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January 31, 2011

On Camelot Time

What a beautiful unseasonal weekend it turned out to be. When you can end a weekend of sunny skies and 75 degrees in January you really got no room for complaining. So I wont. :)
Got to go out and sail on Steve's Morgan Out Island on Friday. The winds were nice all day long giving us good reaches most of the day. I even got to do my first sail-by boarding of a passenger from the dock without dropping sail or stopping. Now that is something you just don't do every day. And as always Camelot was in good form.

Furling The Genoa

As a matter of fact, she was in so good of form that we ended up blowing the sail out in a couple of spots. So I had to do a house call and stitch her back up.

Sail Repairs - 1


January 30, 2011

Anole's Cracked Engine Block

January 28, 2011

Or Ever Seen Her Face

Have being thrust
in shadows of her shades
being told I must
a smile is just
an effort a must
as enjoying the lust
as the suns shadow fades

I seek not to assume
all the traits or the scars
nor be in the room
with lady whose groom
her garments fine loom
leaves touch aloft fars

I seek angels at night
caressing and burning desires in my heart
Pale skin glimmering is the nights weakest light
rose colored buds numbing my sight
deep numbness as light passes to night
the sight of her eyes my heart does start

And I have never seen her face
not heard her voice or touched her skin
wrapped her in my warm embrace
sensed the nipples inside the lace
or ever seen here face
but once in the dream I hide within - Butch Petty, on a beautiful day in the dream

Or Ever Seen Her Face

January 26, 2011

Dock Locked Nut

I have no doubt what so ever that no matter where my anchor has dug in, whether it be in the sandy shoals of the beautiful Georgia coast or it be some kings island in some southern ocean. It doesn't matter. When my skillet heats up with that big ass lump of Crisco in the bottom of the pan....and then that crispy frying sound singes the bottom of that "Butch's World Famous Corn Bread" , all the island is going to smell a smell that can only be found on the S/V Anole.

Top that shit off with some beans.......seasoned with bacon.........simmering all day.........well, the islands ain't got shit on me. :)

Butch, Captain, S/V Anole

Beans and Bread

Site Map !!!!!

What a fucking ingenious idea !! I came across a site map today and that little light bulb just friggin popped. I have seen sites that had site maps and had like five pages. Come on ???!!! WTF !!! If you build your site where someone has a hard time finding shit when you only got five pages !!????!!!! Well, you just might want to put the friggin crack pipe down. :0

Then I have been on sites like what mine is getting to be.......just all fucked up to navigate. Well not really. You can navigate my site ok. It's just that there is so much stuff stacking up that a little thing like a site map might be very cool.
Especially if you build it like a family tree. So that you know how things spread out and you can just go to what the hell you want to see. Fuck the rest. I'm diggin that!

Coming soon folks to ButchPetty.com is "The SiteMap". Expect to see something like you have never seen in a site map. Hell ! You may need a damn site map for my site map. LOL :)

January 25, 2011

Good Morning From The Anole

My body was screaming food this morning as you may be able to tell from the photo. Now its just screaming water. :)

A Hardy Southern Breakfast

I guess its as good of a time as any to break the news about the Anole. I just found out that the engine block has be compromised. The best guess I have at this point before actually pulling the motor is that it has come corrision in the metal and has rusted all the way thru somewhere. My plan at this point is to get it out and try to repair the engine block and maybe get another season of sailing out of it while I search for a replacement block. I dont know at this point if a repair is even going to be possible. It may not be repairable.
So I have brought the chain hoist out of cold storage and I am now preparing for the extraction of the motor. It is one rainy, nasty ass day here in Savannah making it a good time just for this little project. I hate the prospect of pulling her out but it is what it is.

A Sign Of The Times

Cross your fingers and toes for luck for me and the Anole. We need all we can get about now. :)

Lurking With Lizards

ok........I'm done blowing my horn. Cheers !!!!

Honk if you like public sex

January 24, 2011


love you babe. That will never change. I know we live in two different worlds. I long to touch you and yet i long to push you away
I am not the good guy
your are the good girl
find your way
go far
dont stop
not me
not your aunt
not your dreams
are your savior
dont laugh
dont hate
dont ever doubt yourself
You . - To my beautiful daughter- Heather- When I beath my last breath you will fill my lungs. :)


Thinking of you Heather

January 22, 2011

Get the hell over it......

......... !!! I know you thought that you had heard the last of me for the day. chuckle chuckle :)
So, there I was, digging the beautiful day that had just started setting in the west.

Big Willy....get there and do that.

Hell yeah.........thats what I'm eating........
Hell Yeah......Mexican !!!!

a day in the life
I think I'm going to watch a little Jeopardy now............maybe watch a movie.....or Judge Judy.........or just crash.

Cheers :)

"Pipe Dream"

Holy crap !!!! This is friggin awesome. From South Carolina Public TV straight to your computer in seconds flat. :)

visit Animusic.com for more.

January 21, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day

First of all.......Happy Birthday Bexar.

Second, for all my hard line right of center attitudes and bitchs and moaning.......Horay "Gabby". Great to see you clawing through the fog of madness. Can't wait to see you break through to the other side. Your a Senator that inspires us all.....even if we don't share ideals.......we do share a love of life. My prayers go out to you.

For all you millions of fans that visit me and my no bs ( or should I say all bs ) blog...I've had computer issues. But I'm back for the attack.
So there I was, working on the old McKee, Steve's little river runner boat. I cant believe the state of disrepair that I found in that engine. I shook my head.....about like I did when I first saw the Anole.....well no, not that bad of a head shake, but bad. I need to start paying more attention to that boat. Somebody's got to do it. :)
Anyhows.....got some major work done on it and needed to take the boat out and really blow the sucker out. So I said heck with it, I'll kill ( watch out you pantie waste democrat bitches, I said "KiLL" ) two birds with one stone. I'll head out to the hammock and put out some trash bags, pick up trash and just do some clean up. It's over due. Thinking ahead I pack some beers, water, and munchies and stuff. Hell, I might break a sweat.
I hit the switch on the boat and bamm!!! It starts the first time, doesn't die, and idles good, something I have never seen that boat do. I'm stoked.........pop a beer. :) The ride out to the island is short and sweet. It's always good to be on the water.
I know what is ahead. Some ass wipe redneck had already been out to the hammock .......living on the island actually...and had really did some damage. Cut a lot of trees down, trashed the place, stole all my hidden camp tools, burnt the table we had. Just being a total fucking sorry piece of shit, not respecting anyone or anything. When I first saw the havoc I was with Steve. He took the low road and tried to explain away the madness to that "people do that" fucking excuse. I wasn't buying it. But I just bit my tongue. I use to get really pissed when I saw people destroying my little piece of heaven. But quickly learned it did no good. So as Stave rationalized it out loud I silently cussed the childish, stupid bs.
So I pulled the boat up on the outgoing tide and tossed both anchors. Grabbed all the goodies I needed for the island and went to work.
I guess time just got away from me. I wanted the mess cleaned up. I must have picked up 100 rounds of frigging shotgun sells that they just let rest where they fell. Rednecks !!!! Busted "Jim Beam" bottles. Stove. Ice chest. Just crazy lazy shabby disregard to the beautiful place that drew them there to begin with. Ok, I'll stop. So I get so wrapped up in the mission that I forgot the tide was going out.

Aground For A Cause

So that meant I was THERE!!! Not only was I THERE, I was there for AWHILE !!!! Funny how mother nature dictates your actions sometimes. That left me with lots of hours of reflection time. It's parrelel to someone just gabbing you by the friggin collar as your walking down the street and putting you in a corner with a force field around you. You go nowhere !
I had a little reflection time.
I think maybe I needed the time out. I usually get that when I'm out sailing. Cause I never do day trips. Day trips usually suck........in my opinion anyway. I want to "hook it" out there somewhere for the night when I go sailing. I want that private time, that reflection time away from the world. Thats worth a lot to me and I haven't had that lately. The boat issues........?!?!?! So that being said.....I was diggin the forced downtime.
I came to the conclusion that I dont need to celebrate my birthday anymore..........not that I really ever have. Hell, I dont even keep up with my own age. It's not fucking relevant to life. Keeping up with ones age has got to be the most fucking unproductive thing an individual can do. I mean really !?!??!? So I made a pact with Bexar. From now on, when it comes time for my birth date on the calendar I will now forever more celebrate the life of Bexar. I dont care about fucking dates on a damn calendar.......I dont care to indulge myself in a "day I got older". Nope, I will celebrate a day full of memories of Arthur.
Happy Birthday my son. I try not to think about you. Every time I do I cry, literally cry my soul out. I still can not understand how a beautiful life could be so short. A beautiful person you are and I will never forget you and always remember you on this day.

Happy Birthday Bexar

So...........there I was, just minding my own friggin business........waiting for that damn water to get back up here under the damn boat. And this old ass Anole poked his head out of the moss. :) I was kinda tripping on him/it/her......he was rather lethargic. Didn't seem to want to move around a lot. Was really easy to catch......thats not good. I actually caught it three times. I was bummed when that happened. My inner dictionary was telling me it was an old lizard. Granted, it was cool out. In the 50's. And yes he could just be in one of those cold blooded thingys and not moving real fast. But after me catching his ass twice he should be way warmed up. Then on the third catch I had these bad vibes.....maybe he isn't doing to good. So I took the last bit of water ( yes I had a couple of non-alcoholic brews ) I had and sprinkled it on his skin. It soaked right in. Hey, it is real dry on the hammock. I nudged his cute little mug into the water too....it seemed to like that. Then he said "fuck this" and scampered off. I guess it is what it is.

And Out Pops The Anole

January 18, 2011

New "Afourian" T-Shirt

Just click on the photo to get your very own limited edition "Afourian" T-Shirt.

Wear it proud, wear it long and try not to get that grease on it. :)

The Afourians Gold Emblem Atomic 4 Power t-shirt

Brain Dead People And Toilet Paper

I’ve got to go ahead and get this off my chest. Every time I see it I get pissed. I’m talking about “drug” commercials. They are on the friggin tube every minute of every friggin day. Most of them average about one (1) minute. Out of that one minute about thirty (30) seconds is spent on warnings. And of all the drug commercials about 90 percent of them have words in the warnings like “death”, “fatal”, “blindness”, “coma”…..come on, you get were I’m going here. If a fucking commercial tells you that the product can kill you and you run down to the doctor after you see it to get your order in…….well don’t waste your time. YOUR ALLREADY FUCKING BRAIN DEAD !!!! There isn’t any amount of drugs going to help you.

Lets go one step further here. There are a lot of commercials on TV. Some of them you see them time after time, day after day, and year after year. You can pretty much consider those to be bullshit also. I don’t care what the product is. How can you say that you ask?
Simple. If there is a product out there in the big ass world we live in that is good, a product that works, a product that people like and use, then it doesn’t have to be in a friggin commercial on TV. The people know it because the word will travel like wildfire and you will hear about it. No Fucking Commercial Needed !!!!
If it works and is good your doctor will know of it and already prescribing it. You will not have to run your brain dead body down to the clinic and try to tell him how to do his job.
Man !!!??!!! The world is full of fucking morons. You can sell them anything. Hell, look what we have for a president. Case closed.

Ok ok ok. On to more important topics. I found this very cool toilet paper holder made out of teak. Very well made and holds two rolls of paper. Yep, especially nice for those people that are really full of shit. And I know some of them.
So I had to make it work on the Anole. I made some Plexiglas end pieces and this is the outcome.

TP on Teak

January 16, 2011

A T-Shirt for The Afourians

Get your t-shirt now: http://www.redbubble.com/people/butchpetty/t-shirts/6595200-1-the-afourians#comment-38230415

January 15, 2011

4:56 pm Was just looking out across the stern of Anole. In the middle of my daydreams it occurred to me that I need a small radar system. Only for my depth mainly. My Garmin is dependable in all other aspects of my daydream.
Hey......just sharing. :)

Photos - The S/V Anole: ( hint: mouse over )

Hell's Bells


Breathing Room


Drinking Out Of Cups


Main Vein


Don't You Love Afourians ?


All Hail The Afourians !!!!

Cheers !!! :)

January 14, 2011

Anole (?) "Drinking out of Cups"

January 13, 2011

afourian \a-4-ē-әn\ n ( defined )

afourian \a-4-ē-әn\ n


Hey.....after a brief web search I think I may have just coined a new word = "Afourian". And the definition is: Any person with an undying devotion to the Universal Atomic Four Motor , leading that person's very existence to be eternally stressed.

So here is the first know publication of the new word "Afourian".

That means I own it. Anyone want to buy it? :)

January 12, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover S/V Anole

4:22 pm Actually trying to step back and take a breath. Got the cabin cleaned up a lot. Still working on that. I also got some spiced chicken sitting on top of some big chunks of tater which are sitting on some big slices of onions which are sitting in the crock pot untouched for about 4 hours now and I just had to turn it to "warm". Ummmmm. I can taste it.......Later. :)

5:01 Working on a new video here. Work with me.

5:03 Ok, every little city in the country has these extreme home makeover thingys going on. I'm pissed ! There aint no body come down in my hood. My boat needs major help. And God knows I am deserving of better. After all I almost drowned with two of his best friends last year. But I came back, fighting all odds. And look at me today. People everywhere donating to this charity or that? WTF !!! Dont a white boy on a boat count? Are you raciest ??!!!!
My house could use some bottom paint. Hell, probably some zincs. New standing rigging would be really cool. And I saw the nicest green and white line the other day and in all thickness's. Oh and dont forget that shiny hand carved, teak lizard mounted on the bow that is clawing its way through the waves. Man !?!?! There is just so much this man needs. The man with the golden body. Just waiting for that new guy with the camera to catch me on the busy downtown exit ramp and make me a star.

January 09, 2011

Ducks and Sails

A Hood In The Hood

What a beautiful duck. The most allusive duck in the coastal Georgia tidal creeks. And one of the most beautiful.

For over a decade now I have tried to catch that really great shot of these birds. One day I will get it. :)

It's taco night on the Anole. And some toddys too.


January 07, 2011

Captivating Captain

Another Day In The Life.......

LOL :) Still some color in that thinning mop. 53 years young(?) and not all Grey yet. I know damn sure well that it isn't from lack of stress, got plenty of that crap. Oh well, life goes on.

Savannah is going to have 20 mph sustained winds with gusts of 30 mph for the next two days. Now that makes for some sail ripping good times. :) Hey, it could be a lot worse. Could have that fluffy white crap falling all around. Then again it could be better and a person could be in the Florida Keys and sucking up suds in the 80 degree temps.
Hey, happy mediums. Thats what its all about for us working stiffs I guess. :)

All means to me is that it will be nice and cozy warm inside the S/V Anole......maybe some rocking on the dock....but no biggie.

Need to break out the sewing machine and work on a couple of projects that are long over due. That may be on the agenda.

Happy day all. :)

January 04, 2011

If you read my junk I'll have you arrested.

Damn good thing I didn't make that new years resolution I was thinking about on Jan. 2nd. I would have blown that out of the water today. I had to have a drink. It only takes one good 11 hour day for me to say "fuck this!" and go put the icy to the whiskey. LOL :)

Just in case you haven't figured it out yet kids I am a "Tea Party" person. So you people that voted for Obama may want to click that "X" up in the corner. You will not like me. :)

I think I am going to watch Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds". (he he he)

Found that Bell in the photo one night while doing survailence at a know drug dealers property. My officers and I busted thru the back door of the property. When all clear was yelled I looked to my left and noticed my shoulder was aginst it. It was in my way so I had to remove it. It fell into my front pants pocket. I only found out as I emptied my pockets at the end of my shift. I figured the other officers would not mind if I gave it a good home. So I hid the evidence. I know even as I write this that I could be jailed for this, even worse, suspended from the squad. Fuck it !!!! It's mine. Catch me if you can. I got the wind to my back and rolling. :)

I saw this guy on TV. In a lot of respects I so friggin related to this guy. Not it what he did with the birds but just in his search for "him". I think you should watch him and the documentary. Here is a start: The Bird Man.

January 03, 2011

What a full life........

........the likes of most of us can only dream of.

HERB & DOROTHY Trailer from Herb & Dorothy on Vimeo.

Read more here: Herb and Doroth .com
or here: Indipendent Lens

January 02, 2011

that little young'un

that little young'un

Why does he not run
that little young'un
does he not fear
fair maiden the rear
does he not hear
the gentle rains sound
it's deepening around
till thunders loud sound
Why does he not run
that little young'un
i dream he swam in
the maidens warm den
they all rush in
then the sun shown
dreams were gone
the duck had not flown
He really was home
that little young'un. - Butch Petty, two days into a new year - :)