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Come Sail Away With Me To The Florida Keys

Ok, I was going to spew out a lot of crap tonight.......not going there. In eleven hours this boat is leaving the wood at Bull River Marina and headed to the Florida Keys. Right now I am restricted by time. I have to make this post because I don't know where or when I will make the next post.
Thank you Capt. Steve Marlay for all you have taught me, sailing and life. You calmed me down. Now I can blame all this on you. Fare well my friend. You will be missed. Love ya bro!!!!

Thank you Steve Horton. The only "real" family I have had here. Love those "Mary Maid" oatmeal cookies. Hope to taste more of them soon. Sail Safe.

Lamar, Fuck You, this is all your fault. Yeah, I know, don't call me, I'll call you. Take care my friend. :)

There are so many more that have made this possible. I could go on for hours.

I hope to get a slower pace soon and expand the progress of the voyage. All of you that hang around here.....thank you. Follow me south. Your why I am here. :) LOL

Bicycle, Laundry, and More Prep

Three Months Paid Maybe Four

For The Life Boat

The Last Time Here

Trading Places

The Last Photo On This Wood

Ready To Ride

Cheers Yall, Follow Me South !!!!

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