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April 29, 2013

S/V Camelot Back In The Wind or Play Time On St. Simon Island

News From The Party Barge
Aka S/V Camelot
What a whirlwind series of wild crazy days. As soon as I got the word of problems in paradise (S/V Camelot) I was sucked into so many scenarios. Miraculously I think the Gods have smiled on Camelot.
A quick break down is thus: (all this done on the fly, in boat) Oil Pan gaskets replaced. Timing Cover removed and rust damage repaired.
The hard part is shoving two guys into one engine compartment. Waiting on UPS for gaskets. Long drives back and forth from Savannah and St. Simon Island. Nasty diesel oil on everything in sight and things not in sight. Doing things to the engine that are not meant to be done on board. Fighting for little miracles like a 5/16 x 2 ½ fine thread bolts and more crazy bolts not on board.
The easy part is being with two people you love and wanting so bad to see the journey go forward. Having blackened red fish and gourmet food with said friends…and drinks. Butting heads with another Captain who always has inspiration for success even when the going is rough.
The best part of all is the learning. Like when you have a salt water leak repeatedly on your boat it is going to cause damage even if you can’t see it happening.
The morrow of this near tragedy is: Always clean away all salt water intrusions on your boat no matter where they are as they will be like a nasty, nasty dragon and make you have bad dreams if you don’t. All this drama was caused by a series of water pump failures that were repaired, but the salt water intrusion from the weep holes on the pump were not cleaned up and ate the metal away from the engine parts that the salt water was allowed to remain on and caused serious oil leaks that almost stopped a dream from becoming reality.
As I sit cozy in my boat tonight I know of all the things that are passing thru the mind of “The Supreme Commander” and it is all of the possible things that could happen next. And it is a natural order for the owner of a 1972 boat. But it will be good, I have faith. God Speed Mon Capitan.

Supreme Commander

Early Morning On The S/V Camelot - St. Simon Island

Grease Monkey

A Rusty Dog

JB Weld To The Rescue

The Mini Sea Trial on S/V Camelot

Captain and First Mate - South Bound Again

Cheers again yawll !!!

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April 25, 2013

Trouble In Paradise or It Is What It Is

So there I am ......thinking of my sailing weekend, got to just get out there. Know what I mean? And the call comes in. Hello? "Captain, there is trouble in paradise. How soon can you be here?" And of course the answer is, "as soon as needed."
I have received orders from Supreme Commander to deploy troops to the Morning Star Marina in Brunswick, Ga.
Assignment is "Confidential", but I think it may have something to do with oil leaks and water leaks.
Supreme Command has issued orders to assist in any capacity to remedy problems and make ship sea-worthy.
More information is coming soon. Code Name: Camelot, Situation: Urgent,

In the world we live in everyone wants to place "blame". Fuck that. Sometimes blame is too complicated to be placed solely on one animal, aka person. Recently the sailing vessel Second Wind was assaulted by a dock. Why it was not stopped and allowed to continue is still under investigation. In the mean time temporary repairs have been made. Happy Sailing Second Wind.

Secon Wind Hull Damage-  Before

Secon Wind Hull Damage-  After

Cheers Yawll !!!

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April 24, 2013

The S/V Camelot Sets Sail For The Bahamas

S/V Camelot Sails For The Bahamas

S/V Camelot Sails For The Bahamas

S/V Camelot Sails For The Bahamas

Is jealousy one of the cardinal sins? If it is I have sinned. Mon Capitan has left the dock. At first I breathed a sigh of relief. Then I breathed a sigh of jealousy. Two of my best friends have left the safety of the wood and pushed south. I am so excited for them. I travel thru them now. God Speed Mon Capitan. Fare well fair maiden. I look forward to your safe return to Savannah.

Cheers wished to you two in abundance.

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April 23, 2013

Beautiful Even In Death

Some may say that this is a little morbid. There is nothing morbid about the form of a beautiful woman, period. I just stumbled across this and wanted to share it with all. I think it is cool as hell.
It was carved by Peter Schipperheyn in marble at the request of a friend. More info can be found HERE


Asleep -4.jpg

Asleep -3 (2).jpg

Asleep -3 (1).jpg

Cheers !!!

April 21, 2013

One Hell Of A Busy Friday or Boat Worx

Bilge Compartment Two - Bilge Pump

Cabin Sole - Job Done

Camelot From On High

S/V Second Wind from Top Of The Mast

Was a long as day this past Friday. I didn't have many dull moments. And it all culminated in a nice "Low Country Boil" dinner at my Uncle Steve Horton's. Great meal and, as always when among sailing friends, a great time. Thanks for a great dinner.

The Low Country Boil

The Smoking Area at The Horton Home

Dinner With The Hortons

Cheers yawll !!!

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April 15, 2013

Both Tybees, One Weekend or That Sailing Jones

So there I was, just out on the beach at day break, taking photos and not worrying about a thing. I look up and find myself way away from my dinghy, which I had just pulled up on the beach, floating way out in the river. Holy fuck !!!! I haul ass, stripping pockets of goodies and just as I got thigh deep into the water I realize the thought of swimming for the dingy may not be the best thing to do. After all it is 57 degrees when I left the boat, and the water is way cold too. Hypothermia is not a good way to die. And I retreat to the sand of the beach. No problem, a fisherman will come along soon, it's the weekend. Three hours later as I watch my dingy float around and run aground on a sand bar in the middle of the "Back River" I finally get the attention of "Ben Moie" of Coastal Georgia Kayak Fishing fame. This guy is a stand up, in shape, true blue blood American. He actually went over to the sand bar, tied my dingy to the back of his kayak and towed it back over to where I was at. What a guy. Not one fishing boat that day, no one, just him. Big props to Ben. Thank you man, you saved the day and possibly my dingy too. :Like I said, "I owe You".
The Morrow of this story is: Don't forget your damn anchor.

Ben Moie - Coastal Georgia Kayak Fishing

I don't know what it is that attracts stupid ass people to places that are so beautiful and make them so destructive. They cut down healthy trees, trash their surroundings, and have no remorse about it. I ask you, yes, you Savannah folks that know where "An Especially Beautiful Hammock" is to help me keep an eye on the place. If you pass the hammock and you hear chainsaw like sounds please stop and check it out. What you will probably find is an asshole that is drunk and doesn't have a clue of what the word "preservation" means, much less care. If you find yourself in that situation call 911 first of all. Second if you have time, call the DNR. Then third just kick their stupid ass, just kidding. Call the Coast Guard Tybee. These dumb ass people just need to be corralled back to Effingham County where they can be observed and controlled. Make them go back to their Meth Labs and animal sex. The things they love. We have to stand united against rednecks with no brains.

Another Hammock Cleanup Day

Sunrise Over The Back River

Sailing Tip Of The Week:
Do you have an electric toilet? Yes? Poor soul. So do I but it was not my choice. I didn't buy it or prescribe it. It is such a lazy ass item that is problem prone. In short they suck!!! But if you do have one and you are experiencing sluggish flushing it may just be like a home toilet and has some clogging issues. Just do like like I did. I have had flushing issues for some weeks. I had an idea of just getting a plunger and trying to un clog/increase the flow. It worked great. It has a lot of resistance because of the back flow preventers built into the toilet, but just keep working it as you flush the toilet and you will find, if your lucky, that the system will straighten right up and act normal once again. Just Saying. :)

Little Tybee Island -Back River - Anchorage

Cheers !!!

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April 12, 2013

It's Blue and It's Bugged

S/V Second Wind's NewUV Cover

S/V Second Wind's New UV Cover

S/V Second Wind's New UV Cover - The Head May Need Some Help-Just saying

I was about to toss the old screens out and make some new ones kinda like the ones I made for the S/V Camelot and then at the last moment they got a reprieve. I was at the warehouse sewing on the sail for S/V Second Wind and I happened to see some left over copper screen cloth from another job. Then it hit me, maybe a metal cloth could take the abuse of being stored on a boat?!?! Well, I am going to try it before I toss the wood frames. After all someone took a lot of time on the frames and they are teak. It would be a shame to waste the things.
So you may be asking why all the talk about "bugs" lately? Well aint ya heard about the "West Nile Virus"? It's like this. The mosquitos in Georgia are so big they attack birds as they fly. One year this here herd of birds was flying by Savannah, they had come all the dang way from Egypt. They were just passing over a little island that us locals call "An Especially Beautiful Hammock" and this group of Mosquitoes attacked and killed all them dang birds. Well comes to find out the birds had this nasty virus that kills people and now the virus is spreading around the mosquitoes. So thats why ya needs these here bug screens cause the bugs in Georgia will kill ya. Just saying...

New Bug Screens For S/V Take Five

New Bug Screens For S/V Take Five

Cherrs Yawll !!!

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April 11, 2013

Pop Flies The Coop or Don't Bug Me

Tuesday was the last day that "Pop" (aka Rambling Man, aka David Nielsen) will ever work in the Savannah area. My longest running true friend is moving to Wisconsin where he will be building his retirement home. At this moment he is in a 20 foot U-Haul truck on the road north. God Speed my friend. Am going to miss you and the family when your gone.
I rented a double wide on their property for many years and the term Mom and Pop came to be a well used one. :) Even though I am older than they are. Sharon Nielsen is the pretty lady in the photo (aka "Chaps That Ass")
Mom, Pop and Son

Camelot's Bug Screens

Camelot's Bug Screens

Cheers All !!!

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April 08, 2013

A Message From Mark Stringer...The Guy That Had To Say Hello In Person

It was great to get to meet you yesterday! I could have shot the breeze with you for awhile. I so enjoy your blog and your website and all the information, knowledge and pictures you share. I stumbled into your blog quite some time ago when I was thinking of buying another sailboat. I found the Anole for sale and loved it and found your blog at the same time. I learned to sail with my dad as a kid in Buzzards Bay. We started on a 12' wooden sailboat kit, graduated next to a 16' O'Day Daysailor, next a McGregor 25. After my father passed away I opted for a Pearson 30. I sold Shadowfax when we moved to Atlanta. I miss my sailing days and your blog is a nice escape that reminds me of the joys of just getting out on the water and away from it all… and the fact it is a hole in the water you can spend a lot of time and money on maintaining! I think we have a few things in common which may be another reason I enjoy your blog. I think y!
ou sailed a McGregor at one time and we also share very similar political views as well. It was cool to learn that the Butch Petty I know from the blogs and videos is indeed very “real” and exactly “as advertised”. Let’s keep in touch. That’s easier for me lol as I just need to visit your blog. Thank you for the “education” and entertainment. You rock. Smooth sailing, Marc Stringer

BTW - as we were leaving the dock I realized I was a bit rude in not introducing my wife, Sharon. My apologies. Tough to get old and forgetful.

Thanks Mark. Like I said in my blog. I wish you guys would think about Savannah. It really is a great place to live. If it can trap a guy like me and make me happy that says a lot .....in my opinion. And Sharon was not ignored at all. Did you think I was looking at you?!?! LOL :)

Best wishes to you both. I know you will find happiness where ever you land. And yes, I will keep in touch. Peace.

Capt. Bligh's New Slave or Stopping the Drip

Since I got back from the keys Capt. Marlay has been the true friend that has kept me rolling with transportation. Lots of drama with that too. It seemed for a while that every time I got into one of his vehicles that I had issues. I even had a little fender bender issue with his van. Fuck !?!?!? It was like the hits just kept on coming. I had to get out of his vehicles. So I scoured the net for a ride I could depend on. I really had my heart on a VW Passat Wagon. I just wanted to be done with trucks. I am so over trucks. I wanted something I could work out of but still be comfortable in and something that was dependable. I found a couple of Passats but they were always just out of my range (budget) . I took a couple of plunges into the abyss with some Craigslist vehicles. Not!!! Then I woke one morning and did my usual coffee search for the latest and greatest on Craigslist. And one morning this little beauty popped up on the radar. I texted the guy way before daylight and he actually answered. So Doc and I rolled out for the truck review. Long story short I bought this little truck a week or so ago. I had to put a muffler on it and trouble shoot the lights a little. Other than that I have just been driving it. It is already loaded up with crap (tools) in the back seat. It drives like a champ. And so far I am so digging it. I have an excuse to go slow on the hwy because it is old and people around me pass me cause it is old and all is groovy. :)
I don't know how long it is going to last me. It is like me, an old antique. He, he, he, :) I'll keep ya up to date.

Capt. Bligh's New Slave

Chores On "Take Five"

Re-Seating The Cowling Vents

If you know where I can find another one of these, the previous owner lost the other one in the drink, I am in the market for one. Just saying. :)
Re-Seating The Cowling Vents

Cheers Yawll !!

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April 07, 2013

Going Solar Green...again or Watch Joy Play On The Bull River

Ok kids...I'm just saying...if it is on a boat, it's electronic and it's in salt water buy the extended warranty. It's worth it. On the Take Five and on the Anole this has paid off big time for me when it comes to solar panels. And if you buy the warranty at West Marine it is no questions asked.....just replaced. Done. Move on. Painless. The way I like things. :)

The New Replacement Solar Panel

There is a new Captain in town. Her name is Carol Pine and she sails. And for her it is a Joy or to be more specific the S/V Joy. Home port is St. Paul, Minnesota. I think it may change to Tybee Island. People have a way of getting hooked on "Island Time". :)

A Day Sail With Friends on The S/V Joy

A Day Sail With Friends on The S/V Joy

A Day Sail With Friends on The S/V Joy

So there I was, working on Capt. Marlay's boat today. Just minding my own business and I see this man and woman walking up. Must be tourist. They all got to come see the boats. As the couple gets along side the Camelot the mans says, "There is Mr Petty his self." I look up but keep working. The jovial attitude ignored. The only time some one address me as "Mr. Petty" and being a total stranger is when he is a fn cop. So I say, "Yep! I am." (what the fuck am I going to do, jump in the river and swim? No. I got over that shit a long time ago, about the same time I quit bucking the law.) Then he says that he is a big fan of my blog and that he reads it all the time and made a point that if he ever got in town and had time he wanted to stop by and see me. Cautiously I eased into a test rebuttal. Had to ease into this with my miranda rights in mind. :) As it turned out after a long conversation and swapping chat I realized the guy was really on the up and up and his wife was a reader also.
Occasionally I get an email from someone telling me how much they enjoy my blog and I try to answer each and every one. This was the first time that someone has gone out of their way to tell me how much they dig the blog and thank me for it in person. I got to tell you that is really cool. There are times that I wonder why I keep doing this year after year. I think of just saying fuck it and walk away from it. But it is like I have shed blood to keep this thing up. And I want to thank the man that took the time today to make my day. Wow. How humbled I feel. Thank you very much.
My message to you both is I hope you decide not to move to Florida and check out Savannah. You will never find the love for life and people in Florida that you will find in Savannah. Never. And hey, we can use more sailors in Savannah. Just saying. :) Thanks for sharing the love.

Cheers yawll, from the greatest city in America, Savannah !!!

Note: In this spot I like to post the music of the day that I am listening to. You tube has allowed Sony Music to not let their music to be blogged unless you watch it on you tube. I am in the progress of trying to find a way to get my music thoughts of the day here without dealing with those bastards. Please give me some time. I will figure it out. Thanks

April 04, 2013

The "Joy" of Sailing or It's Party Time Kids

So here I am, back on the wood for 20 days now and not once has Take Five's sails been raised. That sucks big time. Not complaining mind you, work is always good, like food and shelter. But there comes a time when you just got to say "Fuck This, I'm Going Sailing!" That time is soon approaching. And it is approaching with a twist...."The Especially Beautiful Hammock" Clean Up Day. Hell yeah !!! The last time this happened thousands (not) of people came out to pitch in for the event. There was even news stories on all the major network tv channels that the satellite view showed a mass migration of humans to this tiny hammock in Savannah, (not) I predict that this year will be like none other. I can see vendors anchoring out in the river with full liquor bars. Food barges. This is going to be one on the largest events in the southeast united states. (not) The date is going to be announced soon. As all you that know me know, I don't dig day sails. Screw that! So dates will be announced soon. Pass the word though the masses as this event is going to be large. (i wish) If you have not been HERE you haven't been anywhere. Just Saying :)

A New Lifeline For Joy

Happy Happy Joy Joy and Cheers !

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April 03, 2013

The World Famous Nielsen Plantation Is Now For Sale

The Nielsen Plantation

Just A Pretty Weed

Those Beautiful Tiny Insects

Cheers yawll !!!

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Dinghy Sail Kit For Sale - Great Deal

Buy it HERE


April 01, 2013

It's A No Brainer !!!

I had to go back in my files to find the date and it turns out to be almost to the day, four years since I used a microwave oven to cook. I just never could force myself to waste boat space for one. But I used six gallons of alcohol in the past four months and at 20 bucks a pop it adds up. The alcohol stove on Take Five is not efficient at all. Before I had propane on my boats and it worked great. But I don't want to make any changes to the galley to install propane at least not yet. It would have to be a perfect fit and no counter modifications and I have not found the animal to fit that bill. So after filling my stove tanks yesterday I just had to go ahead and do the smart thing. The 50 bucks for the microwave will pay for itself in two month of alcohol savings. It is a flippin no brainer man !!!!

Microwave In The Boat

The Fixins

Learning The River

Cheers now, ya hear ?!

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