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Vero Beach and a hard push to get here

Fuck It's Cold
It's fucking cold.....screw them Canadian wimps.

Back In The Vero Beach Mooring Field

What a fn day. I pushed my little boat like I have never pushed her before. I had a choice, limp along and take 10 hours to go 30 miles or do it in 8 hours. I chose 8. And you know what? I have to admit that I am so impressed with Take Five. The little boat that could. :)
Wind in the face all day sucks. I was so burnt out by the time I hooked the mooring ball to the boat at Vero Beach that I just closed the boat up and said FUCK IT, IM DONE !!!
No I'm here with yawll. LOL Got to love this sailing thing.

Cheers from the cool south !!

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