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Yesterday morning I stepped into the cockpit for the days sail north and it was almost freezing, 42 degrees. As bad as I hated it I just put the cold out of my mind and prepared to leave. The Yanmar was warming up with its familiar sound. With the sun not even really lighting up the creek yet i squared everything away below and went to pull anchor. As my head cleared the cabin I saw S/V Wonderlust slidding past my bow and head out for the days sail. I had followed S/V Wonderlust all day long the previous day and we both ended up in "Cattle Pen Creek" on the south end of St. Catherines Island for the night. Just like me the S/V Wonderlust had a sail out anytime the wind wasn't on the nose all day long. Constantly working for each and every mile we made. The same was true yesterday as we sailed north with one exception, and I wonder now if John of S/V Wonderlust even knows what we did yesterday? As it turned out the moon and stars all fell in line for us yesterday. I would never, ever be able to repeat the day I had yesterday. I motor/sailed all the way from Cattle Pen Creek to Bull River (home) in eleven hours. A feat that some would say impossible.......NOT ! It is actually only about 60 miles for the trip for me, S/V Wonderlust pulled into the Isle Of Hope for repairs. The deal is, and for anyone who sails the Georgia coast can vouch, the tides. I have gone on the outside down the coast and just went one island down and taken eight hours. But yesterday, except for one stretch of the Vernon River, we caught every sound and every tide change just perfectly. I almost didn't believe it as it was happening. It finally hit me as I tied up to the wood .....at home....in Savannah just as the sun was setting yesterday. What a great day, whay a great feeling to be home. Savannah it flows thru the blood of us who live here and it feels good. :)
Cheers to my little boat "Take Five" ! A true champion.

Pelican Point or Bull River Entrance

Cheers from the muddy waters of Bull River Marina, Savannah, Georgia

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