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Breaking Bread

I am totally into this whole bread thing. I want to take this to the simplest yet highest level possible on a boat. I dont care to get fancy shmansy with all kind of crazy crap. I just want to find one simple, healthy and for most, the best tasting bread recipe that I can muster. I want the recipe to be simple enough that I can make two loaves at once and the product to be consistent and friggin mouth watering good.
I found this flour on the web and I chose it because it is easily had at most local markets. This is going to be the base for my recipe. I want to also add grains and nuts......but a simple blend. I have always bought 100 % whole wheat bread when possible. It only makes sense. White bread of any kind, in my opinion, sucks.
And as is usual with me, I like to try these things when I am out on the hook. It's like camping, things just taste better when your "out there". So I'm assembling the ingredients for my next experiment. Hopefully I will get a chance to get out there next week........on the hook that is. :)
And if you think about it.....what is more natural than breaking bread? Ok, ok, ok. Sex. I got it. :O

Hella Bread

Oh yeah, I love the name of this flour. LOL :)

Hella Bread

No, I dont like this reipe. I dont like sugar, or sweet tasting bread. I want to tast the flipping wheat and flour and grains. But I may use a variation of this.


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