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March 31, 2011

The Blooming Of Jen's Imagination

I have to give it to Jen, she has a great sense of color coordination. I love colors and I hate traditional. Witness the Anole, a sailboat with lots of color and not traditional color in any sense of the color scheme. Even after four colors were on the walls of this laundry room it still didn't connect until the very last color was applied.....a cream colored trim.
Things like this give great satisfaction just to see come alive. Great imagination Jen. :)

Some before and after photos:
The Blooming Of Jen's Imagination

The Blooming Of Jen's Imagination

The Blooming Of Jen's Imagination

The Blooming Of Jen's Imagination

March 29, 2011

Breaking Bread

I am totally into this whole bread thing. I want to take this to the simplest yet highest level possible on a boat. I dont care to get fancy shmansy with all kind of crazy crap. I just want to find one simple, healthy and for most, the best tasting bread recipe that I can muster. I want the recipe to be simple enough that I can make two loaves at once and the product to be consistent and friggin mouth watering good.
I found this flour on the web and I chose it because it is easily had at most local markets. This is going to be the base for my recipe. I want to also add grains and nuts......but a simple blend. I have always bought 100 % whole wheat bread when possible. It only makes sense. White bread of any kind, in my opinion, sucks.
And as is usual with me, I like to try these things when I am out on the hook. It's like camping, things just taste better when your "out there". So I'm assembling the ingredients for my next experiment. Hopefully I will get a chance to get out there next week........on the hook that is. :)
And if you think about it.....what is more natural than breaking bread? Ok, ok, ok. Sex. I got it. :O

Hella Bread

Oh yeah, I love the name of this flour. LOL :)

Hella Bread

No, I dont like this reipe. I dont like sugar, or sweet tasting bread. I want to tast the flipping wheat and flour and grains. But I may use a variation of this.


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March 27, 2011

Rehab or It's Hail Being An Anole

I had a vision many years ago.......or as Lamar says, "back when you had a real job". LOL :)
Well as it turned out my vision was dead on. Here we have a Captain of the sailing vessel "Joe's Window". A miserable Capt. that the doctors say will never live for one more year. Ha ha ha ha ha ......how many years ago was that. :0
Captain Lamar, the man that made my life what it is today, gave up sailing. He bought a nice little boat. Did I say little? He he he he .....yeah I did. But I know the Captain. I know.....kinda ......what makes him tick. So when he bought the boat about two years ago.......and when "I had a real job", I paid for the new name for his boat to be made into letters for his "little" boat. Today, finally.......after all this time......it was made fact, Lamar now has the little floating boat called...........drum roll.........."Rehab". LOL :)

I love you bro, with all my heart. (Lamar, this is all blog shit........your know I love you and yours with all my my heart.)


So, there I was getting totally wasted on the Anole. Yep, thats where I am at now. Wasted. In Savannah, life is beautiful. All the trees, grasses, and flowers are all in full bloom. Just like Jen's imagination. (But that is a different story for a different time). Yellow pollen crap was all over everything. That all went away today. Finally, I will be able to lay in the quarter berth that is my favorite spot on the boat an breath. Damn. I so look forward to this night of sleep.
I just talked to my daughter, Heather Ann, heir to the "Anole" throne.That was way cool. For the first time in a long time I heard joy and happiness in her voice. That is , in itself, the highlight of my day. She is in college in Austin for Criminal Something...Justice maybe. LOL :) You go babe. < KISS

Just so you know baby girl, Heather, your dad has been thinking of selling the "Anole". But I don't think that can happen. I have nothing in this world but the Anole. An old guy, with no job, no money, no retirement, nothing. But I have GOLD. I have ten tons of gold. As long as I can maintain her integrity she will be like Wall Street Gold. She will only go up in value, What really makes her so special.......is she will protect me and get me where I want to be......absolutely fucking nowhere. I am here. In the Queen of all cities, on the best waters on planet America.
So baby girl, for now, your throne is safe. Love ya. :)

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March 26, 2011

The $6.00 Solution

Last week while on the hook in my favorite little anchorage I realized that my night lighting system was not sustainable. I have little portable battery powered LCD lights that I use to light the cabin in an effort to save the house batteries. I paid a lot of money for my mast head anchor light that is an advanced LCD light and draws almost no noticeable power even after all night. But all the interior cabin lights are old incandescent globes that suck up the power. Even if I had the money to convert all my lights to LCD, which would be nice, it still would not help me if I have power issues.
I recently got to witness the simple brass oil lamps function on a boat. While simple even those can be expensive. Enter Walmart, the official Chinese retailer for America. While picking up a few candles for the ships emergency supplies I spotted this CHEAP little oil lamp. And you know the rest of the story, the poor cheap bastard that I am. :)
Yes, it is made in China, and it is less than six bucks. So I will try this one out and if it works I will get a few more to have on hand. I really like to have a light on during the night in the cabin. Not only does it take off the nights chill but it is a nice visual for any boats that my approach in the night.



Cheers !!

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March 24, 2011


Ok, ......so I got some white onions cut up in big round slices, 1/2 of a large onion. Dried Cilantro. Course ground black Pepper. A couple of teaspoons of vegy oil to help it slide down. 1/2 Cup of Milk. 2 Cups of Water. Five healthy chops, whole. All that simmering. And on the side there is a small pan of long grain brown rice that I will finish cooking in the sautéing chops. Muuuuummmm that be some rewards. :)


I am trying to stay calm. I already spent an hour on this fucking post and punched the wrong damn button and lost it all. But hey......I just stepped away from the FUCKING LAPTOP !!!!!!!

Trying this shit one more time only. Sometimes you get rewarded for your ignorance and complacency. Those rewards can really suck. Like an anchor dragging.......you lost it. :O


Every sailor loves to see the original photos of his boat.
Hella reward !!!!! Thanx "Doc".


When you find yourself sitting around a fire with lots of beautiful people and most of them are women........that is way rewarding. Thanx All :)


Rewards.......so many different meanings for so many different people.

Cheers !!!


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March 22, 2011

Cranking It Up - Sailing The "Super Moon" Weekend

The weather turned real nasty on Sunday and I took advantage of it to try my hand at home made bread. While not perfect on the frist try is sure as hell was good.
Sailing The Super Moon

Sailing The Super Moon

Sailing The Super Moon

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March 21, 2011

Super Boat - Super Moon

March 18, 2011

St. Patricks Day 2011 or Proping Up A Hangover

I got to admit that this was by far the best St. Patricks Day Parade that I have been to. The weather could not have been more perfect, sunny and 70's.

Words of Advise:
If you attend the worlds biggest and best St. Patrick's Day parade and then proceed to stay up all night drinking with fellow parade goers that just refuse to quit drinking........well don't plan on diving down to replace your prop the very next morning. When the water is 65 degrees and the only thing that is flowing through your veins is alcohol things can get a wee bit tricky. The head will commence to pounding. And the need to complete the task at hand can become less important that originally felt.
I have to say that that whole diving thing is over rated. And cold water diving is just plain damn crazy. We don't live in Savannah to be cold. All that being said, the job got done. Good coaching and prompting from Captain Steve on the dock made it all possible. Lord knows the thought of saying "Fuck it !!! " entered my mind more than once.
When all was said and done and the little short motor test was done.........WHOLLY SHMOLLY !!!!! It is in deed like night and day. Even with a dirty hull the new prop pushes the boat like a dream, hull speed is easy and it only takes about 1300 rpm to do it.
It was worth every minute of pain to get it done.
Cheers !!!!

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March 15, 2011

Feeding The Catfish - Back To The Country

This pond was relocated from behind the main house to here on the back of the property several years ago. As you can see the fish have done very well. There is also some really nice Brim in here. May have to catch a couple of these to bring back to the Anole this week. Some big Catfish steaks would be really tasty. :)

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March 12, 2011

The Supermoon and Monster Tides Coming

March 19 – features the closest full moon of 2011. Look for higher-than-usual tides along the ocean coastlines throughout the world.

Moon, Saturn, and Spica on Saturday evening, March 19
What’s more, the bright point of light in the vicinity of tonight’s moon is the planet Saturn, the 6th planet outward from the sun.

Because the full moon shines opposite the sun in our sky, you’ll see the moon beaming all night tonight from dusk till dawn. This extra-close full moon will usher in large tides along the ocean shorelines for the next several days, especially if these high tides are accompanied by strong onshore winds.

Understanding the full moon

Why is this moon so close? The reason is that the 2011 March full moon falls on the same date as perigee – the moon’s closest approach to Earth for this month. At perigee today, the moon lies only 356,575 kilometers (221,575 miles) away. Earlier this month, the moon swung to apogee – its farthest point for the month – on March 6. At that time, the moon was 406,583 kilometers (252,639 miles) distant.

Very commonly, the year’s closest perigee comes on the day that the full moon and perigee most closely align. That is certainly the case for 2011. In fact, this is the moon’s closest encounter with Earth since December 12, 2008. Moreover, the moon won’t come this close again until November 14, 2016. By the way, in all of these “supermoon” years – in 2008, 2011 and 2016 – the full moon occurs on the same date as lunar perigee.

What’s true – and false – about the March 19 supermoon

Why will the tides be higher than usual? At every full moon, the Earth is more or less between the moon and sun. Each month, on the day of the full moon, the moon and sun line up to create wide-ranging tides, known as spring tides. High spring tides climb up especially high, and on the same day low tides plunge especially low.

March 19th's extra-close full moon accentuates these monthly full moon spring tides all the more.

High Tides.jpg

pirate girl.jpg

March 11, 2011


It is a damn shame that the "Left" leaning people in our society are so close minded and anti American. Thank God that most of America still honors the Constitution of the United States.
In the case of PBS, for way way too long there left leaning political views have been slapped in the face of America and we have been forced to pay for it. That is the outrage that has gone unchecked. Well until now. Now they have not only leaned left but the fell over to the left so far that they let there mouth overload there ass, so to speak, and now they will pay......or maybe I should say they will not get paid. Rightfully the right will no longer stand for your political crap. You will be unfunded by the American people that still love America and all our country stands for. Now you can get in line with most other media outlets and beg for support the same way they do. Were done with you.

In your defense, PBS, I will say this. 75-80% of my TV viewing is your programing. Your educational programs for the biggest extent is excellent. And I will continue to watch. Unfortunately I am not like most of the ignorant voters and can see through your cloaked left vision on politics and ignore it. If in the future you choose to center up I will support you 100%.
PBS is forever going to change and it is your own fault. Hope you got what you wanted.


Cheers !!

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March 10, 2011

Standoff At The Bull River Coral

Another day in the life of the S/V Camelot, Savannah, Ga.

Standoff At The Bull River Coral

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No Brainers !!!!

Man I sometimes just amaze myself at how fucking dumb I can be at times. Really !!!!
For the last two weeks the North/Northeast winds have just been pure hell. So bad that if your boat was on the Northeast side of the docks at the marina your paint probably took on hell of a beating. And hopefully that was all that took a beating. Others got beat against the wood and that ain't ever good.
So there I was up early before the sun, which isn't unusual, but today I was preparing to turn my boat around just as the tide was changing and the winds were fairly calm. Everything went as planned. Hell, I have done this so many times that it is like clockwork. I wanted to turn the boat so that I could touch up some bad paint spots on the starboard side of the boat.
Now let me give you some history here. I have never, in going on three years, tied up starboard side to the dock. Mostly because of the slip I was in before this one it was almost impossible.
Now back to the "no brainers". As soon as I got the boat turned around on the dock I realized that all of the beating that my stern had been taking for years was now going to go away. I now have my bow to the Northeast, meaning that the bow would be able to cut the oncoming waves that those winds create. The worst part is that I didn't even think of it till I had turned the boat. What a dumb ass !!!! I had been taking the beating for weeks when it could have been avoided. Duh !!!!????!!!! :O
Hey, live and learn. :)

Early Morning Learning

Early Morning Learning

Early Morning Learning


March 09, 2011

Brilliant Light


Enough with the North East winds already. Bring on the southern breeze.

lady woman girl sail sailing sexy sailboat.jpg

March 08, 2011

Power Play

Getting ready to replace the wimpy little two blade prop with the correct three blade size prop. I am hoping that this is going to make that "night and day" difference that I need for this heavy boat.

Polishing The Prop


Final Paint

And Your Point Is ?

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March 06, 2011

Ship Shape

sail sailing sailboat lady woman female beautiful ladies (16).jpg

Allen West For President !!! The Only REAL Choice.

March 04, 2011

Don't Worry About It

sail sailing sailboat lady woman female beautiful ladies (15).jpg

Morning Rise

Sometimes I forget that it's best to just roll with it. Got to find my way back there.

sail sailing sailboat lady woman female beautiful ladies (14).jpg

Moses Likes To Rock & Roll

Just like any other beautiful baby, human or animal, the gentle rocking and rolling of the boat made Moses just want to lay down and snooze. :)

Moses Loves To Rock & Roll

Moses Loves To Rock & Roll

March 03, 2011

Gangster Lean

There is a down side to having beautiful smooth lines on your sailboat. When those lines lend their self to the easy immersion into the water, when there is not resistance to the forces, so not to impede the propulsion of motion and speed of the boat. Those tributes while fine when the sails are present are not so fine when the winds are sustained at 32 knots for hours and hours when your boat is tied to the docks. It is constantly leaning further and further over toward the wood planks. During those times the Captain is in anguish over the safety of his vessel. Thats where I am. :(

But on the other hand, just to see the pretty lady go against the grain........makes me smile. This is the true lady that S&S designed to win. :)

Gangster Lean


Cheers !!! :)

sail sailing sailboat lady woman female beautiful ladies (13).jpg

A Day On The S/V Anole

sail sailing sailboat lady woman female beautiful ladies (12).jpg

March 02, 2011

Allen West: Resurrecting the American Spirit

I am really starting to like Allen West. I am beginning to see more and more of him, hear about his history, and I think this is one hell of a stand up guy. I would even go as far to say that if this guy passes the litmus test of the next year and a half, given all I have seen in Washington, I would vote for this guy for president in 2012.
This is a gut feeling that I think I am going to be proud of.
Meet Allen West.

The Weekend's Sail - Sunday 2/27/11

Hang Time

It's hell when you wake up at five am on the boat and find you ran out of propane in the middle of the night. It sucks even more having to go out into the thick fog and change out the tanks and all of this BEFORE the first cup of coffee. Makes for waking up fast and hard. :)
When dawn broke the visibility was at less than 1000 feet. I have seen it like that and last well into the afternoon. I took advantage of the downtime to go out and gather some oysters and get some photos. I have never went out and harvested my own oysters before. I was happily surprised at the ease of the whole affair. And the taste? Wow ! Georgia doesn't have real big oysters but the taste is great. A little more salty than most and that made them real tasty to me.

Oysters Fresh Out Of The Creek

Brunch Supplies

Combine the great brunch with the smell of Coffee Cake baking in the oven on the boat, man life does have some very good moments. By the time the cake was done the sun was lifting and as you could guess, I had the boat ready to roll.
Had really great winds off the hook and then within an hour it just died, almost instantly. And that my friends really sucks. "No Wind = Problem"
I just motor sailed on out to the ocean and dropped hook at the beach. Just being out and able to do what I was doing was reward enough.........even without the wind.
The wind did start picking up in the afternoon but not enough to keep me from having to motor-sail all the way back to port. Oh well, was a good test for the engine repairs and she did very well. Am pleased with the motor and will not touch it now. :) LOL
Till the next time.......Cheers !!!

Cinamon Swirl Coffee Cake



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March 01, 2011

More Stupid Fucking People and Probably Dead People

I finally think I got it. Osama Bin Laden is dumping "Stupid Powder" in the Arabian Sea. Then once it hits the water it forms "Stupid Gases". All the Arab people are breathing it and going ape shit in the streets all over the the East and Africa. And now it is even affecting the so called higher intelligent humans of non Arab decent and making them just totally fucking DUMB !!
I wander when the parents and two crew members on board the Danish sailing yacht that was just captured let there three children get in on the vote? When they were sitting around the deck and everyone decided they didn't care if they lived any longer did they give there kids a full vote? Or maybe it was because they were only 12 - 16 years old that there vote didn't count?
Or maybe they were just out to sea so long that they LOST THERE FUCKING MINDS ? They sailed within 186 miles from the Somali. What the Fuck!
Once again, they shouldn't even own a sailboat and they sure as hell had no right taking children to what will almost surely be there death.
Fucking dumb ass people........period. No fucking excuse is good enough for there actions......PERIOD !!!!

Yep, the jolly ole pirates are threatening to kill them already. You think they might do something bad like that ????


This is the most appropriate titled article I could find on the matter: Reckless Endangerment

The Weekend's Sail - Saturday 2/26/11

Finally pulled the boat of the dock Saturday am. At the first tack I realized that I was carrying the Great Barrier Reef on the bottom of the boat. I couldn't even maintain the speed to turn without falling off. So it was motor sailing out to the hammock. Yes, the crap grows on the boat even in winter in Georgia. So I had to spend the first day out at the hammock doing some hull cleaning. Fashioned a little "Replacement Diver" to get most of the growth off the hull and rudder. I think the prop is probably heavy with muscles too, but I wasn't even going to dive this cold water. Plus the prop needs to go. The little two blade prop just will not handle the tide flows in this area. I hope to do that soon. Got a nice three blade ready and waiting. :)

The Replacement Diver

Also had to make some repairs on the sail track on the mast. One section of track had only two rivets left holding it. Unbelievable.
So about the time I finished with all of that one of the weirdest fog banks I have seen in a long time rolled in. It was neat to watch. I had about twenty minutes warning to square away before it hit. And man did it hit hard. So much moisture in the air that it seemed almost like rain. High 70's and sunshine one minute and then cold thick fog minutes later. Weird but neat as hell.
The Fog Rolled In


Part Two, Sunday's fun, coming soon. Cheers !!!

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