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March 31, 2013

All Fenced In or Scenes From The River Bull

Last weeks project.
Taking Back The Yard

Zingara Dropping Sail

Camelot's Sunrise

Learning The River

Sinrise Through The Lines

Cheers !!!

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March 26, 2013

S/V Second Wind Takes 3rd Place or Wisconsin Takes First Place

An important message for all who know me personally: I have a new phone number and it is my old phone number. Email me if you need it.

I rode out into the country today to see my Family today, especially Capt. Marvel (aka David) as he will soon disappear into the woods of Wisconsin to his retirement home. Always a great time with "MOM" and "Dad". And I got to meet their beautiful new dog, a Rotty named Sasha. What a pretty dog.
On the way there I went through the little hamlet of Meldrim. There is one house there that stands out among all the others, a favorite of mine. The sun was hitting it just right, all the colors were beautiful and I had to stop for a photo.
I just love this old house. :)
The Beautiful Old Home In Meldrim, Georgia

Big ass kudos to Capt. Keith Seibert of the S/V Second Wind. He has brought a 3rd place trophy (on paper) home to the sailing bums at the Bull River Marina. Bravo Mon Capitan !!! I don't know the name of the regatta, sorry. For the first time the First Mate has bragging rights. LOL :) Love ya Heather.

S/V Second Wind's First Regatta

S/V Second Wind's First Regatta

Cheers to "Second Wind", crew and Capt. !!!!

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As Southern As It Gets Or As Odd As It Gets

From cooking for four siblings at the age of thirteen till now that makes my cooking experience at 42 years. I don't like fast food, rarely ever eat it, and I don't like restaurants either, especially in today's processed food world. You just don't ever really know what the hell your eating. You can order one type of fish in a restaurant and be served another and never know it. It happens in grocery stores every day in America. If you can't even trust our government you sure as hell can't trust food processors.
All that being said one of my favorite meals to cook is yet one of the most simple: bacon, eggs (over well), grits (no lumps) and home made biscuits. Of course you have to add lots of butter, salt and pepper to all and a bit of honey for the biscuits. You just can't get more southern than that.

Soul Food A La S/V Take Five

Every once in a while I see a boat that just makes me say, "What The Fuck!" I saw one of those crossing the bridge at Thunderbolt, Ga. a few days ago. Finally got around to stopping for a photo yesterday. Now I have to give kudos to the owner for creativity, it you want to call it that. I say that because I have never seen a fully functioning sailboat that was also a fully functioning shrimp boat...WTF?!?! And on closer inspection the boat really was pretty damn neat. The name on the boat is "Ranger". To put an S/V or M/V in front of that name, well you be the judge. Simply Odd.

S/V Ranger - Harpswel,l Me.

A Very cold, 38 degrees, Cheers to ya !!!

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March 19, 2013

Spiffy Clean or Pig On A Leash

Sometimes you just got to dive for the camera because you just can't believe what your seeing, like a pig on a leash taking a crap in a Walmart parking lot. Only at Walmart. LOL :)
Pig At The Local Walmart

Man so much has happened since I returned to Savannah. And yet not so much. First of all let me just say that 22 days straight of pulling anchor before dawn and dropping it at dawn can take one hell of a toll on a solo sailor and you may not even notice it that much until it is over. Which is what happened to me. It hit me all at once like a ton of bricks. I've slept a lot the last few days. Lots of naps and it was hard to pull my ass out of bed on occasion. I am also was out of shape as a result of way to much time on the boat the past few months. I am slowly getting it back but just a sign of age for sure. :)

Ok I'll quit whining. I did a top to bottom, inside out cleaning of the boat too. Every piece of clothing and linen got washed. Hundreds of pounds of needless stuff came off the boat and went into storage. So much stuff that the boat actually rose four inches up in the water. I can't wait to see how she sails now that she is so lightened up. :) Yes, thinking of sailing local haunts already.

Something that I have not told anyone on this blog that I will tell all tonight. I quit drinking when I was in the keys. What ?!?!?! Yep, about two months ago, after finding myself drinking more than a gallon of whiskey a week I woke up one morning and said "today is the day". I had actually planned it before I left. I knew the best way to do it was to be away from all the people I knew, and on my boat with no temptations. So I went cold turkey after 20+ years of drinking every day. I have fell of the wagon a couple of times, the day I got back was a well deserved one, and a couple of more. I must say that it feels good too. Stressful days I think of it more than others, but for the most part I'm ok with it. Now if I could just kick the smokes.
Along these lines I did my annual doctor visit today and found out my blood pressure was better than last year, so positive signs there. One day at a time.

Now my buddy Capt. Marlay is getting ready to head for the Bahamas and points beyond. I am excited for him as it will be his first big adventure in his own boat, A Morgan Out Island 41. So I will be busy helping him in the next few weeks getting ready to shove off. And after that it is just getting back into the grove of Savannah life for me. :)

Back Home And Spiffy Clean - 5

Back Home And Spiffy Clean - 4

Back Home And Spiffy Clean

Back Home And Spiffy Clean - 3

Cheers Yawll !!!

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March 15, 2013


Yesterday morning I stepped into the cockpit for the days sail north and it was almost freezing, 42 degrees. As bad as I hated it I just put the cold out of my mind and prepared to leave. The Yanmar was warming up with its familiar sound. With the sun not even really lighting up the creek yet i squared everything away below and went to pull anchor. As my head cleared the cabin I saw S/V Wonderlust slidding past my bow and head out for the days sail. I had followed S/V Wonderlust all day long the previous day and we both ended up in "Cattle Pen Creek" on the south end of St. Catherines Island for the night. Just like me the S/V Wonderlust had a sail out anytime the wind wasn't on the nose all day long. Constantly working for each and every mile we made. The same was true yesterday as we sailed north with one exception, and I wonder now if John of S/V Wonderlust even knows what we did yesterday? As it turned out the moon and stars all fell in line for us yesterday. I would never, ever be able to repeat the day I had yesterday. I motor/sailed all the way from Cattle Pen Creek to Bull River (home) in eleven hours. A feat that some would say impossible.......NOT ! It is actually only about 60 miles for the trip for me, S/V Wonderlust pulled into the Isle Of Hope for repairs. The deal is, and for anyone who sails the Georgia coast can vouch, the tides. I have gone on the outside down the coast and just went one island down and taken eight hours. But yesterday, except for one stretch of the Vernon River, we caught every sound and every tide change just perfectly. I almost didn't believe it as it was happening. It finally hit me as I tied up to the wood .....at home....in Savannah just as the sun was setting yesterday. What a great day, whay a great feeling to be home. Savannah it flows thru the blood of us who live here and it feels good. :)
Cheers to my little boat "Take Five" ! A true champion.

Pelican Point or Bull River Entrance

Cheers from the muddy waters of Bull River Marina, Savannah, Georgia

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March 12, 2013

From St Marys To St. Simons - Lot Of Saints In Georgia

The Last Fuel Before Home-2-e

The Last Fuel Before Home-e

Made it past Kings Bay and all the Po PO (Police) last night into Georgia. That was my first taste of the crazy wild tides that I have been missing. But the anchor held and I got an even better taste coming around St. Simon Sound. Holy crap! At full tide with no motor and just the jib I cruised down one side at over 8 knots. Then on the other side it took me over four hours to make 10 lousy miles and I gave up. Made it half way past St. Simon and out into the boonies. Don't ask me how the hell I am getting a signal right now. Don't have a clue, just taking it as I get it. :)
Tip of the day:
It may be cool in Nascar to get into someones draft but don't do it behind a tug boat when its at full power. You may get sling shotted in a direction that you don't intend to go.
I had to push the boat really hard this afternoon. I can't do that anymore. Will have to slow down and plan as best I can how to fight these tides. I wanted to make it home by friday but don't see it happening unless I really get lucky with mother natures sweet Georgia waters.
Not too much traffic on the water these days but still see folks headed south. Only a few northbound.

Cheers for the Georgia coast !!!!

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March 11, 2013

St. Augustine By Sailboat And By The Stars

Approaching Bridge Of Lions-e

Bridge Of Lions St Augustine Florida-e

I'm sitting on the dock at the Amelia Island Marina. What a bunch of absolutely great folks. I topped off with fuel and went in hoping the store would have some bread and milk. Nope. Most marinas don't. I then asked if I could pay to run to the store for a few things. No way, they said don't worry, just give us permission to move the boat if needed and pointed me in the right direction. Then I got back and asked about low tide so that I could plan a good crossing at the St. Mary's Inlet. I told them I was just going to go out in the water and drop a hook and wait for a couple of hours. They said just leave the boat where it was at and wait it out. Then I was given the internet address to use. I bought the guy lunch (tip money) and was glad to do it. So if your in Amelia Island do stop in. The marina has a great gift shop, a very nice restaurant and all the facilities you need even pump out thats free. Pay it forward folks cause most marinas are out for one thing only your dollars, period.

Had a crazy wild morning leaving St. Augustine yesterday morning. I even did a soft grounding in the dark as I was pulling out. Got lucky and was able to back off the shoal. Then in pitch black dark all the way to The Bridge of Lions. I don't recommend night time movement of any sailboat in the ICW. To much to go bad. Like hitting an unlighted marker. Or one of my worst fears is getting caught up in a damn crab trap line. You day become miserable at that point if the water is cold. Just saying.
But I did make 46 miles yesterday and pulled in early at Fort George Island in a nice secluded little anchorage just north of the St. Johns River. Was a great spot.
Today I just want to get past Kings Bay and the cops with the tide at my back and I will be way happy. I have one more good sailing day tomorrow with a SW wind that should put me at the end of or past Cumberland Island. It's a downhill ride from here folks. :)
In two hours I will be in Georgia. Yaaaaaaaa !!!!!!

Cheers !!!!

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March 10, 2013

In The Old Spanish Stronghold and Headed North

One Sexy Piece of Concrete-e

One Sexy Piece of Concrete-2-e

Yesterday was one of my best days as far as mile traveled. I did 53 miles. For most travelers on the ICW that is no big deal. For me and my little boat it is friggin monumental. That is hard pumping, non stopping, playing the jib like crazy, feet hurting and tiring ass long day on the water. Needless to say I slept damn good last night and it is soon time to do it again. I have to find a place for one last topping of the diesel tank today and I may get to post then or tonight. One of the pitfalls of arriving back in Georgia is also on of the things I love most about sailing there.......it is absolutely remote as hell in most places. No houses or people for the most part if you don't want to see them. That being said, I may not have a wifi connection again until I arrive back on "the wood" in Savannah. We'll see, but your warned. :)
A note to travelers going through St. Augustine: The tides coming around the sound here are among the worst if not the worst in Florida. I dread it. Your going to fight one side or the other. It's just in the odds unless you have time to wait and I don't. I rolling now and not stopping.

Cheers !!!

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March 09, 2013

Wings On The Wind - Leaving Daytona Beach

Passing The Haulover Canal Bridge

Pelican Rock

I only had about two more hours in the Indian River and then the waters in the ICW should be far more calm than the last few days. Tomorrow the high will set in and winds will push me back into Georgia. Monday will find me in those good ole muddy waters of home. I can't wait. Tides will become more predictable. Water will become deeper. But the greatest thrill of all....no more fn bridges to wait on. Hell Yeah !!!!!
Ok, time for morning engine check and get ready to roll on north.

Cheers now, ya hear !

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March 08, 2013

Ready To Cross The Mosquito Lagoon - Hoping For Good Wind

As i get ready to push off this morning I just want to bring attention to the fact that I am well over two miles from the Titusville, Fl. Marina and I am getting their WiFi signal good enough to post this entry. The Rogue Wave does work great. Just so you fellow sailors know. :)
Todays Trivia Question:
Living around the southeast coast for many years now I see all kind of birds in all stages of life. Yesterday as I was idiling along I had a thought come to me. How come you never see young Pelicans? Go figure.

Cheers Yawll !!!

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March 06, 2013

Waiting Out Another Quick Northern Front In Cocoa Fl.

Apartments - Almost Always A Guaranteed Hot Spot

NOAA weather sucks. I think it is just a computer generated message that is based on some stupid ass model somewhere, just like they watch hurricanes. No people involved. Thus always in error. So I am stuck in Cocoa Fl. waiting on it to pass by or at least change directions so that I can use it. On the flip side, since it came in 18 hours earlier than NOAA said it would, maybe it will pass by 18 hours sooner. :O

Cheers !!!!

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March 04, 2013

Vero Beach and a hard push to get here

Fuck It's Cold
It's fucking cold.....screw them Canadian wimps.

Back In The Vero Beach Mooring Field

What a fn day. I pushed my little boat like I have never pushed her before. I had a choice, limp along and take 10 hours to go 30 miles or do it in 8 hours. I chose 8. And you know what? I have to admit that I am so impressed with Take Five. The little boat that could. :)
Wind in the face all day sucks. I was so burnt out by the time I hooked the mooring ball to the boat at Vero Beach that I just closed the boat up and said FUCK IT, IM DONE !!!
No I'm here with yawll. LOL Got to love this sailing thing.

Cheers from the cool south !!

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March 03, 2013

Cold As Hell In Jensen Beach or Going Stir Crazy

Waiting Out The Coild Front In Jensen Beach, Fl. (2)

Man it is cold as hell. It is hard to take after 80 degree temps for months. The wind was so damn bad the past couple of days and right on my bow too, so I opted to hang here and let the storm pass. There are some old boats here that look like they have never moved. If they have no heat, as they look to have none, then I feel sorry for the folks.
I can't take sitting here any longer. I am shoving off in the am and just hoping for favorable winds to push me along aginst the tides as I am stuck between two strong inlets here. Maybe I will be in Vero Beach tomorrow.

Cheers yawll.

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