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July 31, 2011

The Respite Tour - Monday - Day Two



The Respite Tour - Monday - Day Two

The Respite Tour - Monday - Day Two

The Respite Tour - Monday - Day Two

The Respite Tour - Monday - Day Two

The Respite Tour - Monday - Day Two

The Respite Tour - Monday - Day Two

The Respite Tour - Monday - Day Two

Cheers !!!

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Rest In Peace Dan Peek

Let The Truth Be Heard

Foamy On Drugs

July 30, 2011

I have the best friends ever!!! :)

Black(or white)  People On Beach Hammock
Black(or white)  People On Beach HammockBlack(or white)  People On Beach HammockBlack(or white)  People On Beach HammockBlack(or white)  People On Beach HammockBlack(or white)  People On Beach HammockBlack(or white)  People On Beach HammockBlack(or white)  People On Beach HammockBlack(or white)  People On Beach HammockBlack(or white)  People On Beach Hammock

July 29, 2011

The Respite Tour - Sunday - Day One

Wow. I'm back. I sailed into the marina this morning in light winds, against the tide at about 2-3 knots. I wanted to just turn around and go back out......but I was out of ice. LOL :)

What a wonderful trip. It was totally flawless in all aspects. Just beautiful.

Over the next five days I will post the events of the trip. I am not going to try to type all the notes that I made along the way. They are going to be in photographic versions. If your a "friend" of mine on flickr you can see the large version of the notes. If not you may have to fill in the blanks. Your call. In either case just remember this, I hate anal fucking people. So if you don't like my spelling or punctuation.....fuck you. Get over it. Better yet.....get "On a Boat, On a Boat, A MF'n Boat" :) LOL Just saying......

On a side note, click on the photos in this series of post. They may have details not posted on this blog. Dig Deeper People. :) It's like politic, you have to know the facts. :)

The Respite Tour - Sunday - Day One

The Journey Begins - Leaving Port

Dolphins Love Sailboats

Dolphins Love Sailboats - 2

Not a keeper.....

Not a keeper.....

Afternoon Shade

Screw This Book, anyone want it?

Making Dinner

The Mixture

Wala !!!!!!

Good To Be Back People. A trip without incident is a trip indeed. LOL :) Cheers !!!!!

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July 23, 2011

Ready To Sail - Be Back Soon

Finally, after eight years or so when Carquest left the islands another auto part store has finally opened on the island. Of all the dealers that could have opened on the island I sure didn't expect it to be Napa. But man it is about time. One less reason not to have to drive into Savannah. And that is always great. It's getting way to crowded in town.
And just in case you don't know, this store is located on Whitmarsh right across the street from Walmart. Way to go Napa.
The Island's New Auto Parts Store

Have just been way to busy the last couple of days to post here. I have been doing a lot of overdue maintenance on the Anole among other things. I got out the tanks yesterday so that I could dive the bottom of the boat and clean off the inevitable jungle that likes to grown on boat hulls around here. You can only go for about 4 weeks max in the summer without having to dive your boat. And that is with good paint.
Capt. Steve Marlay of the S/V Camelot was on the dock spotting me as I dove. After I finished and got back on the dock I mentioned to Steve that my zinc was gone. And he said his was too and suggested that I go grab some new ones while he was diving his boat so that we could take care of it while we had the tank and equipment out. I was just going do it later but it did make sense to do it now so I drove for the new zincs for both boats.
As it turned out this was a life, or should I say, boat saver. And this sailing trip tomorrow could have been plagued with major problems had I not went for the zincs.
After Steve finished up his dive I made my dive to put on the new zinc. The minute I got down to the prop I immediately noticed that the cotter key that locks the nut on the shaft was gone. The nut was loose and without this nut the prop could have just spun right off the shaft. I freaked. This problem could not be ignored. A piece of the pin had actually got lodged in the hole of the shaft and it took forever getting the problem fixed. I ended up have to re-thread the shaft threads, beat out the piece with an ice pick and finally got it squared away.
In bad conditions if I had lost motor power the boat could have ended up run aground. Once again Capt. Marlay may have just saved my ass. :)
The rest of the day Friday turned out to be maintenance on both the Camelot and Anole followed by much refreshment and swimming and refreshment and swimming. Hey, when the heat gets in the triple digits the only escape is the water. And man it felt nice. A very good Friday.
I even got the oil changed on the Anole. The first oil change since I rebuilt the motor and still no water in the oil. That is way cool. I also sewed an new awning for shading the deck as I know I will need it over the next few days.

The Anole's First Oil Change After The Rebuild

Building The Deck Shade

Last Minute Laundry

Ok kids, I think I have covered all the last minute details even the laundry ^. Well lets put it this way if I aint got it and it aint been done I aint going to have it and it aint getting done. Because the Anole sails at first light tomorrow, Sunday and she will be back when she gets back. So no more post to this blog for a bit.

Cheers all !!!!

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July 20, 2011

Something's Wrong Here or Come Sunday

Alright people I am going to be trying to cram a lot of crap into the the next few post. The reason being that on Sunday all communications cease to exist........well except my TV. I love to chill in the evening with a movie if possible.

Mental Overload
Larger View
I actually took this shot the other morning and was going to post it last night but I felt it would serve a better purpose posted tonight. After all we, The S/V Anole and I soon sail again.

In the big scope of things I am going in search for a lot of these......sunrises that is. And some cool sunsets are hopeful.
Fish on the grill would just be a bonus. :)

Something's Wrong Here

Something's Wrong Here

Something's Wrong Here

Something's Wrong Here

Note: I want to learn on this trip how to use my stearn anchor in a productive way. I want to put my boat in a spot and not have to worry about the tide change. I want my boat to sit still. Then I can place my wind scoops properly where I always have air flow ( as wind allows) into the cabin. Just saying.

Cheers !!!

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July 19, 2011

One More Time - Fuck Obama !!!

Read the STORY.

Once again people......let me just say this: Don't believe me, get the facts for yourself. That may mean get off your fucking ass and see just how our president is lying to you. If not, then stay away from the voting box. You "are" the problem that America has to deal with. And you will be dealt with. Eyes are opening every second, even though yours remain blind.

See all the lies HERE

Self induced chill moment...........

Nothing More Beautiful In The Morning Than A Beautiful Sunrise

Almost Done
Don't Worry Folks !?!?!? All the before and after photos and videos are coming soon. All the close ups of this fucked up house, paint wise. Oh yeah, all the little nitty gritty details of just how different this house is, it's all on the way.

Cheers !!!!

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July 18, 2011

Naked Campers - Sliding Downhill

Ok kids, don't try this at home. And thanks to Naked Campers for passing it along.
Enjoy !!

Work Notes:

"The First Time Ever I Saw Your" house

Something's Wrong With This Picture?   :O

I had to get this photo. The is the last spot that is a contrast shot to the "New". And It is the last of the "Downhill Slide".
The Downhill Slide

Cheers !!!

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July 17, 2011

Q105.3 or WRHQ dot Com

I couln't Do It !!!

I polished all metal in the cockpit today. I also checked the engine compartment for the first time in way too many weeks. All good, no fucking monsters slapped me..................at least none that I remember. But of course they could have drugged me and taken advantage of me and now the "Anole" in being controlled from another planet. :O

Cockpit Bright

Cheers !!!

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Doc Marlay's Day Off

"Ready To Furl The Jib"

Who Wants To Get Slapped By The Boom

July 16, 2011

Rolling In The Deep - Adele

This is so wickedly good. I can insert this song into my life in so many different places and still smile when all the rushing memories are past. :)

I know, I know, I am a talk radio person. Conservative, Tea Party, Patriot, "Screw the dept ceiling" kind of guy and do not listen to a lot of radio music. So to me this is new. I don't know how old it is and it would just bring me down finding out, so now, in my world, this is new.
And I am digging it. It's my best new song ever. LMAO :)

Look past the commercial at the beginning. This is the only good video right now. Enjoy. :)

Some Things Just Don't Need Titles Or Explanations

Colors Of Freedom

A Day Of Cleansing Rains

Friday, 7-15-11
3:00 am - Internal clock alarm functions enacted.
4"30 am - Headed to the little island of Tybee to do laundry.
5:30 am - Back to the big island to get some groceries
6:30 am - Check truck fluids and make breakfast.
7:00 am - Pull up Microsoft Publisher and design simple business cards
9:00 am - Head to Staples to print and cut cards. 100 cards: cost is $2.85 (the frugal sailor)
10;00 am - Fill water tanks on the Anole (extra weight calms boat against the building seas)
10:30 am - Embark on ship cleaning duties and air the boat out ( finally a cool day)
Noonish - First and only beer, get ice and make real drink.
3:00 pm - buzzed and nap time.
5:00 pm - Make dinner and chill the rest of the day.

Starting To Rain

Noonish, First Sprinkles, First Beer

Southern Food Rocks

Cheers !!!!

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July 15, 2011

Lightening Strikes

Hall Pass #3
Wow what a great shot. I have been on Little Tybee and witnessed these light shows but this shot from South Beach of Tybee Island looking out across the Back River at Little Tybee is just awesome. View Full Size Here


Holy Shmoly !!!! I laid down at 5:00 yesterday afternoon and slept till 3:00 am this morning. Ten Hours Straight !!! That happens maybe two or three times a year for me. Must have been needed. As the picture above so goes the weather this am. This may actually be a rain delay on work today. And if you believe the weather reports, which I seldom do, more of the same for tomorrow is expected. Just what I needed, more time added to my job. Will I ever finish ?!?!?!

woman-girls-lady-female-sailboats-sailing-sails-boats (20).jpg

July 13, 2011

It's Too Fucking Hot or Let's Go Swimming or Jane Say

So lately it has been really fucking hot!!!!!! Let me just say that.
On top of that I have this really fucked up outside job that I refuse to let kick my ass. Not fucking happening !!!
Then along comes another frigging heat wave.
Whoopee Fuck !!! Do you know how many heat waves I have shucked off my shoulder and said "get away" in last four weeks !!!

Anyway.....life on the Anole lately has been predictable. I had a burst of energy last night as I slept. I told myself the scaffolding on my job was going away today. Today the scaffolding on my job went away. All except on little piece in the back. Unfucking believable that I made it this far. By my fucking self, thank you.

One more week till paradise.

The Captain needs to put someone on houskeeping.

Ok kids..........yaw'll be quiet now. I got something to say. It's talking about "Code Zero".
If the heat gets so bloody frigging hot that it is uncomfortable to sit in the cockpit of the S/V Anole one of two things have to happen. One you can get in the water and cool off like the natives. Or two, you can say "I aint getting in there?!?!?" I will shout at you as I float out in the water......drink in hand and tell you ......."Sucker"!!!!

This is code zero. Your at a level that you want to hover at. All is good. The seas are active, the wind is active, and the water is cool. Code Zero.

If, at any time your not in that range of Zero and you soar above all the angels, you can be assured that lines are out to let you enjoy the level of Code Zero.

Code Zero

Cheers !!!

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July 12, 2011

Chicken Shits In Daffin Park or Rain

Hall Pass # 2.

This is absolutely one beautiful presentation of HDR in the digital world. Bravo !!
Check the person out here: Photographer of "Rain storm at Henley Beach :: HDR :: Vertorama"

Rain storm at Henley Beach :: HDR :: Vertorama

Yep! I swear to God, this is in Daffin Park. I shit you not. There I was sitting on my sack of seeds (truck) drinking my home brewed white lightening(eating my breakfast taco) and there they came, a whole damn herd (appx. 8 - 12) of these young chickens came hauling ass past me. I couldn't frigging believe it?!!! I had to take another drink and blink to see if I wasn't hallucinating.
Good luck catching those young birds. LOL :) Would love to see the city workers doing that. HE he he he .

Chickens In Daffin Park ??!!!


Cheers !!!

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Rest In Peace Rob Grill

The Redhead In Daffin Park

I saw this gorgeous Red Headed Woodpecker in Daffin Park at lunchtime yesterday. You could tell that it lived in the park because in the wild getting this close to one of these birds is very rare. Normally they are very skittish. It was amazing watching it digging in all the nooks and crannies of this big oak tree.

Red Headed Woodpecker

Red Headed Woodpecker

Red Headed Woodpecker

Cheers !!!

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July 10, 2011

Hall Pass or The Day In Review

Lets start this post with a new idea. I think , like I need more work, that I might start including a "hall pass" to certain photographers that I find worthy of the honor. Just like Allen Cressler. I have known this guys work for many years. This is a stunning photo in my opinion. Check his work out.
The "Hall Pass" issue is on the table for comments.

thunderstorm, Apollo Beach, Canaveral National Seashore, Volusia County, Florida 3

Ok, I have all kind of avenues that I could go down now. I actually took my writing utensils and jotted some notes. Remember this, " Pecking Order". That is going to be a subject that you need to hear about. Stay tuned. :)

Crabs On The Brain

I'm going to clean this old rusty crab up and paint it. LOL :) Get over it. It's done.
Dipping Blue Crabs

Too Much Informatio

"maggie I wish I had never seen your face"

Cheers !!!!!

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Sunday's Blues, Yellows and Whites

I can think of all kinds of stuff I would rather be doing than headed out to work on a Sunday morning. The smooth skin of beautiful lady next to mine as the boat rocks on the hook would be at the top of the list.
Ok.....wake up !!??!!

Shelf Life

Cheers !!!!

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July 08, 2011

Suzie and the Taco

Capping Off The Day


woman-girls-lady-female-sailboats-sailing-sails-boats (13).jpg

July 07, 2011

Damned Arthritis or Boat Decks ??? Hmmmm

Damned Arthritis

woman-girls-lady-female-sailboats-sailing-sails-boats (12).jpg

Cheers !!!!

Ridgid Power Tools - Palm Sanders - Bearing Failure - Ridgid.com

Ok this should be a regular thing with me.......just blasting the folks that are crapping on the folks.
Put Ridgid Power Tools on that list.
In their defense let me say that this is the only tool that I have used of theirs that has failed. The origin of this issue begs for further questioning. Are all the bearings in all the tools as fucking weak as this tools bearing are? WTF knows?
I have made up my mind. I will never buy another one of there palm sanders.
Remember Kids, as "Other People" I know that are very wise say: "Don't believe me. Get the facts for yourself and make up your own mind."

This is the story of lost time on my job thanks to poor product testing at Ridgid Power Tools:

So there I was in the office today, trying to get this piece of crap sander to act right. Beating it on the building walls. Whacking it with my side cutters. I know that hurts. :)
It's like Harry Reid, just a worthless piece of crap.
So it turned out to be a break-a-way-day from the job site early. Had some issues to take care of.

So When I made it to the boat, got toddy'ed up and settled down with the "Sander Surgery" I told myself, "Hell, you got two of these sanders. If your going to do surgery on one you may as well do both. So thats what I did.

I just want to thank Ridgid.com and Ridgid Power Tools for screwing up my day. It will not happen again. :) LOL

Ridgid Power Tools - Palm Sander - Professional Review - 1

Ridgid Power Tools - Palm Sander - Professional Review - 2

Ridgid Power Tools - Palm Sander - Professional Review - 4

And if you believe all this shit I have this muslim mosque near Ground Zero that I want to sell you. LOL :)

Cheers !!!!!

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July 06, 2011

Down By The River

One of the constants in my life: The sun will rise. You may not be able to burn your eyeballs with it and look at it, but it's there. Always. Actually the sun never rises. It also remains constant. Our little planet however is forever turning, just like the pages in our lives.

Best Of Day

I was on the boat the other day and just happened to see this group of arab men learning to Kayak.
I think the next big attack on America will be by terrorist on kayaks. Hey, I'm for real man! I mean think about it.
Here they are kayaking next to one of the most prime targets in America. Think about it!? What would happen if the S/V Anole was bombed? The world would be in crisis. The repercussions would be immense for world peace to maintain.
It would be twittered across America in a matter of seconds.........it is really scary.
Racial Profiling

Re grouping.

Moving On
Office Time

Cheers !!!

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July 05, 2011

I'm On A Boat, I'm On A Boat, It's 4th Of July

So there I was thinking about doing some crabbing......... LOL JUST KIDDING !!!!!! :)
So there I was on the forth of July, just chilling in my world. It was in perfect harmony. Smiles through and through.
Then I get a text message from Scott Daubert. Be careful if this guy ever calls you.....be very careful.
He brought an old friend that he had introduced me to a couple of years back, Janet. She was in his same unit in the Army. Yeah, the bum really was in the Military, Scott I mean, not Janet. LOL :)
Janet did her tours over in the current wars. Was good to see her again and the bum Scott too. :)

Sexy Ashtray

Janet and Scott

Janet's on a boat, a boat.......

I got the wheel !!!

Went to Huc a Poos for dinner. I was starting to wonder if we may get thrown out. :) It was all good people, don't panic. :)
Huc a Poos for Diner

Ok this a test quiz kids. Have to keep you on your toes. I spotted this sailor on the fourth. Don't let her cute looks fool you. She is really a short fat chick. You think you might know who she is? See her out on a Regatta up in Main? Just push the comment button below. I will post the correct entry.
"Short Fat (pregnant) Chick"

Cheers !!!!

woman-girls-lady-female-sailboats-sailing-sails-boats (7).jpg

Before And After - The Deck At The Picciarelli Home

The Deck Before

The Deck After

My Lady

"I'm On A Boat"

Thanks Scott. This is funny as hell. :)

July 03, 2011

If Words Could Kill or Videos

Cheers !!!!

woman-girls-lady-female-sailboats-sailing-sails-boats (6).jpg

July 02, 2011

Yesterdays Stuff With A Shot Of Today

I can't believe they would leave without me? Traders !!!! LOL :) Happy Trails Mon Capitan.
Parting Shots

Another Nights Dawn

I had to move my office. The landlord came in and made improvements on my old space then jacked the price up on my lease. Effectively evicting me. But thats cool. I found a place right around the corner to set up shop. :)

Work Space Relocation

As the sun rises over the horizon and starts to take it's daily look at Daffin Park you can see the same red that you see as the sun parts across the other horizon. It comes and goes with that blood red Georgia thing. You may even sometime have to look again to make sure that red your seeing is what you really are seeing.
The Breakfast Stop

A little of Today.
I love this space. :)

Weaving Another Day Into The Life

Cheers !!!

woman-girls-lady-female-sailboats-sailing-sails-boats (4).jpg

New Paint For The Picciarelli Home