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Men Don't Cry

Men do cry. They just do it alone.
Hell It don't take much for me these days.

Well of course we're not going to tell you.
It aint like the guys sit around and watch
"Lifetime" movies, at least not together.
Hey we/they got "reps". (reputation).

A woman gets most of them alone and any of
them have the teddy bear tenancies.
Big Papa Bear, Protect and love.

Unless your psycho, government educated,
Gay, fag, ............should I go on? No.

So men wise up. they get old.
They have already been the hunter/gatherer.
Now the little natives have grown.
Gone their own way.

Man now has a lot of time to reflect.
A lot of time. (Really? That's funny.)
So reflection revels years and years of life.
I did that! I went there! We had so much fun!
Yeah, all of that.

And I see all my mistakes along with all the happy memories.
Mixed in all of that are tears and a smile.

Hey! We came here crying, it is only appropriate that we leave with a few tears.

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Smile Yawll !!!!

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Dinner was Good !!!
Dinner was Good    red fish georgia tybee island - small

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