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S/V Second Wind Takes 3rd Place or Wisconsin Takes First Place

An important message for all who know me personally: I have a new phone number and it is my old phone number. Email me if you need it.

I rode out into the country today to see my Family today, especially Capt. Marvel (aka David) as he will soon disappear into the woods of Wisconsin to his retirement home. Always a great time with "MOM" and "Dad". And I got to meet their beautiful new dog, a Rotty named Sasha. What a pretty dog.
On the way there I went through the little hamlet of Meldrim. There is one house there that stands out among all the others, a favorite of mine. The sun was hitting it just right, all the colors were beautiful and I had to stop for a photo.
I just love this old house. :)
The Beautiful Old Home In Meldrim, Georgia

Big ass kudos to Capt. Keith Seibert of the S/V Second Wind. He has brought a 3rd place trophy (on paper) home to the sailing bums at the Bull River Marina. Bravo Mon Capitan !!! I don't know the name of the regatta, sorry. For the first time the First Mate has bragging rights. LOL :) Love ya Heather.

S/V Second Wind's First Regatta

S/V Second Wind's First Regatta

Cheers to "Second Wind", crew and Capt. !!!!

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