The Captain's Notes On The S/V Take Five
First of all let me just say this, if you are the kind of person that wants a
sailboat like none other in your area I can almost guarantee that the
S2 27' Performance/Cruiser will make that happen. Only 85 were made,
making it very rare.
The most important thing any potential sailboat buyer needs to know
is the build quality of the S2. No other boat builder in the 80's could
compare to quality and attention to detail. It just is not possible. Don't
believe me, just go look at an S2, any S2, any age and you will see for
yourself. The owners of S2 Yachts, even to this day, always took pride
in each and every single boat. "Spit em out and sell em" boats like Benetau
or Catlaina of the same age were and are laughable in comparison.
The same designer of the very well known S2 7.9 and 9.2 also designed
the 27' Performance/Cruiser, the only boat S2 built with Cruising foremost in
No other 27' sailboat ever built can offer the stiff and swift performance
and yet the beautiful finished interior and layout like the S2 27'.
Every single surface of the molded modular interior is finished and
maintenance free. She has a full 6' head room, front to back. And when you
couple all that with the unobstructed full 8' foot long cockpit, "Take Five" is
truly a very roomy and comfortable cruiser. Any 27' sailboat owner
would love to have the layout of the S2, they just will not admit it.
You don't have to climb up, over and around the wheel with the tiller, making
"Take Five" a very simple boat to sail in all conditions single handed.
The balsa core problems that plagued some of the older S2 boats are
not an issue on "Take Five". Her decks every single inch are rock solid and
never been repaired. She has absolutely no leaks what-soever.
The Harken Mainsheet Traveler system forward over the cabin allows a
cockpit that is comfortable for 8 or more people.
Another fine upgrade that "Take Five" has is its 12 volt pressurized
water system throughout the boat. A true shower is very nice at
the end of the day before the "toddy's".
If you are in the market for a 27' range of sailboat and you don't look at the
S2 27' sailboat you not only will do yourself a dishonor but when you board
an S2 and realize you could have had one you will regret it ever time you see
an S2. Ask anyone who knows, they will tell you the same.