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"Not Good For Any Americans" or The "WTF Bundle"

Spring Is In The Air

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So any of yawll that know me also know I'm a political junky. And this so called "Obama Care Replacement" is the top political issue at the moment.

Let me just enlighten you a bit. There is one thing in this "great" legislation as Trump calls it that hasn't been spoken about. Not by anyone in the news, nowhere is it even mentioned one single fucking time in any media.
Am I just that fucking smart that I am asking myself the question no one will mention or is there something else happening out the? A cover-up so to speak. Hiding one small fact of the legislation maybe?

Yes folk, this is the same dance they (politicians) took us to in 2009. If you remember that far back you may also remember how all the Democrat idiots told us how damn good the Obama Care was going to be for everyone.
Maybe you'll also remember that one of the very first changes that was made to that "great" legislation was that all the politicians in Washington DC voted themselves exempt from the law.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the bucket. Hell, I know I'm not. I just go to work every day like most Americans and bust my ass for the meager existence that I live. But I know when I am getting fucked! And I never forget when I get fucked! Once again I feel like we are about to get fucked......the little people, the Americans that put these fucking politicians in office. We are going to get fucked. Again. Since when is it the governments job to become my fucking healthcare worker? I don't remember voting on that stupid shit!?!?!

But I regress. I will follow these fucking worms that once again want us to "vote for this now so that we can see whats in it later". Been there done that. Lets make this real simple politicians and just put this one addition into the legislation: "This is America's Health Care Plan. It is for all Americans. If at such a time in the future that any amendments to this legislation excludes any single American then and there at that time this entire Health Care Legislation becomes not good for any American. Therefore it is null and void for all Americans. And furthermore the entire law cannot be reinstated in any form without a vote from the American People. The Voters !!!!

Now how bow da !!!!!! He he he he :)

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Whats wrong with that bundle

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Whats wrong with that bundle - Adding More Straps

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Whats wrong with that bundle - Reloaded

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Whats wrong with that bundle - Delivered

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Cheers !!!!!!