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April 30, 2011


Ok, this is for you people that think that you can just walk up and go "joy riding" on my sailboat. Read correctly and slowly so that there will be no misunderstandings.


If your serious and you like my boat and you want to buy my boat then you can go out on my boat before you buy it.
If your not serious and you need time to think about it, maybe sleep on it or what ever then you are not serious. You are undecided and you will not "joy ride" on my boat. Period.

Once you see my boat and you tell me you want to buy it and we agree on a price then I will consider you a serious buyer. Once that price is agreed on and all that is left to do is take the boat out then you will give me $400.00 (I call this earnest money and it is the rate of a half day charter) which will be deducted from the agreed upon selling price, then and only then will you get to go out on my boat. If something goes wrong with the boat (and I know that the boat will do great) during that sea trail then your money will be refunded. If the boat functions properly you pay the remaining total and the boat is yours. This has two fold benefits. After you give me the earnest money then we both know that all the haggling is over and we can actually go out on the boat and focus on the boat, not the wheeling dealing part of the purchase.

Because if you think for a fucking minute that I am going to go thru all the bs that goes with getting my boat ready to sail and then go thru all the bs of cleaning and storing the boat after our sailing trip just to hear you tell me "I'll think about it", then your fucked up in the head.

Want to buy my boat? Want to go out for a test sail after we agree on a price? Then be serious, because I am when I say "there will be no joy rides on the S/V Anole"! Period !!! If your not willing to put up the earnest money before the sea trial, then you are not a serious buyer, so you get NO JOY RIDE.

What is the purpose of a sea trial on a sailboat?

Is it for testing the motor?
That can be done on the wood, run for hours, all the gears and propulsion checked. No big deal.

Is it so you can raise the sails up and see if the sails work?
That can be done on the dock.

So what is the sea trial on a sailboat for?
Not a whole fucking lot really. Just a chance to see the combination of all the above work and actually sail the boat. Because anyone that is SERIOUS and has half a brain can tell all of that stuff before the boat leaves the fucking dock.

Bottom line:

You come see the Anole, you be serious, you have cash, cause I will not be jerked around.

One final note. If you come to see the Anole and we get to the point of a sea trial being mentioned I am going to ask you if you have read the "No Joy Ride" post on my blog. If you tell me no, then I will pull it up for you to read on the spot.

Roosters & Anoles

April 29, 2011

True Colors

It is amazing to me that a storm with so much violence and death can be so beautiful as it passes elsewhere.

Rainbow Anole

Amazing to me also is this photo taken by Captain Steve Marlay. There is nothing special at all about the photo itself. Just a beautiful old boat and a scraggly looking pirate. But it has been a very long time since I saw such perfect color captured by an old beat up point and shoot camera. It is just that one fleeting instance when sun, light, time, and sensor meshed flawlessly perfect to produce color that is so brilliantly true. Great shot Captain.

The Evening Sun's Perfect Light

Cheers !!!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (27).jpg

April 28, 2011

The Eleventh Day

The Eleventh Day

The Eleventh Day

The Eleventh Day

Cheers !!!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (26).jpg

April 27, 2011

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast - The Last Few Days

I think somewhere in the process here I have got the days out of wack. That probably

came on day Seven or Eight, when ever it was that I ran aground leaving St. Catherine's

Sound. A day full of drama.
About mid morning Captain Steve dingy'd over to the Anole and said they were going

to pull out and go down the ICW to Blackbeard Island, make a brief stop and then

head out on the outside back up the coast. The plan was that I would take off at about

1/2 tide out, around 2:00 and meet them out there for the sail up to Ossabaw Sound.

No big deal, right? Well, thats what I thought. The major factor that was not taken

into account by Steve or myself was that we were in a negative tide period and that the

tides were step, rise and drop fast.
So come 2:00 I had dotted my I's and crossed my t's and headed out. Then problem

number two hit, I had the wind at my nose the entire way out. My one hour trip out

turned into over two hours. The course out was narrow and not tack-able. When I

reached the last two buoys before going into the ocean the deep water narrowed to

less than 100 yards wide. Then you had to bear north into another very narrow stretch

of water. I was within 1/4 mile of deep water. Then very quickly the depth started rising

fast. On each side of me were shoals that I could not turn into. If at this point I had

not have panicked for that split second and just turned the boat 180 degrees back I

probable would have just tapped bottom and motored out of trouble. But that split

second of indecision was my down fall.
The depth gage went from 16 feet to 5.7 feet in seconds and then WHAM !!! The ten

tons hit with a vengeance. Stopped solid and I was aground. Having been in this

situation before on the backwaters I normally would not have been so worried. But in

this spot the waves and swells were hitting the shoals on either side of me and just

tossing the boat back and forth. The boat was rising and falling and slamming the

bottom. I knew the wind and waves were pushing me into the shoals that were even

more shallow. So I dropped the anchor. I still had 45 minutes of out going tide.
If your a sailor you know that in any bad situation the worse thing you can do is panic.
I had passed that point. Now I was in fear mode. I wasn't sure if the Anole could take

much more with out breaking apart. I had radio contact with Steve and another

Captain that was in the area, but to no avail as they could do nothing for me at all at

this point.
A lot of things go thru your mind when the loss of your boat is an imminent possibility.

I thought of what if anything on the boat I needed to get ready to hit the dingy with. I

realized just how worthless all material things on the boat were at that point. I could

save myself easily enough. But I could not bare the thought of loosing the Anole to

the oceans powers. That had to be avoided.
The anchor was causing the bow to be swung back and forth very violently. I still had

about 15 minutes of dropping tide. I was steadying myself at the hatchway, watching

the mast shake each time the keel hit bottom. I had to do something even if it was

wrong. I went forward and let out more rode, about 100 feet.
I swear to God it was as if the angels took a hold of the boat when I let the road out.

Somehow or another the boat drifted back and found a little hole in the shoals. I am

calculating that it was about one foot deeper than what it was when I let the road out

and where it came to rest when the road tightened again. Just enough to save the boat.

Instantly the boat stopped pounding the bottom. About every 15 minutes or so a big

swell would hit and the boat would dip just deep enough to brush the bottom. What a

relief I felt. It was like the weight of the world, or ocean in this case, was lifted off the

Finally the end of low tide passed and the rise was on. I just need two feet of rise to get

the hell out of this mess. Finally I felt I had enough water and set about starting the

engine and retrieving the anchor. As soon as I put the motor in gear the engine died.

It had never done that before. I started it again and in neutral it was fine, in gear it

died. After looking all about at my lines I found the culprit. My jib sheet had came out

of the turning block on the track with all the rocking and got into my prop. Once

again I was in deep shit. I knew diving was out of the question. The swells would have

killed me for sure. I had only one hope and a prayer. I ran forward reached down as far

as I could and cut the jib sheet. Going back to the cockpit I started the motor again,

engaged the gear and thank God she started motoring up.
Withing 15 minutes I had the anchor up, turned the boat back to the island and

ran like hell out of the swells. I was off the shoal and headed in. About 15 minutes later

when I knew I once again had control of the boat I popped the top on a beer. I don't

think I drank a thing during the whole experience and I have to tell you, that was the

best damn beer of the whole ten days of sailing.
I know everything I did wrong when this happened. In retrospect, after the trip was

over I came to the realization that any Captain that runs aground does so because of

his own oversight, ignorance or inattention. No grounding can be blamed on anyone or

anything other than ones self.....period. There may be situations where this theory can

be proved wrong, but at this moment I can't see it.
Things I took away from the ordeal:
1. The Anole is one hell of a vessel that is capable of anything the ocean can throw at

2. How green I still am when it comes to sailing.
3. Always remain calm even in the face of disaster.
4. Poor planning can cost you your boat
5. You can never exercise too much caution in unknown waters.
6. Material things in this world really have no friggin value.
7. Live for today and try to enjoy......it may be the last day.

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Cheers !!!!

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April 26, 2011

I'm Getting Pissed With This Whole Bread Thing !?!?!?

I am beginning to wonder if you can actually make a loaf of bread right on a sailboat? I mean that I have made lots of attempts. I have the ingredients down. And I can even get the loafs to rise good. But they just keep falling flat. And when I say that I mean that they friggin fall !!!! This last attempt is the best but still not quite right. The texture is just too dense and not good enough to cut for sandwich bread.
So the experiments go on.

This is before:
What The Flock ???????

This is after:
What The Flock ???????

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast - Days 4 & 5

I guess I should go back a add a note about the second day out. When you enter Odingsell Creek on Wassaw Island you have to literally almost hug the beach because the entrance is only about 20 yards wide for a sailboat to enter. Either side of that and you run aground..........like I did on this trip. Even after a couple of years on the Anole I still sometimes forget just how fast this boat can stop when the operator fails to pay attention. And let me tell you, when 10 tons stops on a dime there is one hell of a thud. :) Luckily for me this grounding, which would be the first of three on this trip was an easy off in just a couple of minutes. The other two would prove to take longer. LOL

The second grounding came early on the 4th day out as we entered "Hell Gate". This is one of the most notorious ranges on the entire ICW. Ask any Captain that travels the ICW and they can tell you about "Hell Gate". It got so bad at one point that boats had to wait for high tide to pass. Then it was dredged but the job was crappy. It still has spots that are just barely above 9 ft at low tide and you better be right in the middle of the ditch also.
So we entered the range early and sure as shit both the Camelot and I ran aground. A little more attention paid to the GPS and it could have been avoided. In my case it was about a thirty minute wait after Steve and I got the anchor out for enough water to rise and get the hell out of the area. That was the second grounding. I swore it would not happen again on this trip. But one more bottom scrubbing would happen and it would prove to be almost fatal for the Anole.

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Cheers !!!!

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April 24, 2011

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast - Days 1,2 & 3

What a great, great time the last ten days have been. Being a predominately solitaire person the promise of sailing ten days with another boat and two other people was out of character for me. But what a great time and valuable company they proved to be on this journey. Cheers to Captain Steve Marlay, Jen Jollie and The S/V Camelot, without whom this journey would not have been the same or as fun and memorable. Thanks to you both for life long memories.

As you can guess on a trip like this pictures are very many, memories are somewhat blurred by the hours at the helm and the evening meet ups for drinks and camaraderie. So instead of the planned big long story I have decided to make the recount of the events a photographic journey. I will kick in some info here and there but for the next few days as I wade thru the photos be sure you click on the photo for the story behind the photo. And then of course you can go to my Flickr site for all the photos that I may not post on the blog here. Believe me when I say that there were not very many dull moments. There is also plenty of drama along the way. The learning curve for me was steep and stressed at times.
Enjoy. :)

Ten Days On The Anole - Day One, A Late Departure

Ten Days On The Camelot - Day Two, Headed for Odensell Creek

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast

Ten Days Sailing Georgia's Coast


woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (21).jpg

Ten Days Of Sailing - The Anole Is Back

What a great time. The Anole did fabulous. More details to come.

10 Days Of "Tracks" - The Anole Is Back

April 13, 2011

Gone Sailing - Back In A Week Or So

Gone Sailing - See Ya

For those who know me....you know how to reach me. I normally turn the phone on just briefly in the evening time. Do not try to email me. You will get no answer. Should be back in a week or so. If you don't hear from me in that time frame then and only then will there maybe be a concern that you may want to address.
Peace to you all, Butch

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Draft Congressman Allen West For President in 2012

Draft Allen West For President in 2012

Read why he can and should be President, Click Here

Check out his You Tube Page Click Here

Cheers !!!!!

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April 12, 2011

Work Day: Diving The Boat and New Lazy Jacks

A busy day on the Bull River yesterday. Preparation on the Anole for the planned big sailing trip down the Georgia coast has been none stop for me for over a week now. Changes and upgrades are many and yesterday was no different.
I braved the 68 degree water and dove my boat to clean the hull. I knew it was going to be a long and hard job as the bottom paint is bad and it hasn't been dove since last summer. I did dive to install the new prop a couple weeks back but the water was to cold to do the work I had to do yesterday. I couldn't believe the passengers that were homesteading the keel. It is amazing that my motor was actually reaching hull speed with ease given all the barnacles and berries on the hull. But 500 lbs of air and a hell of a workout I got it cleaned pretty good. Cant wait to put her in the wind now.
Just two more days and she will fly once more. :)

Capt. Steve of The S/V Camelot has been on my case for ever about installing some Lazy Jacks on my boat. Being a solo sailor it was warranted and really easy. But my excuse for not doing it, money, has been true. There is a long list of things the Anole needs or wants and Lazy Jacks just wasn't high on that list. I am actually pretty good with getting the sail up and down easily.
But yesterday he came to me with four pulleys and lots of rope in his hands. And we did have the whole day with not a lot to do. So I succumbed to the task and hiked up the mast and mounted hardware. Did the hardware on the boom and Capt. Steve wove it all together for me. I do have to admit that I look forward not having to deal with the sail the minute it is dropped. And I did loose a race with Steve once because of the damn sail getting screwed up. :)

So actually all of yesterdays chores were accomplished only with the help of Capt. Steve Marlay......again. :)
Thanks Captain.

New Lazy Jack System

As I mentioned, we are going to tandem both the Camelot and the Anole down the Georgia coast for seven or so days. No plans for specific destinations after the Odingsell Creek anchorage. We are going to just let the winds dictate the trip agenda. The plan is to leave out late Thursday night or early Friday am. It is a full moon, thats why this weekend was chosen. So there will not be any post to this blog for a week or so unless I stumble on a hot spot along the way and get to hop on the laptop. But that is not in the plan. :)

Cheers All !!!!

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April 10, 2011

Kneading Bread

Zeroing in on the ingredient for my new bread. Oh yeah, just want to throw this out there for any of you that may wish to try my new bread, save your spent/used bread bags. I dont want to have to make my own. Even though it has crossed my mind.
At this point I am going to say that it is the first generation rather than putting a tag or name on it. I only want one good loaf of bread lovers "love". As of this date partial ingredient list is:

100 % percent whole wheat flour
sunflower seed
flax seed
wheat gluten
molasses (replacing sugar)
orange (pulp only)
dry milk
very active yeast

I can almost taste it now. The first batch will of course be made on the hook......out there.

Cheers !!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (16).jpg

Fog Washed And Sea Breeze Blasted

Fog Washed

What a weird ass awakening this am. Fog so fn thick ......less than 200 ft. here on the Anole. It was unexpected to say the least.
The shot below is not fucked up.......it's fog. And thick crap. It's the kinda of fog that experience has taught me personally to just drop the frigging anchor and read a book, or drink some beer. :)


Accomplished two very needed task. Can't wait to test the sail adjustment. :)

A Few More Stitches

This is pretty fucking close to what the bow of this boat looked like new. Damn. That is classic friggin beauty. I still don't understand how the anchor was intended to be implemented. Maybe the owner had no intention of ever anchoring. Who the fuck knows! Thats another project for another month. The "sea breeze" blew like hell today. The ENE wind cooled it 20 degrees in less than an hour. :)

Bold And Beautiful

Cheers !!!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (15).jpg

Three Little Birds

It's that time of year again. Had to break out the canopy today. When the mercury is in the 90's and there is no wind to speak of it gets really hot.......on any boat.

Keeping Cool In The Rising Heat

Got to take the main sail down today and make a modification. That is the main project for today. Would love to see the leech tight and right. Hopefully it wont turn into a major headache.
Then if I have time I want to repair my bow from the little accident that damaged it. It's no big deal really, I just dont like having to look at it.

Keeping Cool In The Rising Heat

Sometimes I find that I have listened and yet not answered till way after the fact. Was asked a couple of days ago, "Did you ever think you would own a boat like that?" The question finally came back around and I had to answer it yesterday. No. Five years ago if you told me I was going to be owning a big, classic, beautiful, 38' sailboat, I would have said you were crazy. It wasn't even a passing thought.
It's crazy how life deals out these crazy hands in the poker game of life. :)

Cheers !!!!

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April 09, 2011

All New Paint - Waterline Up

Finally, after a week of hard and painstaking work all the wood is newly varnished and the entire boat from the waterline up has new paint. Yes she looks fine. :)

All New Paint - Waterline Up

All New Paint - Waterline Up

All New Paint - Waterline Up

All New Paint - Waterline Up

Cheers !!!!

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April 07, 2011

Ok.....going to bed now.

Just want to say a little sentence to all you fucking losers that didn't get to buy my boat. In the future if you see a nice boat and you explore it and see all the cool specs. You know that you have found the boat that will take you through the fucking storm. The boat that is built like a fucking tank in sailboat terms.
The next time you feel that you have found that boat for a killer price you might want to jump on it.

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (10).jpg

One Beautiful Boat.............or Wish I Was Someplace Else

Just got to love the reflections of those bottles. :) Means I got more for you. :)

Buy This ?!?!  Pull the bank roll out.

Love these little teak wedges. This is what is left of the teak hand rail that I totted around for 2+ fucking years. Done. Now I dont have to worry about that damn teak hand rail no fucking more. :) Cheers !!!! :)

Buy This ?!?!  Pull the bank roll out.

This is a hats off wink to "Scott". In the mist of a heated conversation among friends about what color my boat should be ....I got a wisper in my ear....."Hey, lime green in the cockpit". That was from Scott. Hope you like this shit man. Cause if I get any kind of slack from all the women that are always on my boat I am going to come to you mother fucker!!!!!

Buy This ?!?!  Pull the bank roll out.

Anole......the strongest most challenging addiction I have ever known.

Buy This ?!?!  Pull the bank roll out.

Cheers !!!!

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April 06, 2011

You Don't Understand...

......picture yourself living on a boat..........now painting the interior of that boat......now walking through the boat. Got it yet? You don't understand.
Anything that is done on the inside of this boat is world altering. But I have been stabbing at it.
The Galley, always a pain, is getting some attention too. Hell, it's like Heroin, once you see a little shiny nice wood you just want to see more.
Spruced the area up a bit.

You Don't Understand.......

Damn......this whole painting shit sucks. I wonder if they have "Rhino Shield" for boats. :) Sign me up. LOL

Cheers !!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (7).jpg

Ok, my back is hurting now...that's not good.

"FOAMY", Lord and Master - on Japan

Cheers !!!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (5).jpg

April 05, 2011

Dreaming Of A Special Cove

I was getting my daily fix of Rush today. He said something that really caught my attention. Basically his advice to the "Right" was "OWN IT !! ". Shut the government down. You were sent there by vote of the people to get this done. Own it. I think I am going to join that ideal. Own it, just get it done.


"Anole Bread" Update:
I have definitely decided to have Walnuts in the final recipe. I am also tossing around visions of poppy seed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, rye.......ummmmmm, I am on a fucking mission from hell. "The Bread From Hell", I may have to publish that name so that I will own it. Hummmm ???? :)

Pretty Faces

There is a sweet little cove off behind Wassaw Island that I am so dreaming about. I soon will be there. I feel a minimum of three days are required to get the full effect of that spot. Some will disagree I'm sure. Dreaming of that day,,,,,,dropping anchor and forgetting life for a few days. LOL :) My liquor cabinet is full. Whiskeys, vodkas, tequilas, .....you name it. I can feel that wind coming.

Cheers ! :)

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (4).jpg

Pipe Works and Beach Hammock Terrorist (aka Sailors)

I finally got some time to spare and a need to get rid of these ugly exhaust pipes. Well, hide them anyway. Been waiting to do this for a while and finally committed the idea to reality. Nothing fancy, doesn't match anything and looks just fine for my taste.
I completely insulated it on the inside of the cabinet so that the wood wouldn't get too hot. And there are vents on the side to allow fresh air intake also.
So it's a done deal finally.

Closing Up The Exhaust System

Closing Up The Exhaust System

Warning: If you see the guy below I think he may be wanted by the FBI. It is reported he may be an escapee from Abugrade in Cuba.

Beach Terrorist



April 02, 2011

Warnings To Follow - Pay Attention

Warning: As of this night this site has gone "Adult Only" in the legal sense of the term. As posted on the home page you should be an "Adult" to be here.
That being said let me just say this in my own defense here. I am really going out on a limb here. I know how I tend to have a few toddies and just go to posting crap. My intention is to occasionally post photos of ladies because I really love the female, especially her body. Well, the bodies of the fine ladies. (just being honest here).
Some of the photos to be posted in this next series of blogs will feature nudity. I admire nudity when done beautifully. My promise to you is that all features will be of erotic artistic nudes. Nudes that are beautiful in every respect. As a respect to my own site this is what I have to do.
This feature could end at any point in the future, as I am pursuing ideas always.
Cheers my friends, Butch Petty

Ok, lets get into this day. No time to waste..........after all we have to get to that promised nudity. Can't wait for that, right ?!??!?? The Anole is getting ready to shake off some old stuff and get new stuff.

The Last Look At The Lizard

I want you to meet "Chuck". He is the newest member of the Anole Clan. I have owned this little guy for a long time. However it just recently came back into my possession. My Buddy Rambling gave it back to me. He had been babysitting it for me.
I just love being able to walk into the boat and say "Whats up Chuck", or "What the fuck Chuck", or "Fuck you Chuck". You get it huh? Got to have a fall guy. LOL :)


Birds.......window frames, .....shrimp............paint........sailing.....all things that I daydream about.

What's In The Bird

Inside: lime, sprinkled over cavity and inserted, jalapeƱo, onion, garlic, spice......... :)

Today's Bird

Got to go away now. Have very important criminals to slay. Demons to kill. New worlds to discover.

sail - lady.jpg

April 01, 2011

Window Shopping

............ there is a beautiful window frame next to where I am hanging out these days. It caught my attention the first time I saw it many months ago. It is a tall frame. And very sweetly slender. I have not seen a frame with the grains like this frame in a while. Have not even cared to look. But this frame, well it just looks so nice. It has a couple of knots in it that the artist chose to have, I don't mind knots. Not as long as they are not too rough. But just looking at this frame I can see the branches and the fine wood she is made of. She is not a loud color. She just speaks softly with depth. A beautiful frame indeed.
I don't know if I have a wall for such a beautiful frame. :O

Sinatra Moment


Tangerine Bread or Better Off Dead

In this quest, creating the perfect bread (that is not a joke. I am on that quest. This is going to be the worlds most perfect bread. OK, let's define "most perfect". That way we wont have to act like a bunch of Wisconsin cry baby left wind fucking zealots.
Most perfect means that most importantly that it can be made on-board the vessel. 2., It has to have all the mineral and vitamin quality to maintain life..........yes, like "on bread alone". 3., It has to taste good and not sweet. (I feel that I need to make this point vividly, it cannot taste sweet. That is the hard part. I love sweet, but only when I want it). 4., It should be as easy as possible to make on the limited space of the galley. (that's why I like the whole "No Knead" concept of "King Arthur's" flour. )
And Tangerines, well I would love to incorporate the texture of the tangerine pulp. I don't think that it would make it too sweet, and yet give it some vital vitamins......like C.

Hey, just thinking.

100 percent whole grain with tangerine backers

So there I was, finding myself looking at this little sailboat, almost a spitting image of the McGregor. It was called a Luger. A 26 foot boat. I wondered how I would allow myself, even for a moment to consider living on a boat that size. NO FUCKING WAY !!!!!! I would better off........well, let's just say.......not around. Not polishing that pretty wood in my hallway, that leads to the head, the shower, the queen size berth in the Captains Quarters. Yep .....ha ha ha ha !!!! Fuck that !!!! Not fucking happening. I can cook bread on the Anole. And that's about the best thing I can think of ................ well, maybe not the best thing. :)


Cheers !!!!

sail sailing sailboat lady woman female beautiful ladies (29).jpg