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The Good Life

Arthur-Friends in both hands    :)

I left for Atlanta a few days ago, Friday at 4:30am to be exact. I had got totally fucking hammered the night before I left. I was kinda worried about even going. I knew I would have my hands in electric panels with very high voltage because I was going up there to help my brother with an electrical job. And me?! I was a walking fuckin emotional disaster area! I had serious doubts that I could remain focused enough to not get killed. Hell I couldn't even sail my own sailboat. I had ran aground earlier that week. Thank God for a friend that was there for me on that fiasco, Capt. Buddy. :)

But I made it ok. I was able to keep focused.......so, so. I fucked up a couple of times. Not pretty! But I can still breath today. I can once again spend another week worrying about day to day existence. And yes, I have another day to cherish the memories of my son. Not to many consecutive hours passed in Atlanta that I did not think of him. Maybe it was a good thing to get away, re-focus and regroup.

But guess what? I'm back in Savannah !!! LOL :)

Now the world has to put up with more of my shit !! :)

Cheers !!!!

.......I should be sailing.......