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December 21, 2015

Help !!! Somebody Help Me, I Can't Find Donald Trump In The Latest ISIS Video ?!?!

I see Obama (the magic negro) in it. I see Bill Clinton in it. But I just can't find Donald Trump in it?!?! But Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump was in it ?!?!?! SOMEBODY HELP ME...........oh, and help America: Indict Clinton and vote for Ted Cruz, 2016 !!!!!

This video released on November 24, 2015:

Muslims Targeted In America, Really ??? One Word: BULLSHIT !!!

The Disgusting Myth Of An Anti-Muslim Backlash After #SanBernardinoShooting
Story by: streiff (Diary) of RedState.com

muslims call for death of americans.jpg

One of the perpetual myths that the left tries to create and perpetrate after each of the Islamic terror attacks on the United States is that there is some kind of widespread “backlash” against Muslims in the United States. The left was much more wadded-dampened-panties after 9/11 about the potential backlash than about the smoking rubble in Manhattan. The massacre in San Bernardino has brought on the round of the left flagellating their fellow citizens for being revenge seeking Neanderthals.

Via The New York Times, Crimes Against Muslim Americans and Mosques Rise Sharply.

Hate crimes against Muslim Americans and mosques across the United States have tripled in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., with dozens occurring within just a month, according to new data.
The spike includes assaults on hijab-wearing students; arsons and vandalism at mosques; and shootings and death threats at Islamic-owned businesses, an analysis by a California State University research group has found.
Wait. Wait. What are these crimes?

The NYT doesn’t tell us but a little research finds the study.

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks of November, 13 that left 130 dead and the San Bernardino, Calif. terror attack of December 2 that killed 14 and left another 22 wounded, anti-Muslim hate crime attacks appear to have risen sharply across the United States to a level nearly three times the monthly average of the last five years. These recent crimes have occurred nationwide and range from simple assaults on women dressed in hijabs and vandalisms, to arsons and shootings. On Monday, White House officials met with leaders from the Muslim and Sikh communities to exchange ideas about recent events of concern.

TPM reports on The Stunningly Long List Of Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Since San Bernardino.

After the Dec. 2 mass shooting in San Bernardino by a Muslim husband and wife suspected of having become radicalized, Muslim Americans and mosques throughout the country have been targeted with threats and violence.
It’s not clear how significant the uptick in reported attacks has been, but Oren Segal, the director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism told CBS News last week that he’s counted at least three dozen threats and attacks.

“We’re talking at least three dozen that we’re aware of, and I’m sure there are many more incidents that haven’t been reported,” he said. “With legit terror attacks and the public discourse about them, it has created an atmosphere ripe for these types of stereotypes and incidents.”
Well, let’s go back to the numbers in the study. Since the Paris attack, this is the “stunningly long” list of crimes against Muslims:
Criminal Incidents By Type*
Threat 21
Assault 15
Criminal Mischief 11
Arson 2
*An incident can have more than one offense.
Anyone notice any particular crimes missing? Like murder? Attempted murder? Felonious assault (or equivalent) rather than simple assault?

So how does this compare with other religion based hate crimes:

When is the NTY and TPM worry about the “shockingly long list of anti-Semitic hate crimes?” Probably never because we can guess who most of those perpetrators are. Note, for instance, in 2001 there were over twice as many anti-Jewish hate crimes as those against Muslims and it wasn’t Jews who carried out the 9/11 attacks.

What is really instructive is that the majority of the allegations can’t be proven and have been brought forward by CAIR, an organization that has been designated a terrorist group in some nations, making their veracity very questionable. Or they are “vandalism” incidents or telephonic threats which more than likely, given the propensity of Muslim extremists for fabricating these kinds of attacks, are false. Recall that the Islamic radical who led the campaign against the movie American Sniper was caught vandalizing another Muslim’s apartment using anti-Muslim graffiti. And how can we forget the pathetic “clock boy” stunt that was nothing more than an attempt to create out of whole cloth and thin air an allegation of bias. In Minnesota, a mosque was vandalized by a Muslim for uncertain reasons. And on and on.

The fact is that there is not now, nor has there ever been, an actual outbreak of anti-Muslim violence. If that happened, we wouldn’t need list of totally bullsh** offenses involving “hurtful words”. We’d be talking body count. The fact that there haven’t been dozens of mosques blown up and the worshipers gunned down is a testimony to the forbearance of the American people and their willingness to accept senseless attacks by Muslims, one after the other, without retaliation in kind. And doing so despite the resolute refusal of the Muslim community to shun Muslim extremists.

But let’s put it in its best light. Let’s assume every incident on the list ACTUALLY happened and that it happened because the perpetrator had a gripe about Muslims. Fine. You’ve had some mean looks cast your way and some buildings vandalized. When you get to fourteen murders of Muslims who can be proven were killed because of their faith, call me and we can talk about your grievances and the hate crimes against Muslims. (Of course, by the time that happens we will have had another terror attack by Muslims somewhere.) Until then shut the hell up. I don’t want to hear it. ( Let me clean up that last sentence: I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR FUCKING LIBERAL ASS BULLSHIT !!! )

December 19, 2015

Ted Cruz Christmas Classics - Parody Infomercial Video

December 14, 2015

FYI ; There Is No Gold In Phantom Canyon Colorado..........

..........................below the "Steel Bridge"( or "crooked bridge", "red bridge", depends on who you talk to.)

Panned and hiked the area for five days. The only gold is so fine that it is not worth the effort. This area does not hold all the signs of gold one would want to see either.
But, as i found out by chance, the area has the largest mountain lion population in the entire state. That makes you pause for thought after four days of hiking in the canyon with little worries and no weapons of any kind. Just saying....
So, Phantom Canyon is crossed off the "Gold List" of places to explore.

Bedrock Dreams - Phantom Canyon Colorado - Eightmile Creek

Gold Belt Tour - Phantom Canyon Colorado

Phantom Canyon Colorado Base Camp Jeronimo - s

Cheers Yawll !!!!!!

December 01, 2015

A Ball Of Confusion or Lets Find Some Gold !!!!

In Colorado this time of year I hear it is going to be cold for a while. I got to tell you, I fucking hate it !!! I mean really fucking hate the cold weather here. Hell, I'm a southern gentleman. But on the flip side of all this fucking snow and cold.....there is the spring and summer in The Rockies. So getting thru the winter is all part of that great time in the mountains. Outside of Yellowstone I can't think of a more beautiful winter paradise than this. Oh, wait, in the Yellowstone they don't have Starfucks Coffee. Panic !!!

Oh yeah, headed into the mountains very soon. The next couple of weeks in the mountains are going to be a cold ass bitch but they are also very important to me and the "New Search" for gold. Screw the pretty crystals. It's time to man up here and make some money. Hell YEAH !!!!

Yawll keep warm now, ya hear?!?!?!

Scott Daubert - gold panning - cripple creek - colorado