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Rehab or It's Hail Being An Anole

I had a vision many years ago.......or as Lamar says, "back when you had a real job". LOL :)
Well as it turned out my vision was dead on. Here we have a Captain of the sailing vessel "Joe's Window". A miserable Capt. that the doctors say will never live for one more year. Ha ha ha ha ha ......how many years ago was that. :0
Captain Lamar, the man that made my life what it is today, gave up sailing. He bought a nice little boat. Did I say little? He he he he .....yeah I did. But I know the Captain. I know.....kinda ......what makes him tick. So when he bought the boat about two years ago.......and when "I had a real job", I paid for the new name for his boat to be made into letters for his "little" boat. Today, finally.......after all this time......it was made fact, Lamar now has the little floating boat called...........drum roll.........."Rehab". LOL :)

I love you bro, with all my heart. (Lamar, this is all blog shit........your know I love you and yours with all my my heart.)


So, there I was getting totally wasted on the Anole. Yep, thats where I am at now. Wasted. In Savannah, life is beautiful. All the trees, grasses, and flowers are all in full bloom. Just like Jen's imagination. (But that is a different story for a different time). Yellow pollen crap was all over everything. That all went away today. Finally, I will be able to lay in the quarter berth that is my favorite spot on the boat an breath. Damn. I so look forward to this night of sleep.
I just talked to my daughter, Heather Ann, heir to the "Anole" throne.That was way cool. For the first time in a long time I heard joy and happiness in her voice. That is , in itself, the highlight of my day. She is in college in Austin for Criminal Something...Justice maybe. LOL :) You go babe. < KISS

Just so you know baby girl, Heather, your dad has been thinking of selling the "Anole". But I don't think that can happen. I have nothing in this world but the Anole. An old guy, with no job, no money, no retirement, nothing. But I have GOLD. I have ten tons of gold. As long as I can maintain her integrity she will be like Wall Street Gold. She will only go up in value, What really makes her so special.......is she will protect me and get me where I want to be......absolutely fucking nowhere. I am here. In the Queen of all cities, on the best waters on planet America.
So baby girl, for now, your throne is safe. Love ya. :)

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