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As Southern As It Gets Or As Odd As It Gets

From cooking for four siblings at the age of thirteen till now that makes my cooking experience at 42 years. I don't like fast food, rarely ever eat it, and I don't like restaurants either, especially in today's processed food world. You just don't ever really know what the hell your eating. You can order one type of fish in a restaurant and be served another and never know it. It happens in grocery stores every day in America. If you can't even trust our government you sure as hell can't trust food processors.
All that being said one of my favorite meals to cook is yet one of the most simple: bacon, eggs (over well), grits (no lumps) and home made biscuits. Of course you have to add lots of butter, salt and pepper to all and a bit of honey for the biscuits. You just can't get more southern than that.

Soul Food A La S/V Take Five

Every once in a while I see a boat that just makes me say, "What The Fuck!" I saw one of those crossing the bridge at Thunderbolt, Ga. a few days ago. Finally got around to stopping for a photo yesterday. Now I have to give kudos to the owner for creativity, it you want to call it that. I say that because I have never seen a fully functioning sailboat that was also a fully functioning shrimp boat...WTF?!?! And on closer inspection the boat really was pretty damn neat. The name on the boat is "Ranger". To put an S/V or M/V in front of that name, well you be the judge. Simply Odd.

S/V Ranger - Harpswel,l Me.

A Very cold, 38 degrees, Cheers to ya !!!

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