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12-30-18 Tybee Island, Ga., 31328
I've landed on Tybee for the new year weekend.
Got a sweet little spot to spend the weekend here.
The rain just don't want to stop.

Got to take the new camera out for a spin tomorrow.

Happy New Years Yawll !!
Hey yawl. Still on the road and everything is going ok.
Winter driving can suck and usually does when you spend as much time as I
do in the northeast. I actually got caught in the big blast that the media named
winter storm Gia. It completely shut down I44 in Mo. What a pain in the butt
that was.
The photo below was taken next to the "Zerbe Run" which is part of the
Susquehanna River system, in Trevorton, Pa. A beautiful river that runs for
over 20-30 miles next to Pa. Hwy 225. If you get a chance for that drive by all
means take it. You wont regret it.