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What a shitty day or Day One Down or Take The Long Way Home

Finally got on the hook after waiting on the bridge for almost an hour. Night time sailing in the ICW is not advised. To many crab pots and none working marker lights. Dangerous crap.
First thing this morning I had to get pulled off the dock with a motor boat. The Noreaster had me pinned to the wood so I missed the tide window I was shooting for.
The crossing of Wassaw Sound may have been one of my worse ever. It was like a wash bucket. No way was I going off shore. So I had to fight tide all day. I did drop the hook for about two hours in the Wilmington River. I couldn't fight the current so I had a lunch nap. Was good too. :)
My transom nav light is not working. Tomorrows issue.
Got to get timed in with these crazy tides or just slow down and go with the flow. That may be the best option. I don't like pressing the motor or the Captain. :)

Anyway, Tybee Island to the Florida Keys Trip is on and one day down. All is good and its cold as shit. Can't wait to see clear water and warmer temps.

Cheers Yawll !!!!

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