow. Nor do they have parrots upon their shoulders, squaking the previous nights drunkeness. Yet they are a proud breed. They are a breed of their own. :)

Kung Fu Lady Kung Fu Lady

Victim Of A Love Affair

February 01, 2010

Fuck !!!!!!

I am so fucking bummed out about my camera life. NO LIFE!!!
I so can not afford money for a camera now.
I have boat stuff to do.

So much boat stuff to do.
This time next year I will be sitting in the Florida Keys and I have so many things I want to do.
Hell......I have major, major improvements that are going to happen very soon and some that have already happened that have not been photographed or videoed. Shit.

This no camera life is no life.

I heard this very interesting quote on public Tv the other day. I have searched it out on the net and havent been able to find out crap about it. The program I got it from was "In the footsteps of Marco Polo". A very cool program. One of the best I have seen on public Tv of recent. A must see if your into knowledge programs.
The quote, not being able to verify it, invoked some deep thought. And in many ways it is so true, at least to me. I have always been sorta lost. The quote:

"A Man That Goes By Sea
Is A Man In Despair" -Indian Quote-Uknown

"She Bruised Me ?!?!?!?!"