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In The Old Spanish Stronghold and Headed North

One Sexy Piece of Concrete-e

One Sexy Piece of Concrete-2-e

Yesterday was one of my best days as far as mile traveled. I did 53 miles. For most travelers on the ICW that is no big deal. For me and my little boat it is friggin monumental. That is hard pumping, non stopping, playing the jib like crazy, feet hurting and tiring ass long day on the water. Needless to say I slept damn good last night and it is soon time to do it again. I have to find a place for one last topping of the diesel tank today and I may get to post then or tonight. One of the pitfalls of arriving back in Georgia is also on of the things I love most about sailing there.......it is absolutely remote as hell in most places. No houses or people for the most part if you don't want to see them. That being said, I may not have a wifi connection again until I arrive back on "the wood" in Savannah. We'll see, but your warned. :)
A note to travelers going through St. Augustine: The tides coming around the sound here are among the worst if not the worst in Florida. I dread it. Your going to fight one side or the other. It's just in the odds unless you have time to wait and I don't. I rolling now and not stopping.

Cheers !!!

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