Arthur "Butch" Petty

Savannah, Ga.

53 yrs. Young

Place of Birth: Atlanta
A Little About Me
After 50 + years of life, marriage, kid and living in many
different parts of this country I have gained a wealth of
knowledge. I have been in and around the construction
trades all my life. Had many of my own companies
along the way. Most of my life has centered around
three trades;
Journeyman Commercial Electrician
Certified Journeyman Welder
Property and Bldg. Maintenance

There is not many construction fields that I have not had
my hands in, some way or another.

Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that I
am definitely no diamond, and I am definitely rough
around the edges.
But those same people will also tell you that I am up
front (as a rule of my life), that I am honest and very
dependable. If I tell you I am going to do something you
can believe me.
My word is the only thing I can take when I leave this

Commercial Electrician
Certified Welder
Professional Painter
Roofing Company: Owner
Custom Wood Deck Company: Owner
Mfg. Plant Maint. Supervisor
Apartment Maint. Supervisor
Custom Tile
Automotive & Marine Upholstery

Much More

I have lots of local references that I will
happily give when we discuss the work you
want done.

No Job Too Small.

Thank You For Looking.