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The Weekend's Sail - Sunday 2/27/11

Hang Time

It's hell when you wake up at five am on the boat and find you ran out of propane in the middle of the night. It sucks even more having to go out into the thick fog and change out the tanks and all of this BEFORE the first cup of coffee. Makes for waking up fast and hard. :)
When dawn broke the visibility was at less than 1000 feet. I have seen it like that and last well into the afternoon. I took advantage of the downtime to go out and gather some oysters and get some photos. I have never went out and harvested my own oysters before. I was happily surprised at the ease of the whole affair. And the taste? Wow ! Georgia doesn't have real big oysters but the taste is great. A little more salty than most and that made them real tasty to me.

Oysters Fresh Out Of The Creek

Brunch Supplies

Combine the great brunch with the smell of Coffee Cake baking in the oven on the boat, man life does have some very good moments. By the time the cake was done the sun was lifting and as you could guess, I had the boat ready to roll.
Had really great winds off the hook and then within an hour it just died, almost instantly. And that my friends really sucks. "No Wind = Problem"
I just motor sailed on out to the ocean and dropped hook at the beach. Just being out and able to do what I was doing was reward enough.........even without the wind.
The wind did start picking up in the afternoon but not enough to keep me from having to motor-sail all the way back to port. Oh well, was a good test for the engine repairs and she did very well. Am pleased with the motor and will not touch it now. :) LOL
Till the next time.......Cheers !!!

Cinamon Swirl Coffee Cake



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