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June 29, 2010

Do you know this bitch......Dianne Feinstein?

Take a good look at this picture. This is the typical shit that is running down the shit house walls in Washington. Politicians that dont give a shit about America anymore. She recently said that the fact that the Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan had never been a Judge was refreshing. In other words what she is really saying is it is ok to put a left wing nutjob with no experience on the highest court in this country.
What the fuck is up with these fucking democrats. They have totally lost their fucking minds.
And they wonder why California is going down the fucking toilet. Go figure!?!?!?! :O

June 28, 2010

The Galley Upgrades To The Meander

Galley Upgrades

Galley Upgrades

Galley Upgrades

Galley Upgrades

June 27, 2010

Working On Sunday.....Aint That Illegal ?

I finally finished the Ice Box on the Meander today. Three days of sweating over that thing.
It actually came together really smooth. I consumed a lot of time in the installation, design and planning in my head and it all just flowed into place. Sweet.
You know there are plans that come together but this was a plan that just worked. I was really hesitant when I pulled the trigger on the saw to cut that beautiful Corrianne counter top. But once the blade entered the surface it was on. At that point there was no turning back. I learned that Corrianne doesn't take kindly to screws. Not at all. It wants to chip out. But even that I was prepared for. I had bought brass thru bolts and nuts and washers.
Cant wait to try it out.

This video I actually shot yesterday.

This is Steve's little shuttle boat.

Fatty Knees 9'

Incoming Tide

The Stories She Could Tell

June 26, 2010

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Somebody Has To Do It

Sail Happy

Corn Bread Is In The Oven

As I sit and watch the Coast Guard watching all the boats that pass I must tell of my misadventures today.

We were the motley crew from hell. Just fucking ruint> :)

Steve has told me for weeks or maybe even months to take his boat out anytime I wanted. Not his sailboat, his little McKee Craft flat bottom.

I thought about it many times. (I have "Butch's World Famous Cornbread" cooking:)

Steve as it is turning out is my "Zen" man. My go to man if I just need to talk and chill. We are way to fucking much alike in a lot of ways. Well, for example....he's an old fuck and so am I. :)

That's got to mean something......in the big scheme of things. LOL :)

Ok, I'll stop playing with words. :)

I motored Steve's boat out to see "Steve's" sailboat on the hook. Fucking marvelous. :I

Then I saw the "Fatty Knees" on the sand bar. Perfect! Just fucking perfect !!!

I eased the boat onto the beach.

There is just something about being with rock hard solid folks. :)

I dig it.

PS Did I mention yet that the original engine that was on this boat when it was sold is on the way back to the Anole? Holly shit!! I thought I did. Yep, the labs finally got thru with the DNA testing and determined that I was it father. Shit ! Now I got to pay child support. FUCK !!

You cant win for loosing. :)

June 25, 2010

I Just Love Me Some Genny

I don't keep track of time too good. It's a total waste of time to me. "How old are you?" Who gives a fuck? "How long you had the boat?" Who gives a fuck? (seems like forever :)

Just to much more important shit to worry about than time......like dieing for instance. Now that gives pause. But fuck that too! It's going to happen. Get the fuck over it.

Hey, just trying to give you a time line here of time in the Anole world.

Now if you really want to know of some important "time" shit try this on.

I have be dreaming and dreaming of a big ass Genoa flying along side the main sail on the Anole. Literally, dreaming of it.

Steve planted a seed in my head. He knew I had the money......hell, he gave it to me! :O He said "get it man". I knew what he was saying was right. I just have so much money these days that I can allocate to things like that. But I said my infamous words...."fuck it!!!"

I got a Genny. :) Not so sure on her percentage yet. I got to do some brainwave work and calculations and shit like that. I hate that shit. But I think my Genny is a 160-170.

I got her today. :)

The Anole under my ownership has never had anything other than the "blade jib" or "storm jib". Suck ass fucking sail from hell around here. But fucking awesome in a storm. :) Hey, you must have your place in this world. :)

Now I got "Genny".

I found her on the world wide web, you know? Al Gores "web".

She is one ugly bitch. Her stitches are popping out our her brassiere. Parts or her dress have be torn off. She has stains from her romps in places unknown to me......"Bitch" !!!

But I love her already. :) I just got to be her man bitch and sew her up proper. And when I'm done with that I'm going to spank her proper with the original H38 logo.

You just wait, before you know it I will have her all proper.

But what excites me more that anything is the potential for rocket powers on the Anole. I will probably end up blowing her stitches out quick.

But I am going to have fun doing it. :)

I Just Love Me Some Genny

I was on the way off the boat this morning and saw this cool little dude. :)

My Neighbor

June 23, 2010

Stupid Ass Obama...........again !!!

When is ENOUGH going to be enough for the frikkin people in this country to wake the hell up and realize we have thugs and criminals in our White House?

June 22, 2010

Toe Woes In Camelot

June 21, 2010

Flounder Jump

Since I'm a Father..I got to pick what to do...hmmm??? Go fishing, alone, early! I set out at 7am, caught 2 dozen finger mullet on the first cast. I fished close to my home (Oatland Island) but the water was very dirty. Took off for Bull River. Fished my drops and nothing but sharks. Moved to the other side, to a spot I had never been. It was so shallow (dead low) everthing was telling me no! My gut said no and my shallow alarm was really saying no! I couldn't belive what I saw. A krillion mullet on a flat getting hammered by flounder. And the flounder were jumping out of the water. I knew no one would believe it, so I took a video. I watched this go on for an hr. Couldn't catch a one, my mullet was one in a bazillion. Tried everything I knew except a cast net!! Going back soon. - Lamar

I found it in Fuji

This is the system I need. Perfect !!!!
More info

June 20, 2010

The Fathers Day Wall

So, it's Fathers Day. Whats the big whoopee about it? I got a call from my daughter. Actually had even forgot it was "that day". She reminded me. So that was good. That makes it a good "day" to me. :)
I am so fucking sick of painting the way I do now. It is bullshit ! Marine paints leave very limited room for error when your brushing. It just so sucks ! I need to find a system to spray that is affordable and is low air volume, or more if I need it. This brushing shit.........well lets just say I'm fucking over it already.
In the situation I am in now, painting a galley wall in a boat, a wall where all adjoining walls are factory "flawless" paint, a wall that is now brush stroked to fucking hell. No. Not fucking happening.
I also want to be able to vent the area that I am painting inside of the boat out of the boat. Very important .......obviously. :I
I got to make that happen. Why the hell you think the inside of my own fucking yacht isn't painted? Duh........I want it to look right. Well.....at least pleasing to my eye. LOL :)

I would not want to be out sailing today if you paid me, :O did I say that?!
No really. Too many assholes on that one tiny patch of ocean I have to play with locally.
Tuesday or Wednesday would be way cool. Hmmmm. I'll have to check my calendar. :)


The Wall

The Wall

June 18, 2010

Roy Barnes

Let me just get this off my chest. I dont like this frigging jerk. He wants to be governor of this state AGAIN !!???
Mr. Want-to-be Governor, let me clue you in a little bit. Dont come out here telling us what your "are going to do"!
You cant do jack shit by yourself, and neither can any other politician in this country.
We are not as stupid as you think. And all those stupid ass teacher commercials that you are running......what the fuck?? You got the teachers union in your damn pocket?
Shut the hell up and go away!

"Strawberry Fields Forever"........

........"Let me take you down cause I'm going to strawberry fields Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about Strawberry fields forever Living is easy ......"
The Goods

Penut Butter and Strawberrys

So there I was, buzzed....nothing new, and hungry, in a way. Not wanting to really cook, then I remembered the leftover strawberry's. Ummmmmm.
My weird taste buds got to kicking up and yanking at my tongue. So this was dinner. Was hell a good too......fresh strawberry filled cakes with a peanut butter dipping sauce. Fuck Yeah !!!!!
Was in sweet tooth heaven. :)

Brass Anchor......

June 17, 2010

Rest In Peace My Son

Rest In Peace My Son

When I was looking at this picture I was contemplating how those waves out on the sea could make me think about Arthur.
I thought of a huge white polar bear, swimming, his claws coming up out of the water. The waves washed across him, getting lost in the wind as he rose out of the water. He was magnificent. So were you buddy.

June 15, 2010

The Wow Factor

This is sailing in a most traditional way. We finally (actually just me) got the water to come over the rail. (I was at the helm.....he he he) It was totally awsome too. It was somewhere between 15 and 20 knots..fresh across a close reach.....and she was steady. I layed that babyt down in the water and just watched in roll across the teak. Just beautiful. That was one of those big ass "hell yeah" smiles......you just know you did what you wanted type smiles. :) Sweet !!!!!

It reached 101 degrees on Sunday, the day we sailed. The following day we broke a recod that stood since 1924. 102 degrees. Now that is fucking "WOW FACTOR". Smorldering like the fires of hell itself. But us happy drunk people (refering to writer) had no frigging problem with the heat. I think between the rum the canadian, the food, the beach, the ocean, the beautiful boat, the beautiful people and all other variables.........well it was just the most perfect day. I think we said, "it dont get much better than this a few times".

And to the lady I really didnt meet.....I also stand by my guns, "what a fucking hard body" !!!! WOW !!!! :O

Looking Pretty

Beautiful Lady - Island Trader

Honey, we're Home

George's Baby

June 12, 2010

Fuck It !!!!!!

I Just Can't Do It !!!!!!!! I can't sell the Anole. Their have been nights that I sat on the back of the boat and almost came to tears thinking of selling the most important thing in my life (except my Daughter, Heather......and other important people. You may know who your are.. LOL :)
Finally I just said "Fuck It", I aint doing it.
Their are perks to that dicision. I dont have to answer my phone any more to numbers I dont know. I am so digging that shit. I hate phones in general. Yeah, we got to have em but they suck.

Ever Learning - It's Better Than Dieing

Sailing "Door No. Three" again tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun. It has been hot as the Devils Hotties all friggin week. No fucking wind to speak of. Just totally miserable until the late afternoons when a light breeze visits.
Hopefully Neptune will shine on us. :)

I Love This Beach......

Finally got around to one of The Anole's long overdue projects today. Just said "Fuck It" and did it. I had to correct an improper installation. Yeah, when my refridgeration guy intstalled the Fridge he didnt vent it properly. As a result the heat from the coils was "heating" my frigging "Refridgeration". :O What the fucks up with that ?? Don't worry I fired that sorry fuck. He lost his job.......well, till the next time I have to hire me back. LMAO :)

New Stay Sail

Well I better get back to work on braiding these anchor rodes. Oh, and I can't forget about the whiskey. :)

Sunlight Delight

Ok !!!!! "Fuck It" !!! I guess I can tell you about these pictures. They were taken in one of my new favorite spots. It's called "Half Moon River". Such a calm and peaceful place compared to Lazertto at The Especially Beautiful Hammock. Not a lot of traffic. And a very wide berth for boaters where I dropped my anchor in front of Mud Island.


June 11, 2010

Doing What You Love

The passage below is an email to a friend. I hope he doesnt mind that I am posting this.

(email)You know, I was on your boat working one day and I dropped something in the water.......I cant remember just now what it was. I jumped on to Chick's boat and almost had it. But not once did I think of your "boat hook"!!! :O Where the hell was my head?!!! Don't answer that. :I

I ended up having to go grab the turd and motor out for it. OHHHHHH!!!!! It was my scrub brush for washing the boat. It extends out to about 10 feet. No! Wasn't giving that up to Neptune. LOL

Thanks man!


Camelot Crew

Some boats you just love. You see them and you drulll (

In my case, I just get to work on the boat that is my wonder lust, "The Camelot".
I almost know it like it is the back of my hand. Yeah, corny comparison, but yet so true.
And in my limited experience and in every endevor I treat her like she is my mistress.
I make love to her every day lately.
She always smiles back at me. LOL

Camelot Crew

Camelot Crew

Bexar, I think of you always.

June 10, 2010

Memorial Day Memories

Planning The Attack

Solo On The Anole

Two Dinghys

Captain Steve on The Camelot

First Mate Jen


June 07, 2010

Boom Over Sea Room

Boom Over Sea Room

June 06, 2010

Eye Got Two Tomatoes

Eye Got Two Tomatoes

Eye Got Two Tomatoes

And they are very fine tomatoes. Yet their life on earth has almost come full circle. Too soft to slice for a sandwich. Too beautiful to let spoil away. So tomorrow I have to make them part of my breakfast. Ideas swirl away.....it will be a good end for them. I promise. :)

June 05, 2010

Fat Fucking BASTARD !!!!!!

Fat Bastard !

I hate this picture. It makes me look like some shriveled up old bastard........hey, thats just not right. :O But the more I think about it the more it fits the situation. We had just sailed for six fucking hours around the the outside. And in my case, alone. I may have been shriveled up. I was alcohol starved. Poor me. :) LOL

June 03, 2010

2010 Memorial Day Weekend Photos and Story

In this photo I dingy'd over to the beach and had breakfast on the beach, read a little of my new Sail magazine and waited for Steve and Jen to wake up from their stupur before we headed out offshore.

Memorial Day Weekend Sail - 2010

The Anole sitting pretty. :)

Memorial Day Weekend Sail - 2010

I was so damn happy to see this marker. My depth guage said 6 1/2 feet right before I got here. Way to close for comfort.

Memorial Day Weekend Sail - 2010

The beautiful anchorage in the Odingsell River, Wassaw Island.

Memorial Day Weekend Sail - 2010

Anole on the hook. We sailed thru a couple of the storms you see approaching in this photo when we were off shore. My dumb ass forgot my Bomar windows were open and got the camera, computer and lot more stuff soaked. Plus my phone sailed across the cabin and quit. But all the epuiptment survived and is working fine now.

Memorial Day Weekend Sail - 2010

The Camelot and The Anole..........TWO BEAUTIFUL !!!!!

Memorial Day Weekend Sail - 2010

Mile marker number..........(say it togather kids).......Sixty Nine !!!!!!!! Whooo Yeahh ! :)

Memorial Day Weekend Sail - 1020

Finally we are at the party on the hook. I got to tell you, this is the only way to go to a party. You can party and drink all you can handle then all you got to do is keep the dinghy upright for the short trip to the yacht. :) Hats off to George for a great party. The band was called The Train Wrecks. What a great band.

Memorial Day Weekend Sail - 2010

June 02, 2010

Solo Sailing The Georgia Coast

Ths S/V Anole, Savannah, Georgia

June 01, 2010

Door No. Three

Wings Of Wind

I first of all want to thank Captain Steve and Jen, without whom company I might have not felt as brave and safe sailing the Anole offshore this Memorial Day Weekend. Thanks for letting the Anole tag along behind your Camelot.

The photo above is as we left safe harbor to head to Georges place for the Christening of "Door No. Three".

I did feel a lot better when we made safe harbor that evening. LOL :) And yes, I put on one hell of a celebratory buzz that night on the Anole. :)

And I'm sure Steve and Jen put away a couple of their favorite beverages also. LOL

I'm still going thru the pictures of our boats, But I wanted to get George's boat pictures done so he could share the joy of all the bullshit he has gone thru getting that boat ready. I know he was a happy man. :)

Cheers to you George! Love you bro. :)