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"On the first leg of the journey......." or The Little Boat That Could

I, thanks to my sweet S/V Take Five, have made it to Brunswick. Yes, it took five days and a lot of drama but I have loved every minute of it. I mean hey, when you wake up and find that your boat has dragged anchor, that you have drifted 1/4 of a mile and landed in the mud, hard aground, on the marsh bank and all you can say is, "Man, you just got to love this whole sailing thing", then it was meant to be. I'm just saying. :)

Me? I'm doing fine. Yes there are muscles that have been hiding for lots of years and picked now to start letting me know they were there. And my Ibuprofen regime is steady. Oh, that red stuff covering my face? That is not tan, it is wind burn. Dry and chapped. And hydrating more than normal as a result. And happy. :)

The boat? Oh what a jewel. She is like "the little boat that could". She just tugs along and never misses a beat. (I am looking for a nice anchorage for tomorrow night for an extended maintenance stop. Oil check and fill....etc.etc. It may be a two day stop.) And man she loves a nice breeze in her foresail. At one point yesterday she hit 7.4 knots on a beam reach. It was wild. I was hanging on just waiting for that mystery gust. But I hadn't been seeing a lot of gust, just steady wind. So I held her on that point. It was exhilarating!!!! :)

So I find myself tonight at Morning Star Marina, Golding Isles. What a class act this place is. Man! And laid back to boot. I wish I could afford to hang for a while. Nope. Got to roll on. This will be my last overnight on the wood until the Florida Keys.

My girlfriend Stephanie and her boy toy Scott showed up today for well wishes. It was way cool. More on that later.

I have phone issues that I am not going to get into right now. So if you have tried to call me you will have noticed that you can't talk to me, only leave messages. That is not my doing. Working on it. :O

One thing that I have found very different on this trip to the keys as opposed to my last attempt at this is my confident level. Really. :) Things that scarred the crap out of me the first time now are so boring, so to speak. LOL
I was such a dreamer on the first attempt. You know, I don't think that part has changed. :) Like "Scott" my friend said last night, "I'm all in!" :) LOL

The Outboard Motor De-Salination Area

Two Tide Changes Tonight - Two Alarm Clocks Set

Sailing At Seven AM - Cold Sunrise

A REAL Island Home

Cheers you wayward gypsies !!!!!

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