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June 30, 2011

Where's My Nuts or Monsters On The Loose

So there I was, eating my ham, egg and cheese on whole grain toasted bread, fresh off the grill on the Café Anole.
I use to come this way often, hell only lived blocks away and I was there for a couple of years. But back then I rode my bike everywhere.
As I set and watched the early morning world come alive I glimpsed this squirrel. The more I watched I came to be convinced that these were Democrat squirrels. In my mind as I watched I finally realized the difference between old school Democrats and the new liberal Democrats that permeate our society.
I realized that the real left wing, progressive brain dead Democrats are like that little squirrel that buried his thousand nuts and can never find them again. He always ran around begging, "tax more, I need my nuts. More nuts."
Then there was the conservative Democrat. He reminded me of the little squirrel that found five hundred of the thousand nuts it buried. He was always begging for more nuts, just not in your face like the progressive left.
It's just fucking nuts !!!!!

Where's My Nuts ?

Where's My Nuts ? Help Me !?

There is just something about this sleek slender lady that always brings me down to earth.


Another day done and a stamp to prove it! So There !!

Cheers !!!

(Note: I don't usually comment on the ladies photos that I post. I have to make an exception here. This lady.......OMG. She is so fucking beautiful. Let me tell ya, I know some things about sailor's dreams........she's in there. )
woman-girls-lady-female-sailboats-sailing-sails-boats (5).jpg

June 29, 2011

Wet and Wild or Taking Her Top Off

Rain, and man it is wonderful, came in a blast today. I saw it coming about 4:00 this afternoon. I felt the air get real clear and pleasant to breath. Cool and refreshing. It came a little more than an hour later. It's kinda funny, I hit the boat wet, changed to dry warm clothes, grabbed the umbrella and went walking in the rain. LOL :)
Yeah, it was a bit cold, but man it was good.

Coming Back on the boat after my walk in the rain I find a new leak. I have got to do a new window seal day. Reseal all the lights/window/ports or what the hell ever you want to call them. They're leaking !!!!

New Leak

Another Leak

So let me tell you whats going on here on the S/V Anole. I have been having this jones to get rid of the Bimini on the Anole. I want it gone. All things come full circle. This circle is done. The top is coming off. I can feel her lungs filling now in the anticipation of her baggage loss.
I have also undertaking the design of a new awning. This awning is going to be so cool. Because it will be able to swing side to side to make adjustments in tide flow and sun's direction. It is going to be the best way coolest awning ever. ( Details to follow soon)

I do, I do, I think I am
said the little sailor Sam
my little sailboat I'll call Ann
it's top must go, yes it can
I'll see the wind and the sail
unbridled breeze it cannot fail
I do, I do, I think she will
be real happy, yes I feel - Butch Petty

Cheers !!!!

woman-girls-lady-female-sailboats-sailing-sails-boats (2).jpg

Another Day Done

And That's No Bullshit

June 28, 2011

Two Ladies and a Rock

All Wound Up - 3

All Wound Up - 2

All Wound Up

Two Ladies

Cheers !!!

woman-girls-lady-female-sailboats-sailing-sails-boats (1).jpg

Social Networking ?

June 27, 2011

Michele Bachmann - And The Republican Attack

If for one minute you thought that Rep. Bachmann got called a flake was an accident that someone could just apologize his self out , you are one fucked up individual. All those old time fucking republicans on the hill never want to see her come to the top. And it's not just her. Those "old boys" on the hill think that they can choose the next president. Fuck that !!!!

Stop believing the news. Find out the facts. Weigh all the candidates in accordance to their actions in government. What did they vote on. What stands they have taken. Make your own decisions. But never, ever listen to the news or the radio, or watch the TV to form your opinions. Get the facts people.
This ain't a color thing or a gender thing, this is an American thing.

Ask yourself this question, and this is not for your fucking loosers that are living on government money, this is for the rest of us, are you happy with where you are in this world?

Now, what are you going to do about it?

Don't listen to the shit on TV like the "Flake" story with Michele Bachmann. Find out the Truth. Vote your gut.

Then we will get America back again.

Peace, Butch

Ben, His Den, Two Chicks and Zen

When I was this young, and school was out, I could never do this. Just pass out in the yard. :O
Hell no. I had to be in the mix. Of course it usually wasn't the right mix. But it was the mix I was in. Hanging with older guys. Trying to be superman tough. LOL. I can laugh now at my ignorance.
"Chicks" where not on the main menu. Drugs, cars and flying high. I guess you could say that I have been sailing for a while now. :)

Jasmine, facing you, is college bound.......when she wakes up. :)
Two Chicks Roosting

I bet you wish you had a nice truck like this. You can only get them in "Farmville."

The Little Truck That Can

I would say that I wish I could have a life like Ben's. But a dog's life is way to short.

Ben's Den

Ok, I'm floundering now. I guess I better go. Some folks may say that I am drunk. No. I will send direct signals when I meet that requirement.


Not drunk yet........being a nice boy. :) Cheers !!!!


Shooting The Mosquito Cut To Little Tybee Creek

A Boat Too Full

The Dolphin On Little Tybee Creek

The Dolphin On Little Tybee Creek - 2

Saturday Chill

Cheers !!!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (100).jpg

June 24, 2011

Muddy Banana's

Last night a hell of a storm blew through.......and I mean really fast. Wham.......heel your boat for 30 minutes on the rail and gone !!!! It was literally that fast. All hell broke loose, shit flew off the shelves, me up looking out the ports and making contingency plans, winds from hell, rain in torrents. Wow, it was almost like real sailing. :) LOL

I had actually raced the rain from downtown. It hit there just after I packed the days work in and called it quits. Just fucking booming rain. WTF ???? So I zipped in and out of traffic. I knew which way it was heading. So I hauled ass. Sure as shit, by the time I reached Thunderbolt I was ahead of it. Just sprinkles here and there.
I zipped into the parking lot of the marina and jumped truck. Hauled ass to the marina store and grabbed ice for the toddies and beat it quick to the boat.
I barely made it when all hell broke loose. I thought the fucking keel was going to touch the foam under the dock. That is how far it heeled in the wind. I love it. :)
It was a two front storm. That was the first front. It passed and I hopped out of the boat. Because what I saw just fucking amazed me. Of all the years that I have been here I have never seen the mud wash out of the marsh the way it did yesterday. It just amazed me the way the water turned milkshake chocolate right along the bank. Sweet!
I love to watch Mother Nature being Mother Nature.

Muddy Waters


Pay attention kids. This will most likely be the last post on this subject till I have completed the job.
This is my new work area. I will be here for a bit longer. The challenge is great. The effort is great. The final result must be great. Nuff said.

Work Space


Ok .........the subject of "Self Diagnosing". Yes, where back here again.
Yes, I am a pussy when it come to my body not working right. That is why I admire and respect the female of our species. They are far more pain tolerant. Last night I had a crisis. It came in the form of pains in my chest. Weird and out of the ordinary pain. It freaked me quite a bit. I finally just said fuck it and force feed food and laid down.
As it turned out I still live. I know, I know......get over it. I am not going down that fucking easy you bitches !!!!
So I consulted the medical director of the "Company Store." He assured me that nothing was wrong. Just take a salt tablet and get to work. The bastard. :) LOL

After our very highly intellectual conversation I came home and plugged into Yippy.
Through all my exploration into potassiums and sodiums and the body's requirements of said element I realized that Mom had it right when she raised us heathens. She was constantly feeding us peanut butter and banana sandwiches. And there was no INTERNET back then.....helll, I think Al Gore may have still been sucking his thumb. :) LOL
Way to go MOM. To this day I can think of nothing wrong you did.

The moral of this story is .........peanut butter and banana sandwiches are full of sodium and potassium. The key element to keep cell functions working properly in extreme conditions. Oh, and lots of fluids too. :)

Now you know.

Cheers !!!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (88).jpg

June 23, 2011

June 14th This Happened

Living The Salt Life

"An Especially Beautiful Hammock" - A Perfect View

All Days Must End.....

Cheers !!!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (86).jpg

Flag Day 2011 at "An Especially Beautiful Hammock"

Flag Day on "An Especially Beautiful Hammock"

Cheers !!!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (97).jpg

June 21, 2011

Chicks Rock !!! & Little Red Corvettes

I recently had a list of all the phone numbers and names of the respondents to a "Craig's List" add that I had placed.
Appx. 25 entries. What some lame ass shit when I pulled up to the job site and started at the top of the list calling. I just needed one "dumb ass", you didn't have to think. You just needed to work.
So after all the bullshit excuses that I heard: my alternator is out, a tree fell on my house, fuck that !!!

I just wrote all the ass wipes off. I don't need to deal with this shit. Focus !!

Then this one person called back, out of the 25 fucking prospects. A little 5'1" brick shit-house of a woman.

After this day I have one thing to say..........Chicks Rule !!!!!

LoL I guess if she shows up tomorrow after today.......then I will be really impressed.

Photos? Oh no, not without consent. :)

But here is a nice photo in the meantime. :)

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (83).jpg

Let's Kill Some Bugs !!!!

I was getting the boat ready to pull anchor the other day at "An Especially Beautiful Hammock". Everything was just flowing. This is no new process. The is the same old process. Get the boat ready to sail. Simple.
And there it was ! Sitting in the cockpit of my boat. Out of place. My fn fish stringer. Not a cheap stringer, the really nice ones. And I say fuck it and toss it in the dingy. Not !!! It missed by two inches. Nothing about that stringer floated. It just sunk. Wham !!

At that moment you have to tell yourself: "I'm out here to smile. Playing with wind and smiling." So all you can do is watch and smile...........as it sinks into invisibility. :)

In the "After Action" comes the cussing yourself for one big fucking dumb ass. Yet, also paying more attention. It is what it is. :)

The Swarm

Everything past this point in the page view happened on June 15th, 2011. Just so you know. :)

"An Especially Beautiful Hammock"

Such A Beautiful Lady


Cheers !!!!

Oh Fuck !!!!?????? I might need to chang my desktop background ?!?!?!?!?

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (85).jpg

June 20, 2011

".....got to go to Rehalb,....I said no, no, no!!"

What a lucky person you are. You get to see my new "desk top background".

Cheers !

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (84).jpg

We have a dignitary coming to town on the 30th. Stay tuned. This is going to be pegging the fun needle. Can't wait to see you again my friend. :)

It Happened on June 16th, 2011

Very High Full Moon Tides - S/V Anole

A Shady Spot

Roots In The Hammock

After The Rain

And Then There Was "Ben" :)

"Ben" on watch !!!

Guess who is in need of more Rehab? NO ! NO! Not Lamar !

Rehab Reflection

Cheers !!! :)

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (81).jpg

June 17, 2011

Potato Magic From The S/V Anole

Potatoes and Meat

June 13, 2011

Who Felt The Most ?!??

I feel her
She is much closer.
So close I can feel her blonde hair
It bushes my shoulder
Just where she knew it would touch
Wasn’t a question of bolder
Who felt the most
Who felt the most.

I talk to her at night
Roll into her sight
Feel the flesh without sight
Somehow it’s not right

Her fingers wonder
In my mind she is under
Sweet soft skin
I ponder
Sweet taste my tongue
I wonder

The Chain drips in blood
Hurt I knew it would
Don’t loose the hood
If you know what’s good.

Who felt the most
Who felt the most

The mornings dew
Placed over you

To touch is to sense
Touch is tense

The place I touch you

The place I touch you

Butch Petty, 6/13

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (96).jpg

TimeTo Sail

It is a crazy feeling to land lubbers. That desire to just be out there. No boats, No houses. No people. Just the sounds of nature when all you want to hear is the sounds of nature. Watch the ebb and Flo of the beautiful Georgia tides.Dingy out in reconnaissance missions to local "Red Fish" holes. Bait casting in the low tide times. Just becoming one in nature. There is no sweeter life.
The Anole and I will transition soon from wood to water. Our move comes from a lack of activity. If I am going to be active depraved on the wood. Well then I would much rather be nature involved in this world.
The Anole sails soon. There is no return date. No time I need to talk to anyone except for myself. We, my self and I have lots of conversations to indulge in...........out there.

The Second Loaf
Last Night's Loaf------number two.

Then You Loose Steering

Must be hell being 20 miles out and in rough seas and loose steering. That is like major fear numbro uno. Just Saying.

The Crabber

The Crabber, just underneath the food chain scale of the shrimper, is one hell of a hard worker. His day is before sunup and long after sundown,


Tools. Man, the tools of the fisherman are mixed and varied. :) Fish On !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a Sweet Fucking Piece of Metal

I ain't said shit to Doc. I have been partaking of this piece of Japanese excellence. This is one sweet casting and feeling thing. If I had a woman in my life she would be able to be felt like the fish on the end of this rod and reel.

Hey, just breaking it in Capt.

Love That Captain

Right behind the Captain's right knee is the fountain of youth.......the Ten Year Old Canadian Club. UMMMMM Ummmm GOOOOD

Re Loaded

Cheers !!!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (80).jpg

June 12, 2011

Sunday's Photo Journal

The Last Of The Loin

The First Try

My New Toy

Window Gazing

Off The Stern Rail

First Loaf

The "Hitachi's" First Loaf

Time Passages


More Air

Got Screen ?

Making The Patterns

Cheers !!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (79).jpg

June 11, 2011

"The Sixth" & Fatal Errors

In my mind I have a vision. It has a beautiful lady in it. We sail all the open seas. We bond like no other two people have ever bonded. We watch the sunsets and sunrises. I make her learn how to cook. LOL :)

We are in two worlds and have been for so long. But we are always in one world.

Sorry baby. It didn't take long for me to think of "The Sixth".

And just so you know, "The Five" LOvE YOU !!!!! :)


Bexar's Memory & "The Five"

I was just thinking of Bexar. I don't know what brought him into my head today. I usually don't think of the cause. I know he made me smile. :)

But today I wondered of all those people that said goodbye to Bexar, how many thought about him today. I can almost guarantee you that if the DNA in his blood was not in that person then that person did not think of Bexar.


Then there are five. Five that the DNA is connected to Bexar that I can almost guarantee you has thought about BeXar recently.
The closest five in DNA.

"The Five"
"The Five"

From left to right: Mike Petty(brother), Mom (Queen), some ugly salty looking guy, Susan Petty (sister), Scott Petty (brother)

Cheers my son. Always thinking of you. Will never stop.

I guess if you read the Qron(< fuck that) you have seven virgins. LOL LMFAO :) Cause I know you. You got angels. And when you all rise it is like Flamingos, far as the eye can see, all in unison, all connected......just like you are to earth.

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (78).jpg

"Fake Awake" & Pork Loin A La Perfecto !!!

Captain's Cream Of Loin" and "Butch's World Famous Cornbread".
"Captain's Cream Of Loin"

Cheers !!!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (77).jpg

June 10, 2011

Captain's Cream Of Loin or Other Entertainment

Captains Cream Of Loin.jpg

I felt sorry for the poor bird in the video. Bait fish where all around him. He never caught a thing the whole ten minutes that I was taping. He is young still. He better learn fast. It's a cruel world out there. LOL :)

I was watching out across the water today and got to see this really cool boat. A hard top on a flat boat like this is just way too cool. I would have designed the front of it with a small foil to force pressure down on the boat. Less chances that the wind would get up underneath and possible toss the boat. But hey, thats just my friggin two cents on that.


Things got a little heated on the Bull River Today. Yep !! Not mentioning any names but there was a certain couple of Dolphins getting really hot and bothered today. By the time I saw what was getting ready to happen I only had time to click this one, out of focus, shot. But it was just so way cool to see. :) Now that's some loins. LOL Just saying.


Cheers !!!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (76).jpg

June 08, 2011

Who Killed The Navigator ?

You may ask yourself....."who is the fucking Navigator?" You may ask yourself "Why do I care?"

He died today......officially. He had really been dead for a long time. Just no one noticed. Today you may ask yourself "How Did I Get Here?"

I'm Killing The Navigator !!!!

The Navigator Died - After

A Gift From Scott

The Little Table

A New Face

Tomorrow night I am going to have one hell of a nice southern meal, complete with "Butch's World Famous Cornbread". Stay tuned for the skinny. :)

Tomorrows Supper

The Kettle

Cheers !!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (75).jpg

21 1/2 hours

June 07, 2011

My Worst Fear

My worst fear.

I fear more than anything that I ever end up in a hospital in some kinda comatose frigging state. I cant move ,
I cant speak. All I can do is look around through glassy eyes. I can’t turn my head to see where all the tubes and lines that I glimpse out of the corner of
my eyes are going to. No one introduces their self to me because I cant hear. I only see. I communicate no longer with this world.

Darkness and daylight are always there. People and memories are always there. But I am not there. Only the visible pupils of my eyes.
incommunicable and never moving as they are.

Finally, my best friend comes. I am so sure when I get to see him that I will just be able to rise up and talk to him. He doesn’t see me
as I wrap my arms around him for support and hello. He can’t hear me!!!! Wait !!! It is not supposed to be this way. buddy!!! My friend, just kill me
now! Please ?!?!?
I do not want to die like that. That would be the most unimaginable death. So,……this is an informal but totally legal way to insure that my family not have
to make us go through that pain and suffering. That is my worst fear.

Everything else is BS. Bring it!!!! :)


woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (74).jpg

June 05, 2011

Tator Facts


That stuff up there ^^^^^ is so freaking good. Take the advise of a sailor that has seen the light. These are "Tator Facts" to take to the deep blue grave....................never, ever cook your tators whole or even half in your grill on the Yacht. Always cut them baby's in 1/8th's. Hell fucking yeah !!!!!!!!! When that burger is done, with very minimal time on the grill, that tator, spiced and plumped just the way you want it.........is done when the burger is done. Done schooling you kids.
Just say "Thanks Papa". :) I'm goood with that. :)

Cheers you tator freaks like me !! :O

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (72).jpg

Gangsters on Lazeretto Creek, Savannah, Georgia

Then night came....silent, calm and breezy.


I woke early to check out the boat. Make sure those damn hoodlems didnt mess wit me vessel. Damn mischief makers.

Lizard Rising

Cheers All !

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (39).jpg

June 02, 2011

Days Of Sailing and Sun

Cheers !!!

woman-lady-females-girls-sailboat-sailing-sails (38).jpg