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The $6.00 Solution

Last week while on the hook in my favorite little anchorage I realized that my night lighting system was not sustainable. I have little portable battery powered LCD lights that I use to light the cabin in an effort to save the house batteries. I paid a lot of money for my mast head anchor light that is an advanced LCD light and draws almost no noticeable power even after all night. But all the interior cabin lights are old incandescent globes that suck up the power. Even if I had the money to convert all my lights to LCD, which would be nice, it still would not help me if I have power issues.
I recently got to witness the simple brass oil lamps function on a boat. While simple even those can be expensive. Enter Walmart, the official Chinese retailer for America. While picking up a few candles for the ships emergency supplies I spotted this CHEAP little oil lamp. And you know the rest of the story, the poor cheap bastard that I am. :)
Yes, it is made in China, and it is less than six bucks. So I will try this one out and if it works I will get a few more to have on hand. I really like to have a light on during the night in the cabin. Not only does it take off the nights chill but it is a nice visual for any boats that my approach in the night.



Cheers !!

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