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August 31, 2010

The Downwind Sail

Finally !!!! I have got past all the bs. Well the major BS that has been a battle. Now all that is left is the electrical wiring. I purposely saved all of that till the last. That is the easy part. Not necessarily a fast job as I want it all done right and not to cause me issues. Electrical issues can be a fucking nightmare. I dont want to go there. So I will nit pick the hell out of the wiring and try to do it so it will not come back and bite me in the ass. But because of this whole "Earl" thing going on out in the ocean and the fact that I am only a couple of miles from the ocean, well it might get slowed down even more if it is storming the next couple of day. Because I have to do some outside fiberglass work and mount all the gages and switches outside and get them weather protected. So it is ANOTHER HURTLE but the friggin last one.
I am so glad to be at the last hurtle before starting this engine in the boat for so many reasons, the least not being that I am getting drained in a lot of ways.

I think I'll go back to Canada now. For a moment there I was still in Savannah. LOL :)

Cheers !!!! :)

Almost There

August 30, 2010

Earl, where be you to swirl ????

Was rambling around in the MM Forum today. Hadn't really been giving it a lot of thought, Earl hitting Savannah. I guess maybe I probably should. I'm thinking really hard about getting out of here Wednesday morning or sooner.

This is the oil I chose to feed the Lizard. Ax me why. :)

August 29, 2010

Bumps In The Road

I wish I was under sail or under the comfort of a hooked rode. There is just something about being tied to this wood that bugs me. :I

When I first got the Anole I was perplexed about it's main saloon floor. There was this big ass hump in the middle of the floor. It looked like shit and I just frigging hated the damn thing. There was no damn engine in it anyway. So I got it out of the picture.

>Watching "Casino Royal" for the first time. I like it so far. :)<

So anyway, I now realized that there is now way that this engine went into this boat without the hump in the floor and it gives me pause once again. What the hell !!!! :O The the fucking designers take the the damn day off that day back in 1968 or what? !!!! For all the solid sailing points that I can attribute to this boat......I swear, sometimes I am just baffled by the lack of for sight with Hughes. He built a beautiful boat, but........well, I'm just saying. :)
So anyway.....I find myself back to where I started. One big ass hump in the floor or doing like Captain Steve suggested and just raising the entire floor. Which I will do one day. But for now it's just bumps in the road. :)

Bumps In The Road


Bumps In The Road

August 28, 2010

Restoring Honor

At the moment when I finally tightened the last bolt on the coupling I felt a weird sensation of freedom being born. :)

I woke determined today. 9 /12 hours later I sip my toddy. It is a good feeling to see that little domino fall. It felt good but I can't say that I was 100% satisfied with the way it felt. I got it as close as I could in alignment. In 1968 Hughes didn't put the finesse in their engine compartment specs. The engine from the factory was lag bolted to fiberglass rails as far as I have been able to find out. There is no room for engine mounts of any kind. And there is no access to the underside of the front two bolts. NONE !!!! It is totally fucked in design in my humble opinion. If I ever get in a position where I could change the entire engine bed I would. I would be such a crazy design but it would be worth it just to have the ability to fine tune the mounts like most boats. But it is what it fucking is. And it is an honor for me to be able to put the heart back into the Anole. :)

Got to make a toddy.....be right back....... :)

OK. So this was a really groovy day. I got to see the Live Stream on Facebook of the Restoring Honor Rally. I would be down in the hole sweating and listening. Looking up often to not miss a thing. I have had this friggin thing crawl into my psyky the last few days thinking I should just hop in the car and ride up there. I didn't, but in spirit I was there.

It was very powerful to say the least. I have loved Glen Beck from the beginning for him. I had friends say he was nuts and so on. It didn't matter to me. He just made sense. I think I love him even more now. What a stand up guy!!!!
Honor. It's the bottom line.

Cheers :)

The Insemination Sensation

August 27, 2010

Let The Mating Begin

August 26, 2010

Four Eyes.............Priceless !!!!!

Big Ass Kudos to "Doc" , of the S/Y Camelot, once again. Not only was his help invaluable but his eyes saved the day.
Thanks man !!

I started to do this , change the boats bellows, by myself this morning at about 5:00 am. It only took about 1/2 of a second to know that this was not a one person job. I loosened up the hose clamps to find a torrent of water just wanting to flood into the boat. Hell No !!!!! This is a Two Man job. So, at 6:00 am I buzzed Steve for help and he obliged.

I had it all layed out, all the parts and tools we would need. This was going to be a nice easy job. NOT !!!! Nothing on this boat is ever friggin easy and sometimes not even quit understandable, but we'll get to that.
I took ahold of the whole bellows unit, gland and all and pulled it off. I think for a split second Steve was as shocked as I was for the second time. The amount of water that can gush in a 2 inch hole in a sailboat can sink the boat without a doubt. By the time Steve got the water stopped the first time it had already over rode the pumps capacity and was almost at the bottom of the new engine. I'm talking seconds here. Try like 20 seconds. Fucking amazing. I have never been so worried about my boat before and we had control of the situation, but just barely a couple of times. Another ten inches in the bilge and I would have had to drain water out of the motor. No cool.

I'll skip through all the details about having to run for part in the middle of this battle ..........it was just too fucked up. As it turns out the stuffing box is 2 inch OD and the stern tube is 2 1/4 OD. Meaning the stuffing box is the wrong box.
But the most important part of the job came when Steve spotted what we later came to find out was where someone had taped the shaft with electrical tape about 1/4 inch thick and 4 inches long. :O WTF !!! And I had be trying like hell to move the shaft about 4 inchs to get it in the right place. Now I know why I couldn't move it. Dont ask why someone did that. We haven't figured it out for sure. Bullshit is what it was. But if Steve had not spotted that and I not have removed it, the whole damn bellows would end up having to come off again. That would have really sucked.
So Steve saved the day. Good eyes brother. :)

Another on of them little dominos fell. :)

Cheers !!!!

August 25, 2010

A Real Fucking Miracle or Man The Fuck Up !

Urgent Update !!!!!!
News of the "HeBe" !!!!!
Got the motor, Universal Atomic 4 Engine", 100% Marine, Bronze Beauty down in the hole and started attacking the issue of Mating It to the boat. Right away I was drawn to the "Bellows". :O WTF ?!?!?! Picture in your mind that you take your finger and push against a water balloon. Got it? That mushy, soft, fragile feel? That is exactly how it felt to touch my boats "Bellows". It is supposed to feel rock hard like..........well me. LOL
I had been so complacent to the life in the bottom of the boat that I didn't even realize how close a disaster could have been. If it had busted in the middle of the night it could have overcame the bilge pump and I would not have realized it until I felt the water creeping into my bed. That would have been too late in most cases. Particularly in mine where the owner is know to pass out in alcohol induced Ecstasy. :) Not good.
So........if you were wondering about "HeBe" that is the deal. It is on hold till more important things are taking care of. Myself, I consider it a real fucking miracle that an accident had not already occurred. Praise Be To Anole !!!!!!!!!

Rainy Night In Georgia

It is raining like all hell just broke loose here. I can not help but to think of Jen and Steve. They took off about an hour ago with all their goodies in the litte motor boat for a possible overnighter on the beach. Smile > :)

Rainy Night In Georgia

Rainy Night In Georgia

So there I was .........looking around me lately. It's a fucking mess out there. Everywhere. Our country really is going to shit. I just want to tune the fuck out sometimes. Dumb asses disguised as Wise guys. And visa versa. Everyone that is important, us regular folks, wondering just how the fuck we got here? How? There is a lot of complacency going on in all directions. It cant be fairly pointed at. But it is fucked. How it goes from here is anyones guess.

Just from the BS that has been happening around me I came to a conclusion and one little part of the problem that even I can see. Man The Fuck UP !! Every fucking body !!! From us grass roots alcoholics to the Ebony Alcoholics in Washington........Just Man The Fuck UP !!! If you say you are going to do something FUCKING DO IT !!! Dont wait till after you were supposed to Do What You Say and then tell us. Fuck that !! If you see you are not going to do what you say You tell us before you wimp out and explain your fucking self ! Period !!!
If everyone from the bottom to the top would do this that would mean that you have to take responsibility and gain some honor in your life. Doing that most people would once again start remembering what the hell this country is about and we could fix this big ass fucking mess that is America. It's a fucking no brainier.

Rainy Night In Georgia

Cheers!!!! :)

Boatload Of Booty

There are times in life when you just know your doing something wrong. This picture is a prime example. This is the 38' Morgan Sloop named "Zingara". It belongs to my Uncle Steve Horton of Wilmington Island, Ga.
He has a boatload of beautiful "booty" and all I have is a boatload of boat parts and tools. :O WTF ?!?!?!?!

My day cometh !!!!

Boatload Of Booty

No More Mess

If you have been looking for an excuse not to ever have to touch another tube of 3M's "5200" on your boat .....well it is here. Practical Sailor just did extensive testing on a variety of adhesives/sealants and the results say that you can indeed replace that "5200" with it's little brother "4200" Fast Cure. Great news indeed.

Sail On !!!!!!

No More Mess
(click on photo for larger view)

August 24, 2010

It's Breakfast Time

Baby Fidler Crabs Beware

Life is a smörgåsbord !!!!!!! Eat up !!!!!

August 23, 2010

The S/V Camelot

All weekend long it was very light winds. Just hot as hell and you just wanted to stay in the water. :)

Loading The Universal Atomic 4 Engine

August 19, 2010

The Facts Of Life

Coming Along.......

..........I'm just trying to determine how many nuclease in my cranium are melting each minute breathing these damn paint fumes? :O I wonder if the cops have a road side test for paint sniffers? :O Hmmmmmmm...

If I could do all this my way this boat wood be on the hard somewhere on a private rented lot.....secluded and peaceful lot. A travel trailer would be with in a cigarettes walk away. Their would be a fishing pond within sight. Maybe an outdoor shower and a kiddy pool. A loud ass radio that could be heard in the next county. Of course a full wet bar. And ocassionally.........some naked chicks running past, stopping for down downs. Ummmmm......day dreams. :)
It's Getting There

Below is the last piece in the drive line. Just in. All the way from Brunswick Georgia. This will mate the Atomic 4 to the Anole. Insemination by the Lizard God. :)

Preparing To Mate

Bilge - It aint usually pretty.

This is an excerpt from Widipidea about a boats bilge:

"Bilge water can be found aboard almost every vessel. Depending on the ship's design and function, bilge water may contain water, oil, urine, detergents, solvents, chemicals, pitch, particles, and so forth.
The water is often noxious, and "bilge water" or just "bilge" has thus become a derogatory colloquial term used to refer to something bad, fouled, or otherwise offensive." - Wikipidea

I just spent four hours cleaning the bilge area, which included the engine compartment, and the entire area all the way back to the rudder shaft. What a bloody nasty mess. I know for a fact that it hasn't been done in going on three years, but it could be as long as 4,5, or even ten years for all I know. It was one giant cluster fuck of a mess.
When I climbed out of the hole yesterday after all day doing fiberglass repairs there was no question that I had to go straight to the showers. I made up my mind then and there that I would never allow it to get anywhere near that condition again.
Today the same area is going to get painted white. It now has a drab gray paint on most of it. Some of the engine compartment once had some white paint on it. It's now a rust stained spattering of all kinds of colors. After this week when the hatches come off for any reason I WILL NOT have to get dirty. I am over it already.

Sometimes I wonder if this boat ever had a previous owner that really cared for it. I'm sure there was, it just gets blurred away in the haze of insanity that I am dealing with now.

August 18, 2010

Big Day - Big Breakfast

Big Day - Big Breakfast

Ummmm Ummm Umm.....home made bisquits and gravy, bacon and eggs. It doesn't get much better. LOL :)

I have got a lot of work to do bent over in the engine compartment today. I started it last night. I have to fiberglass some damage by the previous owner ......as usual. Got a lot of clean up to do. Some painting to do. Just lots of stuff.
I want to have the engine sitting in its rightful spot by Sunday......off the dock and in the boat. It WILL happen !!!

August 17, 2010

New Engine Paint For The Atomic 4

The Anole's New Engine Paint - After

This is the original engine paint color. And the supplier I got this from had the paint formulated just for this engine. Needless to say it is pricey. But it looks good.

The Anole's New Engine Paint - After

The Anole's New Engine Paint - After

August 16, 2010

The Kingdom of Anole

Aug.16th, 10.
We made our way today through the marsh. One small hammock hide the rigging through the day. Scouts had reported of enemy ships regularly.

Capt. Marlay had managed to make the passage up Oyster Creek to the ship. The colony's Master had sent his daughter, Nina, and troops to warn of Victors fleet. Sightings had been made all along the shores of Anoleta. Fears from the colony were of certain attack.

Marlay, Capt. of the lead ship Dagger had been ghosting the fleet for days. He knew of the danger. For their fleet was dwarfed by King Victors.

Marlay only knew of one thing at that moment in the stateroom with the war lords, it was how much he wanted to be alone with Nina. He could only assume that her father knew nothing of the child she was soon to bare. Now was not a time to bring such news. The Kingdom of Anole was at stake. It took all he could to turn and walk away at the news....

Anoletas Seal

Cole Hersee - Ignition Blower Switch

I normally would not even mention something like this but as it has turned out to be another one of those big ass headaches of this whole re-powering thing that I think it is worth noting.
What the fuck is it, you may ask ? Ok.....the Universal Atomic 4 motor is a gasoline powered unit. When all is said and done it will be installed in the very lowest part of my sailboat, under the main saloon floor, and under my feet. This switch can save human lives and a valuable and beautiful sailboat. How, you may ask ?
Ok....lets just say that because of faulty workmanship or engine vibration or equipment failure that a gasoline leak developed deep down inside of the engine compartment. The engine compartment by nature of its location is not ventilated. If one was unknowingly to turn the ignition key on and attempt to start the motor with a gas leak or gas vapors in the engine compartment, sparks created by the engine starter, alternator or so on could very easily cause an explosion that could literally be like a small bomb. It could cause death and almost certainly loss of the sailboat.

Now this switch in and of itself will not prevent that, but because of the way it is constructed it forces the operator to be aware that the blowers (air fans that designed to remove dangerous vapors) need to be energized and ran before attempting to start the motor. The norm is to run the blowers for 4-5 minutes before starting the motor, this along with physically entering the cabin and using human senses to check for gasoline fumes.

Why the hell is he blogging this you may ask ? LOL :) Well because I got one of these switches with the motor when I bought it. However it did not work. So I searched and searched for where I could buy one of these. The average rusty old sailor cannot just call "Cole Hersee" and buy one, even though it is still listed on their website. I was able to find a supplier that would sell me one if I bought 204 of them. WTF !?!?!?! One for each on of my 204 fucking sailboats ?!?!?! So last night as my last resort I just had to laterally take the switch apart. It is a sealed unit, air tight and waterproof......well, it was. :)
As it turned out someone had shorted the switch out and it had flash burns inside the switch with black soot covering the contacts, causing the malfunction. It was actually an easy fix and now it works fine. However, considering the rarity of the damn thing I will continue to search for a new one.
In the late 60's and throughout the 70's Universal had 90 % of the sailboat market for motors. There was and still is literally thousands of sailboats with this motor in them. Not all of them, maybe very few of them, had this switch. It is another example of Howard Hughes's uncompromising commitment to building the best and safest sailboat available to mankind. And if you ask me.....a no-brainer.

So......another domino falls in the long line of little black dominos that must fall in the line to reach the end product.

Now you know "the rest of the story". :)

Cole Hersee - Ignition/Blower Switch

Cole Hersee - Ignition/Blower Switch

August 13, 2010

Fuck Normal !!!!

So there I was, going to ACE Hardware and lo and behold, before my very eyes, there is a "garage sale" in the parking lot. Yummy !! :) Lots of tents and tables and looking really promising.
It was mostly stuff that should have been thrown out way the hell back in time.
Then I saw it. I didn't even touch it. I found this young chick that said she was the current owner and we bartered. I must say, I swindled her. I brought home the new addition to the family named "Ace".
He has adapted very well. I dont know what those little Chinese people put inside him. It almost feels like a "Dr. Shoals" foot thingy. You can smush it and it pops right back out. Ace is a resilient little lizard. I think he is going to fit right in here under the watchful eyes of .......The Lizard God !!!!


In fifty some odd years I have grabbed ahold of a lot of things that I thought were going to set me free. Most ended up chaining me, beating me up, dragging me down. Then I think I started seeing what freedom really was. It doesn't come packaged, yet only you can pull the ribbons off the wrapping. Freedom, the zen of frustration. Freedom, at your finger tips.

Freedom's Light

Fuck Normal !!!!! Fish Naked !!!!!!

Seven Fish Three Lizards

August 12, 2010

Universal Atomic 4 Marine Engine - 100% Marine

First off, top of the agenda here for this blog is to mention Jim. For ever, almost two years, I dreamed about a real engine for Anole. In my mind I have put Yanmars, Betas and numerous other engine configurations into this boat. With prompting from my mentor I chose to put the original motor back in. That led me to Jim. Jim is in his 80's and had a good sailing life. He just decided it was time to stop. Respected.
Jim had a Pearson Triton sailboat. And he had purchased a spare engine. It set in his garage for 10 years and never saw any more duty. When he decided to sale his boat he also offered his "spare" for sale. I stumble upon it and Jim thru Ebay. From the beginning Jim told me he had taken the motor apart. There were parts in boxes. Bolts broken. Alternator busted. He told me the truth about the motor. All the shitty little details that most people will try to hide.
The first 15 minutes of talking with Jim I knew anything he told me was gospel. Even on the phone. I just felt it. So I bought that motor. Today it started and ran so damn beautifully. The sigh I felt when it started was not caused by doubts of Jim but rather doubts of my own ability.
But when it started I was smiling with Jim.
Hey, if your ever sitting around the finger lakes of New York having a cold beer and you start a conversation with Jim Purington you can take his word to the bank like it is gold. Believe him.

In this world of sailboats and sailors, for the greatest part, that is the norm. A sailor may test you, but he will be honest. I wish there were more "Jims" out there. We could use em.
Thanks Jim. :)

What a crazy day. Was up at 2 am prepping for this deal.

Hell yeah !!!!!!! The Anole DOES have a new heart. :)

I have been thinking of this term, "fruits of your labor", all afternoon and even up till now. I has a lot of meaning today. :)

Initial Startup

Initial Startup

Initial Startup

Cheers !!!! :)

Chillin & Stressin

This is in Halfmoon River on the Wilmington Island side. The tide had just turned and the water is rushing over the oyster bank in front of me. All the little fishys are feeling natures pull. The bigger fish are the first to make there way to safe, deep water. After that the smaller fish carefully make there way out of the marsh hugging the grass line as close as possible. And of course the big fish know this and the wiser ones wait for there chance to strike. This is a time of fast activity in the marsh. The food chain is pronounced.
This oyster bank offers no cover for the small fry and the Red fish love this spot. For that matter so do I.

Rushing The Bank

Sunny Spot

In a few hours now all the stuff in the photo below will be used for the initial start of the Universal Atomic 4 motor. I dont think that I have overlooked anything. Barring any internal damage inside of the engine that I cannot see or anticipate the motor should start. The carb I did not rebuild and could be an issue along with some other small things that I did not replace. But something tells me she is going to be fine. So for now I just keep stressin....... :)

Almost Time

August 10, 2010

A Beautiful Breezy Day

...............it was nice.
Take a good look at this wheel. If the motor starts on Thursday this is gone. For good!! I will never come back. I will be looking for a good home for it. And it will not be cheap. This is the original sweet deal that Hughes complimented his boat with. I know that. So to own it one will have to show me a sincere desire to have it.
I am kind of torn about it really. I think it is so beautiful. But it just isn't the Anole. The Anole needs to show beautiful classic style. I'm thinking this beautiful long Mahogany tiller. Carved and inlaid.....by me of course. :)
So......in keeping with my ever waining train of thought here.....this may well be the last photo of this wheel on this boat. Dont say you were not warned. :) LOL

Say Goodbye

Today for some reason I felt like taking photos. Weird ?!?!?! So I took this:

That fucking name plate I have been tossing all around the boat for like a couple of months now ??????? I finally opened my blind ass eyes and looked at it yesterday. It is fucking awsome. The paint all around the lettering is still pretty good. I think if I am real careful with this I can simi-restore it. That means fix it up a bit......country style. Thats the way we roll in the marsh. LOL :)
All those pretty brass thingys you see are tomorrow going to be very important parts of the cooling system. From point A to point B in the cooling system lots of groovy shit has to happen. Never fear, my attempt to get it right will be video'd. :) We can all laugh together. LOL

Last Rights

Sweet Sweet Soul

Tonights Delight

The above photo happened only moments ago and no animals were harmed in its capture.

Cheers !!

Dole Thermostat Woes

This little beauty is very important and VERY expensive. For all I know this thermostat may now be only used in the old Atomic 4 engines. It is designed to open at 140 degrees. When an engine is cooled with sea water if the engine water temperature is maintained above 150 degrees the salt water will begin to crystallize and gunk up the inside of the engine. So this little dude (thermostat) helps to prevent that from happening.
I have had this one soaking in vinegar for about 18 hours now. I just did a little cleaning on it and put it back in some fresh vinegar. Once I am sure it is as clean as I can get it I will put it in a pan of water on the stove and using a cooking thermometer watch to make sure it is opening at the right temp. If all goes well and it functions right I will save $85.00, the cost of replacement. Thats a lot of toddys. LOL :)

Dole Thermostat

Anole Sunrise

This was taken in Half Moon River last week. It was 80 degrees at sunrise. I was so wishing that these clouds would just bust loose with some rain to cool it down. Didn't happen. :)

Anole Sunrise

August 09, 2010

Living Universally Atomic

This picture was the first thing I saw today as I climbed out of the hatch. :)


Despite some recent lapses into Canada (canadian club) I have managed to come to the table pre-planned and totally focused on this motor each time I have dug into it. From the beginning I told myself I would not touch it until I completely how the motor worked. I purchased the definitive "shop manual" and have read it cover to cover a few times. Some sections more.
As it has turned out each time I did delve into the project I learned just how much I didn't know. Each step has been a journey. Ordering part and planning the progression of the work. So far I am happy with the results.

Today all the major components were bolted on and torqued down. Of course that involved a lot. Cleaning the block. Trying to get all the carbon I could possibly get off without doing any damage to the valves, cylinders, pistons or the surface of the block itself. Each and every step turning on the vacuum to not let any of the debris get into the engine. Sanding, cleaning all studs with the wire brush, cleaning out all bolt holes with the tap, cleaning with Acetone to remove all oils. On and on and on. As usual, before the sun rose I was on the move. At this moment I have one of those friggin headaches that dont really ache, it's just stressed in a dozen different directions. This drink is really extra good.

I hope to turn the key and start the engine by the weeks end. Thats the plan. :)

On a lighter note, I meet a really beautiful lady last night. I had seen her once before and briefly was introduced. Even in that brief moment she took me away, just fucking totally mysteriously beautiful. Then she was gone.
I had the pleasure of spending the entire night with her last night at a wedding party that I attended. I felt magic surely could have been made with us. But she is to marry in the next month. The story of my fucking life when it comes to women. STRIKE THE FUCK OUT !!! At least the ones that I would have loved to have explored more with.

Oh well, life goes on and on and on and on. The only certainty is death. :)

Yeah, I took a couple of pics today too. :)




August 07, 2010

Hope For Buddy

Dr. Marlay (aka "Doc") of the S/V Camelot fame, along with help from a lot of people has worked miracles with this dog. When I first meet Buddy, he, Laura and Steve visited my boat on anchor out in Lazeretto Creek. Three or four weeks ago he had almost no hair on his leg, if my memory serves me right. Dr Marlay thought that he might not make the weekend and they were taking him to the beach for the very first time. So Cool. I felt so damn bad for him. I have always had a special place in my heart for Shepard's. And this one is so cool. Even on deaths doorstep he just want to love you and lick you. What a dog.
For all of you that have helped, pat yourself on the back. You have done so good. Bravo. :)

You can keep up with "Buddy", support the effort or just voice your support on Facebook here: HOPE FOR BUDDY


I pulled off the wood last Monday evening ready to raise the sails and get in some R & R. Right away the wind just died and started doing it's Bull River shifting dance. The wind just seems to follow the river in the late summer. No matter how you turn or tack it seems to be on the nose. Not wanting to start my little break fighting the wind for three hours to make one mile of headway I just dropped the sails and motored on to The Hammock .
The first thing I noticed was like a slap in the face when I arrived, The Flag Was Gone !! Crap !! I dropped the anchor and settled the boat in for the night. Made me a drink and debated if I even wanted to go to the Hammock. I anticipated finding the hammock a bloody mess. I figured if someone was low - life enough to steal the flag and the pole, a fixture for a couple of years now, that surely they had been slobs on the hammock.
About that time I saw a familiar boat easing to an idle and coming near the boat. It was "Doc" and "Ben", his dog. I stood by to catch his line and they came aboard. Steve had promised Ben a run on the beach and were on the way to Beach Hammock. I told Steve of the missing flag and cussed the thieves in a typical was save only for scum bag low life. Steve, being the optimistic type, assured me that it had probably just fell down and I just couldn't see it. The thought had crossed my mind but was quickly dismissed. In my mind it was an act of treason to be dealt with as so.
One thing we did both agree on was to table the discussion and have a drink to celebrate the day. We did and Steve ask if I wanted to ride to the beach for a bit on his boat. I agreed and we were off and running.

The boat ride was good. We could see the beach coming into view. WAIT ?!?!?!?! There is a flag sticking in the sand on the beach at "Beach Hammock" ?!?! No, it cant be the hammock's flag ?!?!?! WTF !?!?! Within a hundred yards of the beach I knew it was indeed the flag of Hammock fame. What kind of low life piece of shit human being would even do something like this? Remove the flag, take it somewhere else and just abandon it? I told Steve that if I had my wish I would love to have be able to video the assholes doing the deed and put it on the Internet for all the world to see......again and again. That would be enough punishment for me. Just to show the world who these subspecies were and how fucking ignorant they are. Wishful thinking on my part.

So we beached the "Dragonfly" (Steve's motor boat) and decided we would walk the island and get the flag on the way back.

Rescue Run

Rescue Run

Rescue Run

Rescue Run

Rescue Run

Rescue Run

August 01, 2010

Sail Ho !!! or I've gone sailing. :)

ok......let me just do this damn thing. I am not

feeling this blog thing lately.....as you can tell.

I did'nt even get a frigging picture of Anole's new brass prop. I am just so

focused on getting things done, lots of things,

that I didnt even allow "camera" to enter the train

of thoughts this week. How fucking lame is that?


I found out a lot of information this week about

the Anole. With the help of Dr Marlay of Eastside

Vetenery Clinic, I did the diving thing again this

week. I did an exploritory dive to asses the job at

hand of putting a prop on my shaft. Spent the whole

week getting all the necessary items to complete

the job, prop, nuts to hold it on(brass of course),

cotter pins...etc etc...the list is long. Then with

the help of Dr. Marlay again, he is the Doctor that

is taking care of Buddy
We got the the prop on without incedent. Just

fucking beautiful.....smooth plans that worked.
The Anole has a prop on her main artery.

I love portable cokes. :) When your in the dingy

out motoring around looking for that elusive trophy

fish, you have to have your favorite beverages.

After so many beers......for me about 3 or 4.....I

got to have real drink. Those portable cokes come

in real handy then. :)

You know your really hiped about some days sailing

when you spend two days getting ready to sail for two days. :)
I just want everything to transition smooth, from

wood to brackish to salt and reverse. No BS to fuck

up my mood. I want to get in a couple of days of

early morning fishing while it is only 88 degrees,

some hot ass daytime sailing just to keep the

fucking wind moving, and some laid back hammer time

in the evening. Easy !?!?! LOL :) Thats what

I'm hoping for.

It's 6:15 in the evening now. Im getting ready to

make preps to sail even though I dont sail till

tomorrow noonish. The only thing that I want to

have to do tomorrow is make one last run for ice

and "dry ice". The perfect weekend to me is you do

all the afore planned adventures and hook back onto

the wood without flaws and have enough ice left over to make

a toddy. :) That is the absolute fucking bomb.


15 days sweating real hard for other people. It's

time to go. See all you kids later. I will be

somewhere between Little Tybee and the south end of

Wassaw Island. In the worst case scenerio the boat

would sink. Even if that happened the mast would be

visible for a week or so before the ocean floor

consumed it. So if you send out the helicopters

lookinf for me in the next week or so you got the

general idea where I will be. But......and this is

an firm "but"....the chances of anything

happening to me on this sail that are life

threatening are slim.
So look for me back mid week.

Sony rocks!!! My new portable "boat radio". LOL


Another Day In Paradise