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March 31, 2010

Time To Go

March 30, 2010

Back To The Hammock - The New Mainsheet

Hammock Colors

March 26, 2010

Another Chunk Of Money

You know life is good when your UPS delivery guy is also your drinking buddy. LOL :)
Captain Buddy dropped by the boat with my long awaited Garhaurer Blocks the other night. Not being familiar with Garhauer my anticipation was put to rest when they arrived. What a great, quality and stylish product. I am glad that I went with Garhauer. I am a fan for sure.
These are the blocks for the mainsheet system on the boat that I have been working on:

Can't wait to get them placed on the boom. Can you tell? :)

Garhauer Majic

Captain Buddy Lee of Buddy Lee's Charters. Look him up if your in Savannah and want to catch some fish: IMG_0026

See ya out there !

Heres To The UPS Guy

Capt. Garys Most Favorite Job Ever

Gary Hill at work on the Publix grocery store in Hardeeville, SC.

March 23, 2010

"Lizard Lights Preview"

Lizard Lights Preview

I was driving across the Talmadge Bridge this morning, heading to work, same old bullshit that I always do. Then I realized that I had not took my blood pressure medicine. At first it was no big deal. Hey, I've gone without it before for a day. Hell, I've gone without it for two days. Then it hit me......It had been two days!" WTF !!! That just shows you how f'd up I got this past weekend. Wow! Taking the fn medicine now, 8:59 pm. On my top five list of things I hate most.......the drugs is there. Ukkkk !!!!

On a lighter note and a note that I love......The Anole. :) Yes, the Anole. She is coming along quite well. There just seems to be no time in the days. How do I stretch time? An age ole question still not answered. So I hammer away at the hours. Never relenting. Never regretting. :O < did I say that?
The main sheet is just a couple of days away from completion. It seems like forever now. I just pulled the big ass trash can off the engine today. I was covered with sea life. It was wild. I will get a photo. Crazy wild with growth. Thats when I knew it has been way too long. The Anole will sail this weekend........regarless!

The photo is a sneak preview of the final deal. I should have all the hard ware tomorrow......blocks, etc. I still have to pick up a couple of things. But it is close, very close.

I love it when an Anole plan comes togather. :)

March 20, 2010

"Red State Girl" - A Return to Sara

I saw this lady, Sara Palin, on a recent video with Greta on Fox. What a hot lady. Wow !!!!!

Pork Butt Roast On the Anole tonight. Getting ready to put the top coats of paint on the "mainsheet risers". Long time coming. :)
Cornbread time !!!!!!! :)

March 18, 2010

It's 5:00 Somewhere !!!

Happy Weekend All

March 17, 2010

"Old Blue Eyes" - Happy Paddy Day

Irish Eyes - Happy St. Patricks Day

Man.....it has been a lot of years since I worked on St. Patricks Day. It didnt matter that I may not be attending the parade, or that I wasn't even going "down town" to party. Hell, I have sit at home on this day. No, it was just the fact that I was off work that made the day special some years. St. Patrick's Day is just one of those days that Savannah people take off work. It's a given. This year I worked. All day ! No taking off early. No partaking of the flavors of the day. Just working. No looking at all the hot green beauties that Savannah produces in abundance it seems. No "watching" as the people pass with green beers. No just enjoying how great it is to be a Savannahian and enjoying all that Savannah is about......Partying. Nope, I just worked.

I dont know if I took this picture or if Stepanie did. But I ran across it today looking for "Green" photos. Just something I could throw out there for the blog post. Now this is one fucked up dude. I dont know who he is. But if you ever see him come over to the boat please come get me. I'm kicking his ass. He's not welcome.........just kidding. :)
I love that guy !!! LOL :)
Happy Paddys to all. However you celebrate it, however you feel it but just feel it. Its here and its a good day. :)

March 16, 2010

Shutter Me Timbers !!!


This whole "no camera" thing really sucks. I have been avoiding the camera for lots of reasons:
I dont have the time for it.
I have lots more important things to do other than taking pictures.
I dont have the money.
My boat is far more important.
I want a good camera or nothing at all.
I really want that nice mahogony tiller in the pit.
I really need to haul out soon.
I really need a real engine.
The mainsheet still isnt finished and I still have to order the hardware. >
>Another pay check shot to hell.

I think I just need to sail. Feel the wind, the sweet noise of the water rushing past. Shuttering as the sea meets soul.

March 15, 2010

Blue Molly Monday

I was just digging in my pockets and found the piece of paper I grabbed out of the glove box today. I had to have it to find the year of the car. Yeah, "Blue Molly" was giving me a pain in the ass, a first for her. Had to put in a new alternator today. Went smoothly actually. :)

I knew what it was the minute I saw it, my bill of sale for the car. It is the hand written original. I was urged to open it and look at it again. As soon as I did I knew what had beckoned to me. An angel. I could not help but look at her signature. Just fn beautiful. All three "I's" dotted just perfectly. Just like the perfect simple beauty that just radiated all around her from her feet to the sky.

Wow, what a day dream. :)

March 14, 2010

Floorever Changing

Nothing is inherently static onboad the Anole. The invisible boat list has no visible end, ever!

I had a real nice sheet of sanded hardwood oak plywood. I only needed one piece of it for the face of the new stereo/entertainment center. The rest I could not bare to see waste away and not be used. It was such a nice looking piece of wood. So I removed the nasty old carpet and tile that was under it and used it in this high traffic area. Yeah, a very uncommon practice it could be argued. But then there is nothing common about the Anole.

The mainsheet in now bolted to the deck and the fairing is underway. I may, if the weather is nice, get to finish and paint it by next weekend. The hard part is behind me for sure. It is always hard to drill even a single hole in the deck but once it is drilled the commitment has been made and there is no turning back. So your plan better be sound and the function be worth the hole. In this case it appears that both were good. It is going to be a nice nice improvement. fairing the mainsheet riser

"Ghirardelle" calls this a Caramel Turtle. It's a brownie mix. It looks really good and it just came out of the oven. Will let you know how good it was. LOL :) P031410134205

March 09, 2010

Never Look A Mermaid In The Eye

YeahCan't funk with the feel
Or with the other three
This mother loadComin' atcha,
all 3D's
We got big news
The party boat is here
The band is kicking
And I see lots of beer
And I believe there is gambling
On the deck just below from here
We got GreedoSolo to the rear
They know the deal
Sacks packed and stacked with
Pieces of eight
A sailor's life for me
Live free or die
Never look a bounty hunter in the eye
Now where were we?
I think aces high
Sleeves are rolled
Tremendous diamonds
And a mouth of gold
I spent many years a rambling
I'll never change these foolish ways'
Cause fortune tellers make a killing nowadays
Best keep living like a castaway
With my sack packed
Pieces of eight
A sailor's life for me
Live free or die
Never look a merman in the eye

March 08, 2010

Entertainment Center - Anole Style

Another project completed. Once again what was thought to be a quick upgrade turned into a entire three day event but its done. And I do like it. It has been long awaited.

The TV is wall mounted and can be seen from anywhere on the inside of the boat and even in the cockpit. And it is a DVD player also.

And of course I got rid of the old shelves and now the couch is usable. It is also a 6 foot birth for sleeping.

Entertainment Central - Anole Style

March 06, 2010

I dont have the wine......

....its a brand that I have not courted. my wine is mellow,,,,,,,,it seeks and destroys moderate, left field wines.
I am so Glad That We have a President that doesnt give a shit about us. I have been waiting for so long for this "God" to come along, someone to tell me what I have done wrong, to put commercials on tv to guide me on the way to raise my kids. Some one to tell me that my tire pressure may be low. This is exactly why I elected this president, to tell me all the things that I am doing wrong.
I have single handedly stalled the "health care" crap in senate and in the house. It's a because I look pretty. Thats why its stalled, it doesnt matter that 85 percent of the country is saying "screw you". no that doesnt matter.

March 04, 2010

Free Freeeeee !!!!!

I have a 14 inch tv that I will givaway to someone that needs it?
No, I will not send you five bucks for a $1000.00 check for my tv!!!!!
No, I will not ship it to some frikkin desert in some other damn country!!!
No, I will not trade it for your sister! She's figgin burnt out man!!!!

But it works good and has been a nice tv. But she is going to be going away soon.



Screw Government Health Care!!!!!

March 03, 2010

Hello Goodbye - High Tech On The Water

Finally !! I get to say "Goodbye" to the biggest eye sore/no functioning area of the Anole. The old shelves that someone put on this boat are going away. It is going to be restored to the original design but at the same time incorporating the "Entertainment Center". Yes, it is going to put a nice feel to the inside of the main cabin. Then all I have left is the head remodel and the nav station finish and the inside is ready.

So......"Hello" new flat screen tv with expandable swing arm!!!!

Bring on the Sunshine !!!!!!! :)

hello goodbye

March 02, 2010

Damn!! I love it when a plane comes togather!!!

cornbread done


had the crock pot on all day. it just wouldnt be right to not compliment the effort with a fresh hot pan of "Butch's World Famous Cornbread". :)

And in case you were in some pile of crap head deep today and didnt know that your lord and savior was in town......oh my God......it was Obama! UUUMMMMM UUMM UM!!!!!!

cornbread cooking