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May 28, 2010

Happy Fucking Memorial Day

Happy Fucking Memorial Day To All

Going to sail the whole weekend. Full Moon sailing tonight. :) Hope you all have a great weekend. Tell a soldier thanks.

Peace, Butch

Sailing The "Meander"

Sailing The Meander

Delivered George's sailboat to it's new home yesterday. A fifteen minute car trip turned out to take five hours by sail / motor yesterday. But it was a nice day under sail. :)

May 26, 2010

I'm Back

anole letters lizard-drop-shadow

Hughes 38' - The Anole

Ok, I've been slacking for awhile. Not going to try to catch up, too much brain power involved. So I'm just going to jump back into the blog game from here.
Working on the "Meander" today. This may well be the last day of work as it has to be sailed around the sound to it's new home on the Wilmington River tomorrow. This weekend is the "Re-naming" party on Memorial Day. In the picture below is the owner, George Frank, actually working on his boat.....rare pic. LOL

Buffing the Bowsprit

May 03, 2010

Going going back to back to Kali Kali

Going Going Back To Kali

I want to shout and cuss and sound like the most vial sailor you ever heard.........but I got over it. It wouldnt do any good.

It was a really great time out at the Hammock with Scott and Stepanie ( AKA the crab slayer ). Actually the only thing that could make it more percect is if the God Damned engine would have acted like it had half a fucking brain. It was totally fucking wacked the whole god damned weekend. I am so over this engine. But I know it is only a small problem......yeah, right. Not when your working with half size brain cells that really dont like to think these days. Not a good combo.

So...still dealing with that shit.

Miss ya Bubba and love ya Babe. "You know who you are." :)

Oh, and speaking of Heather, I got lots of cds to send ya. Dont have a friggin clue whats on em. Lot of pics is all I know. Have fun.......and yeah, they may be XXX rated. Who knows. :P

Their was a time when two different people, Arthur and I. came to gather and clicked on our music. I Remeber laying in the RV as we traveled around the country and sleeping goooood. Then all of a sudden the music would come on. Blasting! But I knew it was going to be good. Cause Arthur would only do that if it was GOOD !! He, like I, love our music. I was trying to think of a song today that would have the words "missing you" in it. And actually this popped up real quick. And I remembered how he and I loved this song.......Big E..........and Kali.