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January 30, 2014

The "Sorry" State Of The Union

A must read if you want to read The Truth: Because The Truth Has No Agenda

obama the evil clown.jpg

Impeach Obama or Send Him In A Tutu To Sochi....for good!!!

Every year, without fail, for many years now the Mergansers have come here. It is like clockwork. In November they show up, strut their stuff, poke around, find a nest and settle into their winter pattern. It is such a marvel every year to watch as they arrive. They squabble over mates and areas. The males really get heated up about the whole affair. Then they settle down into December and learn to get along. You will see that they are a lot like us land monkeys. They get into a routine and it never varies.
It is January now. You see very little of the females. I saw one earlier today for the first time in days. They are on the nest. I think they sacrifice during this period. In February you will start to see the whole family. There is one adult male and one adult female. Then there are the young children that were the result of that family unit. It is that simple. That is the way of nature. Any scenario other than that is abnormal.
Being abnormal is not the American way, it is not nature’s way. So as you allow your children to watch ABC, CBS, NBC, Disney, HBO, CNN, etc., just remember the abnormal content that the media is promoting and glorifying. It is amoral and wrong. Period.
I wonder if two little Merganser boys could hook up in nature and pass down the miracle of life? Their blood line would not last long…I’m thinking. Or mabey they went and grabbed that little lost Merganser chick that was floating down the river and raised it. Do you think that little Merganser chick would ever want to leave home considering how confused it was? I think not.

The Morrow of the story:
All you confused and queer and gay and lesbos or what the hell you want to call yourself, listen up. You maybe ought to think again about trying to force your stupidity down other folks throat. People only put up with that crap for so long. In the end you will not get more sympathy you will get more hate. Think Sochi, Russia.

If I were Putin, a strong Russian ruler and Obama snubbed me with a bunch of gay people to represent the US…?! I would have Billy Jean King and all other know gay people stopped at the airport and refused entry. Simple.

S2 Sailboat For Sale By Owner Price Reduced

January 28, 2014

Fishing With Ducks on The S2 Sailboat For Sale

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January 26, 2014

Fish, Bread, Water And A Super Nice S2 Sailboat For Sale

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January 23, 2014

My Gypsy Woman

The Despicable Slimy Fingerprints Of Politicians Are Everywhere

The Saltaire Land Grab from Today's Feature on Vimeo.

Come on people, take two lousy minutes and go to SALTAIR LAND GRAG .ORG and sign the petition.

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January 21, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me - The Big 56


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January 18, 2014

Utah Dreaming

The Native American Tribes of Utah

The Bannock Tribe
The Goshute Tribe
The Navajo Tribe
The Paiute Tribe
The Shoshone Tribe
The Ute Tribe

My near future friends. A Cherokee in Utah.

January 14, 2014

S2 Sailboat For Sale - Price Reduced

For all the information on the S2 Sailboat click HERE

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S2 Sailboat For Sale By Owner Price Reduced - 3

S2 Sailboat For Sale By Owner Price Reduced - 4

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January 12, 2014


Peru, where is it?

Peru Globe.gif

The Flag Of Peru.png

I am Cherokee by blood and it is boiling.
I know of how we as a people were raped.
The Indian that owned the land were seen as
no body.
The Cherokee people were devastated by the government.

Indigenous people we were, just like the indigenous people of the mountains of Peru. They are being slaughtered by an American Company and the government here or in Peru does not give a shit. Our Government feels the same about us.

Please look past my drunken exploits and watch the video below. I am so angry about this. Why do we not know about this already?

s2 for sale wassaw creek by owner make offer.jpg

The Conservative Voice Is Massive !!! "Lone Survivor" Blows The Critics Out Of The Water

Theater Cancels Showings of Major Hollywood Hits to Accommodate Massive Crowds Flocking to See ‘Lone Survivor’

Lone survivor takes the top spot - the blaze.jpg

A Texas movie theater cancelled showings of several box office hits to accommodate massive demand for “Lone Survivor” Saturday. .
“The following films have been cancelled due to the hit movie Lone Survivor,” a sign posted on the box office window of the Grand Theater in Conroe said. “We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Theater Cancels Showings of Major Hollywood Hits to Accommodate Massive Crowds Flocking to See Lone Survivor
A Texas movie theater canceled several films Saturday to make room for “Lone Survivor’s” high demand. (Image source: @Team_neverquit)

Cancelled movies at the 14-secreen multiplex include blockbusters “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Anchorman 2,” among multiple other films.

“Lone Survivor,” which is based off of the bestselling book by Marcus Luttrell, tells the incredible true story of four Navy SEALs ambushed by enemy forces while on a covert mission in Afghanistan.

The movie is projected to earn up to $38 million, based off box office scores from Friday, according to Variety. Estimates have reportedly doubled over the past 24 hours as a good word of mouth turns out huge crowds to theaters.

Follow Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) on Twitter
By The Blaze

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January 10, 2014

"Lone Survivor" or a Classic Survivor S2 Sailboat For Sale

Marcus Luttrell is a true American hero, the exact opposite of the lying racist punk in the White House. He fought and saw men die by his side to keep America free, while the punk in the White House watched on TV as Americans died in Benghazi and did nothing but lie about it. Americans love "real" Americans. Marcus's movie opens this weekend. Go see it and support a "real" American.

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s2 sailboat for sale by owner best offer make offer _ New White Sumbrella Canvass -3.jpg

January 09, 2014

Don't Be A Fool: Watch The Blaze and buy a real S2 Champion Sailboat

Don't buy second rate construction-
Don't settle for little small and cluttered cockpits-
Don't sacrifice performance in your cruising boat-
Don't cram yourself into a five foot ceiling on a boat-
Don't waste time with little porta potties-
Don't struggle with little puny 9 or 10 hp motors-

Do what the smart shopper would do and shop HERE for your new S2 Sailboat. A decision you will never regret.

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January 07, 2014

The Next Journey

I'm not one to travel forward without at least a little thought about "The Next Journey".

The Mountains Call
The Wide Open Space

While I will agree that this is kinda boring, on the other hand it is a true view of what the average guy would see of Mt Antero on the weekend.

Wassaws North West Beach

January 04, 2014

The Best of B.S.of A Season 2

January 01, 2014

The Deep Cleaning - S2 27' Sailboat For Sale - Make Offer

The Deep Cleaning-4-e.jpg

The Deep Cleaning-5-e.jpg


This boat is a 1986 27' S2 sailboat. The price is Now Reduced to $15,000

I purchased this boat in August of 2012. For personal reasons I need to sell it already. I put over $5,000.00 into the boat the first month I got it. S2 Yachts has a great reputation for hand laid and hand crafted boat building. One of the best sailboats ever built. It is one of the best built boats you can buy and that is why I bought it. They built 600-800 of all their other performance models. This is the only cruiser/performance model they ever built and they only built 85 of them, a very rare boat. The company that built this boat is still building boats. You can find them at TiaraYachts.com. This is hull number 52 of the cruising model. This boat is in very, very good condition, perfect for its age. The interior is all solid teak wood and no interior damage at all. Everything on the boat works great. The 20 hp Yanmar starts each and every time, has no smoke and runs great. It sips 1/3 gallon per hour. The boat is set up for extended cruising. No rust on any deck hardware or rigging. 90% of the running rigging is new. The main sail is full battened with no spots or stains and has the original factory logo. This boat will not need anything for years. I have gone thru the entire boat. Just walk on and go to the Bahamas. It is a very solid and sweet sailing boat. I am the third owner and the name has never been changed. I have all the original paper work dating back to when she was delivered to the original owner. I hauled the boat out in Melbourne Florida at Eau Gallie Boat Works (12-3-12) and had the bottom painted (Pettit Ultimate 40 Ablative paint), new zincs, packing box hose replaced. I have receipts. No blisters, no soft spots. The tiller was sanded all the way down and had Pettit Trinadad Sr paint. I was on the way to the Florida Keys. It made the trip perfectly. All controls lead into the 8' long cockpit. With the tiller this boat is super easy to single-hand.
The following is a list of items that I purchased in the first month I got it and I have all receipts and all are under warranty some have extended warranties :
20 lb. plow anchor
New Garmin 440s GPS-
"Rogue Wave" wifi antenna-
RCA 18" Led TV/DVD Player-
Marine Band VHF255 (West Marine )-
Sony Marine am/fm/cd player w/Pioneer spkrs-
Racor Fuel Fuel Filter System-
New Dometic refrigerator/freezer ($2,000)-
Wave Front Tiller Clutch "X"-
Schumaker XCS15 battery charger-
New Stainless Arch for solar panel-
Shakespeare TV Antenna-
Sunforce 60 watt solar panel w/charge controller-
New Rule Bilge Pumps-
Microwave & Toaster Oven-
(5) five new matching marine batteries(3 house, motor & 1 spare)-

Other equipment:
New Genoa 160 fore sail, previous owner on 1-1-2011, receipt-
Yanmar 2GM20F (20 hp, 50 amp alternator)-
6' Dinghy with Nissan 3.5 motor that runs great-
(4) four various size Danforth anchors-
All required safety equipment is current-
West Marine oil change pump-
Electric toilet-
Ice box, dry box-
Origo 4000 two burner alcohol stove-
15 gal holding tank-
12 gal diesel tank-
20 gal water tank-
Heavy Duty Harken 5:1 mainsheet traveler system-
Spinnaker Pole-
Whisker Pole-
Magma Grill-
12v -120v Inverter-
Enclosed private head-
All new White Sumbrella canvass-entire boat-
Custom made awning for the boat-
New Shower in head-
New Faucet in galley-
Hot Water Heater-
Much more

Lots of spare stainless misc. hardware and mechanical spares also (belts, impellers, etc.)

Transferable Sea Tow Membership good thru 11/1/14

I am currently living aboard the boat and sailing around the Savannah area. This boat needs absolutely nothing. It is truly a "walk on and go sailing" ready boat. The Deck has no soft spots and the keel bolts are clean and shinny. I will consider any serious offer. I know how nice of a boat I have and anyone that knows S2 yachts knows how nice they are. So be serious.
See more info, photos and videos of the boat here:

I you can see this ad I still have the boat.

Boat Location, in water, marina, Savannah, Ga.