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November 20, 2012

The Hell Sail Across Jekyll Sound and The Surf On The Other Side

Wow what a day! It started out great. I have to once again give big ass high fives to Morning Star Marinas-Golden Isles. That is one class act or a marina. Did I mention the courtesy car? LOL :) It was one dollar a minute that you went over an hour. It was also my fastest trip in and out of West Marine and a grocery store. Was back right on the minute almost. LOL :) But hell yeah, a guy even comes around with a cart to all the boats and leaves news papers and muffins each morning. Holy Shmolly !!!! :O Thats like the Ritz man.

So I pushed off and did real good until I got to Jekyll Sound. Right before it I had almost dropped anchor because the weather was bad, but the spot was pure crap. So I rolled on. It wasn't even an hour later as I passed out onto the sound that I knew I had fucked up. This is where I need to say this, "your not in Kansas (insert Anole) anymore" Butch!!!! That was when I realized that I had a mindset that I quickly needed to rectify. This is not the same boat as the Hughes. What are you doing in 7 plus foot seas Butch??!!! It was also at that moment that I got that feel in the back of my throat. I thought I was going to be sick. I have never been sea sick, ever. I just started smoking, when I could light em. Had to take my mind off it. I could have turned back about then, I was only one third the way around. I was fighting the tide too, only making 3-4 knots. For some reason unknown to me I continued on. I was flying all the jib for the speed. Fuck the balance, there was none to be had. The most anxious part of the trip around was having to do almost a 250 degree turn with a beam sea to a following sea. I wanted to close the boat up but I couldn't leave the tiller the whole time, not ever for a second. So just made the turn a gradual one, at the same time tacking just to see how fast the sea was following and then it happen. Of a sudden I was running with the wind beam reach on the jib and was surfing down the other side of the waves. It was almost instantly heaven. :) LOL What a ride. I was actually able to dial in the tiller and sit back and slide with the boat.......no hands!! he he he .
If I sailed into the same situation again would I do the same again? Probably not. Not out for honor badges here. :)

So It wasn't long after that that I pulled into Shellbine Creek, Green Marker 43, Statue Mile 695.5. I have already replaced four hose clamps in the rear of the engine. The important one was on the bellows. It was rusted all to hell. I also found lots of loose and rusted smaller hose clamps. Tightened and made those changes too. Checked Tranny Oil. Good. Also took some Plastx to my port light in the head today. I can finally see thru it. :)

Getting ready to cook and conk out now.

The Motley Crew

The Stopover At Morningstar Marina Golden Isles

The Stopover At Morningstar Marina Golden Isles -2

News Paper and Muffins at Morningstar Marina

Cheers Yawll !!!

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November 18, 2012

"On the first leg of the journey......." or The Little Boat That Could

I, thanks to my sweet S/V Take Five, have made it to Brunswick. Yes, it took five days and a lot of drama but I have loved every minute of it. I mean hey, when you wake up and find that your boat has dragged anchor, that you have drifted 1/4 of a mile and landed in the mud, hard aground, on the marsh bank and all you can say is, "Man, you just got to love this whole sailing thing", then it was meant to be. I'm just saying. :)

Me? I'm doing fine. Yes there are muscles that have been hiding for lots of years and picked now to start letting me know they were there. And my Ibuprofen regime is steady. Oh, that red stuff covering my face? That is not tan, it is wind burn. Dry and chapped. And hydrating more than normal as a result. And happy. :)

The boat? Oh what a jewel. She is like "the little boat that could". She just tugs along and never misses a beat. (I am looking for a nice anchorage for tomorrow night for an extended maintenance stop. Oil check and fill....etc.etc. It may be a two day stop.) And man she loves a nice breeze in her foresail. At one point yesterday she hit 7.4 knots on a beam reach. It was wild. I was hanging on just waiting for that mystery gust. But I hadn't been seeing a lot of gust, just steady wind. So I held her on that point. It was exhilarating!!!! :)

So I find myself tonight at Morning Star Marina, Golding Isles. What a class act this place is. Man! And laid back to boot. I wish I could afford to hang for a while. Nope. Got to roll on. This will be my last overnight on the wood until the Florida Keys.

My girlfriend Stephanie and her boy toy Scott showed up today for well wishes. It was way cool. More on that later.

I have phone issues that I am not going to get into right now. So if you have tried to call me you will have noticed that you can't talk to me, only leave messages. That is not my doing. Working on it. :O

One thing that I have found very different on this trip to the keys as opposed to my last attempt at this is my confident level. Really. :) Things that scarred the crap out of me the first time now are so boring, so to speak. LOL
I was such a dreamer on the first attempt. You know, I don't think that part has changed. :) Like "Scott" my friend said last night, "I'm all in!" :) LOL

The Outboard Motor De-Salination Area

Two Tide Changes Tonight - Two Alarm Clocks Set

Sailing At Seven AM - Cold Sunrise

A REAL Island Home

Cheers you wayward gypsies !!!!!

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November 14, 2012

What a shitty day or Day One Down or Take The Long Way Home

Finally got on the hook after waiting on the bridge for almost an hour. Night time sailing in the ICW is not advised. To many crab pots and none working marker lights. Dangerous crap.
First thing this morning I had to get pulled off the dock with a motor boat. The Noreaster had me pinned to the wood so I missed the tide window I was shooting for.
The crossing of Wassaw Sound may have been one of my worse ever. It was like a wash bucket. No way was I going off shore. So I had to fight tide all day. I did drop the hook for about two hours in the Wilmington River. I couldn't fight the current so I had a lunch nap. Was good too. :)
My transom nav light is not working. Tomorrows issue.
Got to get timed in with these crazy tides or just slow down and go with the flow. That may be the best option. I don't like pressing the motor or the Captain. :)

Anyway, Tybee Island to the Florida Keys Trip is on and one day down. All is good and its cold as shit. Can't wait to see clear water and warmer temps.

Cheers Yawll !!!!

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November 13, 2012

Come Sail Away With Me To The Florida Keys

Ok, I was going to spew out a lot of crap tonight.......not going there. In eleven hours this boat is leaving the wood at Bull River Marina and headed to the Florida Keys. Right now I am restricted by time. I have to make this post because I don't know where or when I will make the next post.
Thank you Capt. Steve Marlay for all you have taught me, sailing and life. You calmed me down. Now I can blame all this on you. Fare well my friend. You will be missed. Love ya bro!!!!

Thank you Steve Horton. The only "real" family I have had here. Love those "Mary Maid" oatmeal cookies. Hope to taste more of them soon. Sail Safe.

Lamar, Fuck You, this is all your fault. Yeah, I know, don't call me, I'll call you. Take care my friend. :)

There are so many more that have made this possible. I could go on for hours.

I hope to get a slower pace soon and expand the progress of the voyage. All of you that hang around here.....thank you. Follow me south. Your why I am here. :) LOL

Bicycle, Laundry, and More Prep

Three Months Paid Maybe Four

For The Life Boat

The Last Time Here

Trading Places

The Last Photo On This Wood

Ready To Ride

Cheers Yall, Follow Me South !!!!

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November 11, 2012

Key West Prepping

Read this. It is way good reading. I'm there.......tossing back a toddy. :)
A cool blog I ran across today: To The Dry Tortugas

This Election Sucked

The Rudder Worx-e

Belly Of The Biscuit

Cheers Yawll !!!

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November 06, 2012

A New Flag For An Especially Beautiful Hammock - Go Vote America !!!!

Tattered By Huricane Sandy - Go Vote America !!!

This flag only flies because WE ARE AMERICANS !!! Go Vote !!!!

Sick, Stupid and a Chump

For a whole flippin year I have watched intensely both sides and all they have said and done. The one thing that makes me sick and disgusted are the stupid ass "bobble heads". You have seen them, they are the idiots standing behind the speaker with there head just bobbing away like an uncontrollable dash bobber head toy. The head bobs before the statement of the speaker is even made. These my friends are the dumb ass idiots, the stupid puppets, the mindless zombies, the mush for brains idiots that are destroying our country. It's sick.

This is a character trait almost exclusive to Democrats and the left. Intelligent people don't agree yes before the statement is made. Duh !!!!

I am no Malcolm X fan but I heard this quote he made a couple of days ago and totally agree with it:

"Anytime you throw your weight behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that Party can’t keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and you’re dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that Party, you’re not only a chump, but you’re a traitor to your race.

They try and pass the buck to the Dixiecrats. Now back during the days when you were blind, deaf, and dumb, ignorant, politically immature, naturally you went along with that. But today as your eyes come open, and you develop political maturity, you’re able to see and think for yourself, and you can see that a Dixiecrat is nothing but a Democrat in disguise.

They’ve been down there four years, and they’re — all other legislation they wanted to bring up they brought it up and gotten it out of the way, and now they bring up you. And now, they bring up you. You put them first, and they put you last, ’cause you’re a chump, a political chump. - Malcolm X"

Two days after he said this he was shot and killed.

In summation of my rant, if it has an "R" next to it, vote for it, PERIOD!

I don't care if the name is Mr Potato Head, push the lever.

God Save America.......today.


November 05, 2012

Mourning An Old Friend

Let me just say this, I did not just walk on. I drug the bottom of the river all around where the tools fell in for quit a long time. I drug up a crab trap that was full of life, literally. It was hell. My grappling hook got caught in it.
Then once again my hook got caught in a bicycle. It was hell to get up also. Someone had thrown away a nice Raleigh Street bike, or it fell off the dock. Who knows?!
Finally I had had enough. Drug the bottom two different days after work. It was sad. But not surprising that it was lost. Too much time had passed anyway. 24 hours in salt water and its a total loss normally.

Good bye old friend.

A Crab Trap

A Visit From An Old Friend

A New Tool A New Day

Cheers Yawll !!!

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November 04, 2012

Yes on Prop1 if your in Georgia - The Awakening Comes