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January 30, 2016

The Cripple Creek Colorado Jackasses

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The Donkeys of Cripple Creek, Colorado

World famous donkeys live right here in Cripple Creek, Colorado. It's true! Our own celebrities - descendants of the descendants of the descendants (you get the idea) of the herd that worked the mines and made all those trips up and down the mountain. Great video by JeepsterGal! (above)

Loyal, strong, dependable, the donkey played a major role during the gold rush days (the 1890's - 1930's). This legacy is celebrated with Donkey Derby Days in June every year. Because they kinda saved the town.

Want to know more? How Donkey Derby Days began - unofficially: Click Here

Ok, Hold Still and Everyone SMILE!

You can meet the Donkeys and get your picture taken. They enjoy posing for photos and it's FREE. Today, the Donkeys of Cripple Creek work as tourism ambassadors. Pay is lousy but the benefits are great.

Two-Mile High Club

The Two-Mile High Club is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to care for the Donkeys of Cripple Creek. The funds required to accomplish this including any special feed and medical attention are raised primarily with an annual event: Donkey Derby Days.

Donkeys and humans have worked together for thousands of years. During the gold rush, donkeys were used as pack animals. Their ability to traverse mountain environments while hauling heavy loads including equipment, tools, and other supplies made them perfect for the mines in Cripple Creek and Victor.

The Prospector and the Donkey
Because of their good nature, they were preferred by the lone prospector who could point up a steep, rocky mountain as the way to go and the donkey would aptly comply. Well, if the donkey wanted to comply.

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Cheers !!!!!

January 27, 2016

Ted Cruz Wins In Iowa

January 26, 2016

Texas Creek, Colorado: another spot crossed off the list.

Took a little trip down to the Texas Creek area last week. While it was a beautiful trip down along the Arkansas River, amazing rock formations and lots of public land it remains a fact that unless you like working your ass off for very little and very fine gold then cross this spot off your list also as I have done. A big ass waste of time.
On the flip side if your going for a family outing the place is very beautiful. Lots of nice free camping spots and load of hiking trails.........no gold loads. :)

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Arkansas River at The Royal Gorge Colorado = s

highway 50 ruins - s

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Made a slight modification to the Keene 151s drywasher that greatly improves the vibration ability of the machine:

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Keene 151s drywasher modified 3 - s

Keene 151s drywasher modified 2 - s

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On a closing note kids I have to say that a long three months process has finally come to and end. I got the final approval phone call yesterday that I have been approved for a government job that I have wanted since I got back to Colorado. It is a seasonal job that allows me to work a real job in the winter and then off during the summer to pursue my prospecting.
So what is it you ask? Well I am going to be driving a snow plow here in the Colorado Springs area. I will post more on this later.
I will try to make post here as I can but the new job is priority number one for me.

Cheers yawll !!!!

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January 21, 2016

News With Views or Prospecting With Jack London

So there I was, watching the news as I did my research for this coming springs trip into the gold fields. It was a very nice clear day, temps in the 40's and Pikes Peak was screaming for visitors. Or maybe it was me wishing that spring was here.

News With Views - s

Americas Mountain Pikes Peak - s

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I ran across a PDF file yesterday on some short stories by Jack London, you know, "Call of The Wild" Jack London?
I was actually looking for a specific short story called "All Gold Canyon". I actually has a lot of good information in it for the prospector if you can read between the lines. I am going to link to the PDF here as it is too long for me to try to post the whole book. It is a short story about 50 pages. You'll have to find it in the index if you just want to read that story alone. Very good and informative read and you can see it here: Download file

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Also another tip that I want to pass along is a great field test read that I found on the Whites GMT metal detector. The manual that comes with it leaves a lot to be desired. But this article may open up a lot of eyes as it did mine. You can grab that article here and it is also in PDF form just so that I have it in case it gets lost in the web-as-phere some damn where. Enjoy: Download file

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G day mates !!!!!

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Prospector panning.gif

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January 18, 2016

Unpacking and Testing The Keene 151S Drywasher

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Keene 151S drywasher - just assembled 3 - s

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Keene 151S drywasher - just assembled 2 - s

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Keene 151S drywasher - just assembled - s

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Cheers !!!

January 17, 2016

Bisquits and Some Shaking Going On

Got up early yesterday to head out to Phantom Canyon again. I wanted to try out the my new Whites GMT Metal Detector in the places that I had already panned out and found nothing. I figured I would just double check for gold and verify that there aint no damn gold in Phantom Canyon. Conclusion: There aint no damn gold in Phantom Canyon. Take that to the bank.

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Before we left, since we were not in a big hurry, I made some breakfast biscuits. I found a great recipe that is great for high altitudes and I do mean great. Take it from the bread lover himself......they are the best. You can see the recipe for the biscuits here: Perfect High Altitude Biscuit Recipe by MountainMamacooks.com

Home Made bacon egg and cheese bisquits -s

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On Friday Scott had to take some things up to the Museum in Cripple Creek. It was a favor to the curator there and I went along for the ride. I have been up there literally dozens of times but I had never stopped at the Heritage/Welcome Center. I just normally don't do those fuzzy tourist traps but Scott was really talking the place up so we stopped in. What a beautiful place, brand new and just full of mining stuff ( duuhhhh ). I highly recommend it for anyone. The one thing that really caught my eye and had me staring in amazement was the cut-away of the Mollie Kathleen Mine. When you drive past it all you see is the hill side and the visitor center, I never imagined the vast amount of activity that happened deep underground. Over 300 miners died digging this mine back in the day and after looking at the underground workings I can see why. Visit the Heritage Center here: Cripple Creek Colorado Heritage Center

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine (1)

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine (2)

Cripple Creek Colorado Winter January 2016 -s

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So right as we were getting ready to leave the house there was a loud ass knock on the door and of course the dogs went ape shit with barking. It turned out that my Keene 151S Drywasher had arrived a couple of days earlier than expected. Yes, another new toy/tool in the war chest. So that is todays project to get it all put togather and test it out. We stopped and got a few buckets of dirt from an ancient river bed I had located in the Beaver Creek area of Fremont County on the way home. I had actually done the same thing previously and panned it out by hand, found nothing. So I wanted to try it again with the washer. The soil potentially has fine gold.......we'll see.

keene drywasher 151s engine - briggs and stratton 190cc - 850e series IC - 2 - s

keene drywasher 151s engine - new in the box - 2 - s

keene drywasher 151s engine - new in the box - s

keene drywasher 151s engine - briggs and stratton 190cc - 850e series IC -s

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Cheers yawll and happy hunting !!!!

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January 06, 2016

I love this picture..............NOT!!!!!!


When I first saw this photo I absolutely loved it. How could you not? I mean it is beautiful right? The beautiful picture of innocence, right? Young girls ..............learning? Huh?!?!?! Then I hated that picture. It showed how the minds of young girls are being raped even at that tender of an age. Despicable that we as an educated (?) nation could allow those little girls to be abused in that manner.

Now let me paint a picture in your mind. Imagine that every cell phone and computer in the world are all layed out on the desert, none touching another, just out there, sitting in the desert.
Now imagine out in the middle of that desert there are two large, large tanks. The tanks are full of the nastiest crap on the planet, shit, puke, piss, mercury, tampons, syringes, just garbage that you don't even want to think about. There are names on those two tanks, Facebook and Twitter. And there is a pipe from each phone and laptop, some going to both tanks and some to only one. Very few of those phones have no lines going to either tank. Every phone and laptop connected to those tanks are experts on everything. That should be the smart phone's or the laptop's clue that those tanks are bullshit and disconnect. But no, only a few are smart. Most are really not "smart" phones or laptops, they are not experts on anything at all. In fact most are the most ignorant excuses for life on this planet.
And those three innocent girls will probably never have the chance to rise above the ignorance and will be raped by the ignorance at an early age. And like dominoes the sheep follow the sheep and they all fall down in the end.

Oh, thanks BBC.com for the photo.

January 03, 2016

Januarary's Punk and/or Harry Reid's Bitch

All one needs to do to see how the BLM has become a tyrannical police unit of the obama (the magic negro) administration is to read one simple article about the Sugar Pine Mine in Josephine, Oregon. You can read it here: The Sugar Pine Mine vs the BLM

And all one has to do to understand how the BLM could be so fucking ignorant, stupid and tyrannical is to know this man: Neil Kornze = Read Here

Neil Kornze the Harry Reid bitch.jpg

So bottom line. no, January's Punk was not elected, he was hand picked by the corrupt obama (the magic negro) administration. And just like obama, he thinks he can just do whatever the fuck he wants and he pretty much can because we, the people, do nothing.
I totally agree with the folks in Oregon. Enough is enough of the sick ass government we have. It IS time to take up guns and stand firm. We, the American people have the right to arms just for this reason: the corrupt abuse of tyrannical l government power.

Take a STAND UP people, not a STAND DOWN.
Go to the "Sugar Pine Mine's" website and help out in any way you can: Sugar Pine Website