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It is a damn shame that the "Left" leaning people in our society are so close minded and anti American. Thank God that most of America still honors the Constitution of the United States.
In the case of PBS, for way way too long there left leaning political views have been slapped in the face of America and we have been forced to pay for it. That is the outrage that has gone unchecked. Well until now. Now they have not only leaned left but the fell over to the left so far that they let there mouth overload there ass, so to speak, and now they will pay......or maybe I should say they will not get paid. Rightfully the right will no longer stand for your political crap. You will be unfunded by the American people that still love America and all our country stands for. Now you can get in line with most other media outlets and beg for support the same way they do. Were done with you.

In your defense, PBS, I will say this. 75-80% of my TV viewing is your programing. Your educational programs for the biggest extent is excellent. And I will continue to watch. Unfortunately I am not like most of the ignorant voters and can see through your cloaked left vision on politics and ignore it. If in the future you choose to center up I will support you 100%.
PBS is forever going to change and it is your own fault. Hope you got what you wanted.


Cheers !!

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