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Spineless Bastards !!!!!

This is the most beautiful women in my life right now.......yeah, yeah, I know she isnt quite the women, in an age related thing, But ! She is still the most beautiful women in my life right now. :) She is "Summer Sky Petty" and she is the bomb !!!!!! <(hey, do they still say that?)

Hey, I am going to tie this all into the subject. :O

Biker Chicks Rule !!!

Spineless Bastards!!!!! I'm sure you know a few. Yeah, those losy fucks that dont want to do anyting except benifit from your misery. Yeah, those. I call them spineless bastards because thats what they are. Pieces of shit. For the sake of lawyers evidence I wont hiss any names here.

Now let me be clear here. there are bastards with spines.
There are bitches with spines.
There are assholes with spines. <(ive been told I was one of them before)

That is not my pet peve bitch. My bitch is finding that king of people with upright spinal formation. The spine that allows them to take responsibility for their actions. Yeah, that stiff spine. Uncommon in this world these days. Across the board, women and men. Measure up people !!! Just be your spinefull self !!!!

About "Biker Chicks" ! They are the best !!! They have lived there life trying to be there self......upright, spine controlled people. They told the world pretty much to just "fuck off". "This is me" ! And left it at that and kept the spine straight and upright. And it will always remain upright against all the odds. Fuck yeah !!!!! Biker Chicks Rule !!!