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Mourning An Old Friend

Let me just say this, I did not just walk on. I drug the bottom of the river all around where the tools fell in for quit a long time. I drug up a crab trap that was full of life, literally. It was hell. My grappling hook got caught in it.
Then once again my hook got caught in a bicycle. It was hell to get up also. Someone had thrown away a nice Raleigh Street bike, or it fell off the dock. Who knows?!
Finally I had had enough. Drug the bottom two different days after work. It was sad. But not surprising that it was lost. Too much time had passed anyway. 24 hours in salt water and its a total loss normally.

Good bye old friend.

A Crab Trap

A Visit From An Old Friend

A New Tool A New Day

Cheers Yawll !!!

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