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May 30, 2011

Aluminum & Steel & Wool or Cotton

My little sister, Susan.

Little Sister Susan

This Stuff Killed Eagles
I give up. Dont try this at home kids. Self medication I am sure has it's drawbacks. Many weeks ago I started feeling pain in my guts. I dont like pain when it comes to my body. It makes me admire and respect the female species of our homosapien species, If a human can harbor a sperm cell and rear it to maturity.....hey, I'm so full of respect for that. Not me. If I have pain that hinders in any way my normal existence in this word I am so fucking whining like a baby. Maybe not vocally but the vibes I will exude will make normal people run away from me.


Cheers !!
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May 29, 2011

Textiles, Turds and Traffic

Atlanta, how do I describe it ? Having been born, raised, returned to and left there again I can say one thing that always just jumps out at me when thoughts of Atlanta enter my mind.....traffic. Lots of it, every where you look or choose to be at, it's there.
As I age and look at it from my prospective I also harbor the word "plastic". It didn't use to be like that. It was once an beautiful southern city. Now it is full of people that put on so many airs. Plastic, fake fucking people. Everyone rushing around trying to get there face out there and look so debonair and cool, while in the background, behind that door that en-capsules their world, very little is really that cool or debonair or even civil I think. The Olympics, while they spurred the growth of a town that would otherwise still be that quaint big city in the south, has given the people of Atlanta a deep, desire to be something they are not.
Now it is like so many other cities, smothered in plastic and traffic. Who the fuck wants to be there? Only plastic, fake people. No thanks.

Hanid, the more time I spend around her the more I come to like her. She is my brother's North Star. But such a beautiful and gentle star. Always shinning bright. She reminds me of my mother "Chaps". Always quiet and remaining in the background, yet always out front in your face, even though you may not see her physically, she is there.
I had a talk with my brother this past weekend. Of all us siblings there was a jagged line drawn down the middle of the pack. Some really fucked there life up, some really made all the right moves. I think this person, Hanid, is by far the best move my brother ever made. I would like to say that he took after his big brother but everyone would know that was bullshit. :)
I miss you already little brother. I know Baltimore isn't that far away but I got the sense that our time together will be very little from now on. I don't even have to say "take care". I know Hanid has that covered. So I will just say I wish the best for you, Hanid, Angel and the three turds (dogs). LOL :)

A Mother's Love

Griffin, Ga.
Of all the places that I have had the displeasure of presiding I would rank this shit hole as numbro fucking uno!
It once thrived. It was one hell of a textile town. Cotton cloth products where pumped out of this town in a break neck pace. It once really was a place where everyone worked. Forget that! It all went to China. The people of Griffin were left by the wayside so that politicians could pad that accounts. The same as it is today. Politicians don't give a fuck about the American people. If your one of those stupid ass people that think differently......please, don't vote in the next elections in 2012. For that matter, please, please never vote again.


Cheers !
I'm drinking tonight.......it's been awhile. I'm back. :)

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May 25, 2011

Return To "An Especially Beautiful Hammock"

I have started a new group for "The Hammock Keepers". I originally started a group on "Facebook", but I finally wised up and realized what a total waste Facebook is. Not only is it a waste of human time, but they also violate your privacy, sell your information for profit and then don't want to let you leave Facebook. Fuck That !! But for you people that still do the Facebook thing you can still find it here I guess: The "Hammock Keepers" Facebook Group

The reason I say "I guess" that is still there is because I don't have a flipping clue if the people I left as Administrators are doing a thing with there responsibilities as Administrators. I kind of doubt it.

But never fear, your pathway to new and current news about the hammock that I affectionately refer to as "An Especially Beautiful Hammock" has been repaved to a far better and more respectful place. It will now run as a group on Flickr.com. This is the way there: The Hammock Keepers Flickr Group.
It is open to the public to join. However, in an attempt to keep all content "Hammock" related any submission you make, photos, post, etc. will be checked by the Administrator, me. :) So feel free to check it out.

I made a trip out this morning to do a cleanup before the big Memorial Day Weekend. Some said I should wait until after the weekend because it was just going to get trashed. Point taken but misguided in judgment in my opinion. I think the easier it is for people to do the right thing the more likely they will.
The place is indeed still as beautiful as when I first stepped foot on it.
A final note on the subject: I end up replacing my shovel and rake that I hide on the hammock each year. I just don't frigging get it ?!?!?! Listen up people, if you find them, leave them alone and just shoot me an email. I'll see to it you have a rake and shovel delivered to your house......maybe, if you talk nice.

Return To "An Especially Beautiful Hammock"

Return To "An Especially Beautiful Hammock"


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May 23, 2011

Foamy on Bin Laden

Cheers !

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Honor: Knowing the Nielsens.
Eight years ago, or so, I meet and was adopted by the Nielsen's. LOL. :) Not too many people adopt a son that is older than they are.
Anyway, got to go out and visit the family this past weekend. Good to just chill out on the "ranch". I use to live in the doublewide mobile home in the photos. I do miss the slow pace and quiet space out there.

We had a nice BBQ out back and watched the day pass. All the new chickens you see have all been named, with the exception of a rooster or two. There are four roosters. It will be thinned to one or two that will have the privilege of live its life out on the farm.

Worked on the farm taxi (golf cart) a bit. But mostly just chilled. Was a great time. Thanks Mom and Dad. :)

A Weekend With Family

A Weekend With Family

A Weekend With Family

A Weekend With Family

Now the real Honors of the weekend have to go to Jasmine Nielsen. I have watched her grow since 10 yrs.old. She has done really great in life and in school, which is a direct result of her Mom and Dad's guidance. Hell, I should know that, I have had plenty of that as there oldest kid. LOL :)
Jasmine graduated high school last Friday from South Effingham High with Honors ! Bravo Jasmine. I know you will find your way in this world and do great. My hats off to you.
She has also been excepted into Georgia Southern into the Honors program. What a hell of a great start.
David and Sharon, you did good. As always, my hats off to you also. :)

Jasmine Nielsen Graduates High School

Jasmine Nielsen Graduates High School

May 22, 2011

VIVA the "Cain Doctrin" !!

May 20, 2011

Once again: Screw You Obama !

Obama, the terrorist loving punk you are, if you think that the American people think like you do your screwed up in the head. You will not throw Israel under the bus on our watch.

You have finally been talked to by a "man", Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, not the punks in your regime. Get over yourself.

Netanyahu flippinng the bird to Obama.jpg

Watching The Wading

The back yard view...........Priceless !!!!!

May 19, 2011

Have A Good One

My personal tribute to Scott Daubert who claims I havent been posting on this blog to his satisfaction. LOL :)

Johnny Cash.jpg

May 07, 2011

This Is Just A Test - if this had been an actual emergency.........

This is a test. I am playing with some HTML code. Tired of that same old damn font on this blog.

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May 05, 2011

"The Company Store" or History's Mysteries

For the first time in history a mans sailboat has been renamed Without his opinion, his consent, or approval. The S/V formally know as Camelot is now know as "The Company Store".
Funny in a way. All down through history "company stores" were always villainous in their very existence. Nothing could be further from the truth about this "Company Store".

"The Company Store"

Cheers !!!!!

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I Owe My Soul To The Company Store

May 04, 2011

What Happened Amy Tour

Ok. We must clarify. What is the "What Happened Amy Tour" ???
It's where you just let loose. You act like you are really sailing out to catch some really big wind and then you catch some really big winds and you turn around real quick and haul ass back to the dock.
Anyone want to partake? :)

Hey, I'm just saying. LOL LMFAO !!!!!!!

Super News

Cookies and Seeds

Yesterday [ have you noticed that these posts are yesterdays shit? that sucks !!! Get the fuck over it !!!! ] I was just tired of looking at that pre packaged thing of fucking peanut butter cookies. Enough already.

Nutter Butter Cookies

I never thought I would see a friend of mine giving cu-dos to that Obama guy. OK, to President Obama. Sorry. In this case I stand hand in hand with my friend, bravo Hussein, now what? Just because you grew a pair for a night or two, grow another fucking size bigger and lets drill mother fucker! Be a man, Be American, Be Anti-Establishment......just fucking be something black man. You have the whole entire black population of America looking at you. Do something for them. Fuck !!!! This isn't rocket science.

Brandy Aint That Bad...

So there I was, sitting on my sack of seeds, looking at these pictures of this pretty

sailboat. For weeks I had been doing that. Called the owner a few times. We had some

good conversations. Boats, politics, whiskeys, fishing, hell just lots of talks. But today

it was different. Got up at about a half past a monkeys ass early to do some driving.

Was going to see this damn beautiful boat.
Finally, after the scenic route I find the marina. Quaint little spot. I could dig having a

boat here. I can already see the sailboat. Hell, I have been looking on line for way too

long. You cant miss it really. In the world of boats today there really are no old

gorgeous boats around. Hey now, when I say old gorgeous boats I mean real boats,

not the plastic shit that some fucking Jose from Tijuana put his ignorant hands on.

This boat was touched by nothing but Canadians. Craftsmen. REAL BOATS.
As I neared the boat I was just struck by it's beauty. I saw no one around so I just

looked for a bit. Wow, what great lines. I remembered in a conversation about how

this hull design had won the America's Cup. I could just see the seas lapping up over

the bow. My mind wondered.....
Then, in my daydream, I was startled awake as the boat suddenly tilted effortlessly over

to the side, like it had just woke up also. Then I knew I wasn't dreaming. Someone was

in the boat.
After about an hour or two of conversation and revelry with the owner I knew I just

had to sail this boat and asked of the possibilities. To no amazement to me the owner

refused without an amount of earnest money. Hesitation was not an issue. Just to go

out and be on this beautiful boat, watching as she sliced through the water was an

afternoon I could not refuse.
The boat was flawless. The owner in all his knowledge of the boat allowed me no

assistance. I watched as she eased off the dock, effortless in motion and intentions as

the wind found her bow. Then the sails popped, wind found its home, and the motor

fell silent.
That was ten years ago to the day. Each and every year on this day I remember when I

first saw the "Anole" and thank all the gods that I paid cash on the spot.

Notes from the Anole
The morrow of the story:
If you see a boat that you like and she has "for sale" signs be very serious. Because the

next day she may not have a "for sale" sign.

The morrow of the story , II:
Be careful with that sack of seeds.

Cheers !!!!

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May 03, 2011

Here and There

I woke yesterday to see this.
Sunrise Over Tybee

Then I looked in the mirror next to me and saw this.
The Ugly End Of The Horse

A little later in the morning I was here......

and here....
Anole Photos By Capt Steve 018

and here....
Trail Blazers !!!!!

and here......
Fat Bastard !!

and then back here at the end of the day.