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St. Patricks Day 2011 or Proping Up A Hangover

I got to admit that this was by far the best St. Patricks Day Parade that I have been to. The weather could not have been more perfect, sunny and 70's.

Words of Advise:
If you attend the worlds biggest and best St. Patrick's Day parade and then proceed to stay up all night drinking with fellow parade goers that just refuse to quit drinking........well don't plan on diving down to replace your prop the very next morning. When the water is 65 degrees and the only thing that is flowing through your veins is alcohol things can get a wee bit tricky. The head will commence to pounding. And the need to complete the task at hand can become less important that originally felt.
I have to say that that whole diving thing is over rated. And cold water diving is just plain damn crazy. We don't live in Savannah to be cold. All that being said, the job got done. Good coaching and prompting from Captain Steve on the dock made it all possible. Lord knows the thought of saying "Fuck it !!! " entered my mind more than once.
When all was said and done and the little short motor test was done.........WHOLLY SHMOLLY !!!!! It is in deed like night and day. Even with a dirty hull the new prop pushes the boat like a dream, hull speed is easy and it only takes about 1300 rpm to do it.
It was worth every minute of pain to get it done.
Cheers !!!!

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