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More Stupid Fucking People and Probably Dead People

I finally think I got it. Osama Bin Laden is dumping "Stupid Powder" in the Arabian Sea. Then once it hits the water it forms "Stupid Gases". All the Arab people are breathing it and going ape shit in the streets all over the the East and Africa. And now it is even affecting the so called higher intelligent humans of non Arab decent and making them just totally fucking DUMB !!
I wander when the parents and two crew members on board the Danish sailing yacht that was just captured let there three children get in on the vote? When they were sitting around the deck and everyone decided they didn't care if they lived any longer did they give there kids a full vote? Or maybe it was because they were only 12 - 16 years old that there vote didn't count?
Or maybe they were just out to sea so long that they LOST THERE FUCKING MINDS ? They sailed within 186 miles from the Somali. What the Fuck!
Once again, they shouldn't even own a sailboat and they sure as hell had no right taking children to what will almost surely be there death.
Fucking dumb ass people........period. No fucking excuse is good enough for there actions......PERIOD !!!!

Yep, the jolly ole pirates are threatening to kill them already. You think they might do something bad like that ????


This is the most appropriate titled article I could find on the matter: Reckless Endangerment