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From St Marys To St. Simons - Lot Of Saints In Georgia

The Last Fuel Before Home-2-e

The Last Fuel Before Home-e

Made it past Kings Bay and all the Po PO (Police) last night into Georgia. That was my first taste of the crazy wild tides that I have been missing. But the anchor held and I got an even better taste coming around St. Simon Sound. Holy crap! At full tide with no motor and just the jib I cruised down one side at over 8 knots. Then on the other side it took me over four hours to make 10 lousy miles and I gave up. Made it half way past St. Simon and out into the boonies. Don't ask me how the hell I am getting a signal right now. Don't have a clue, just taking it as I get it. :)
Tip of the day:
It may be cool in Nascar to get into someones draft but don't do it behind a tug boat when its at full power. You may get sling shotted in a direction that you don't intend to go.
I had to push the boat really hard this afternoon. I can't do that anymore. Will have to slow down and plan as best I can how to fight these tides. I wanted to make it home by friday but don't see it happening unless I really get lucky with mother natures sweet Georgia waters.
Not too much traffic on the water these days but still see folks headed south. Only a few northbound.

Cheers for the Georgia coast !!!!

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