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The Weekend's Sail - Saturday 2/26/11

Finally pulled the boat of the dock Saturday am. At the first tack I realized that I was carrying the Great Barrier Reef on the bottom of the boat. I couldn't even maintain the speed to turn without falling off. So it was motor sailing out to the hammock. Yes, the crap grows on the boat even in winter in Georgia. So I had to spend the first day out at the hammock doing some hull cleaning. Fashioned a little "Replacement Diver" to get most of the growth off the hull and rudder. I think the prop is probably heavy with muscles too, but I wasn't even going to dive this cold water. Plus the prop needs to go. The little two blade prop just will not handle the tide flows in this area. I hope to do that soon. Got a nice three blade ready and waiting. :)

The Replacement Diver

Also had to make some repairs on the sail track on the mast. One section of track had only two rivets left holding it. Unbelievable.
So about the time I finished with all of that one of the weirdest fog banks I have seen in a long time rolled in. It was neat to watch. I had about twenty minutes warning to square away before it hit. And man did it hit hard. So much moisture in the air that it seemed almost like rain. High 70's and sunshine one minute and then cold thick fog minutes later. Weird but neat as hell.
The Fog Rolled In


Part Two, Sunday's fun, coming soon. Cheers !!!

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