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Sandpipers, Tools and Fish-less

Hey kids. What shitty weather we have on the beautiful Georgia coast. I want to start off with a big ass shout out to a good friend and one hell of a good diver, Alvie. I slipped the dinghy into the water Tuesday night as preparation for an early departure on Wednesday for a lazy day out fishing and chilling. It blew me away to see all the crap that was on my boat. On the sun-less side at the dock it looked groovy but on the river side it was full of crap. I knew that I needed to clean the bottom and I had only about three hours before dark and no diving equipment as it was headed to the Bahamas with Capt. Marlay. After a quick search I found Alvie's phone number and he, even though he was late for sleep as he works nights, agreed to come dive the boat. He saved me and made the trip possible. If your in Savannah and you need diving services do call Alvie. His company is called "Sandpiper Services" and you can reach him HERE.

There is nothing like hopping into your dinghy and it doesn't work. Just got to love it.
Surgery On The Nissan Carb - Float Stuck

Fishing An Especially Beautiful Hammock

Even though I would loved to have had some redfish for dinner their is always a plan "B"

Spaghetti On The Hook

The thing that I missed the most when Capt. Marlay pulled off the dock was the access to the "Mastclimber". ATN has one hell of a beautiful product. It works flawlessly and I have become so dependent on it that I had to order my own. It hurt because I hate to spend large sums of money on tools but this one is worth it. Now that I have it on board I have visions of some really cool photos.

New Tools For The Handy Sailor - The ATN Mastclimber

Cheers yawll, ya hear ?!?!

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