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Treasures or True Treasures

So there I was, sailing out of Bull River and rounding the outside south to my little honey hole in Wassaw Creek. I have never hopped out and seen the seas so calm. This was last Thursday. Almost flat water on the outside. You almost never see that around here. Fair winds heading out and then the big wind death. Nothing. Motored down for the length of Wassaw Island. Then fought the tide into Ossabaw Sound. Really quite the boring jog south. But once you get around the mouth of Odingsell River and see that beautiful place.....and it just gets better the further you ease into the river, well it is all worth it. I had plans of heading south even further for a day or so. NOT ! I was in the "honey hole". What a great place. The best in the area.

Running Down The River

I got the idea of this new hobby a long while back. Finally decided to make the plunge a couple of months ago. I figured it would fit right into my environment, beaches. I actually have only used the metal detector a few times since I bought it. And of course I haven't got rich yet. But you just never know what is going to pop up out of the sand..
The Modern Day Treasure Hunter

They are all treasures... to someone. And all treasures to me.
What Is The Real Treasure in This Photo

There where dozens of dolphins that hung around the mouth of the river here all day long. They just cruised back and forth only a few feet off the beach. Always fun to watch them play.
Wassaw Chill

Cheers to ya !!!!

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